Cursed By Dice: Yanice the Lucky Gambler

Over at Cursed By Dice, we’ll be putting together some in-universe stories to help build the whole world around the White Snake and Scorpions references.  Head on over to to see others and listen to the podcast.

Here’s the first bit of world building: Yanice the Lucky Gambler

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Fate Character Generator

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Sometimes coming up with FATE Core character is a challenge.  We’ll have our character creation episode uploaded next week as we move to a new story arch and this episode will help elaborate on the challenge of making a character the player wants to play.

Getting started is the hard part.  That’s where this FATE Core character generator comes in handy!

Click here for the Fate Core Character Generator you didn’t know you needed:

Character types you may run into include:

My character has a high concept of Ravenous Appetite for Destruction
With aspects
Artist soul
Can never sing the right words.
I will soon know my fate.

Or maybe:

My character has a high concept of Wandering Hero
With aspects
Kraken battler
Bartenders Love Them.
I will soon know my fate.

Or even:

My character has a high concept of Intrepid Reporter
With aspects
Seeker of Justice
slow learner.
I will soon know my fate.

I adore javascript ‘Generator’ scripts (you might enjoy a Steampunk Airship Name Generator as well)

This generator is also super helpful in putting together NPCs!

Best part, this is a Thimble project so you can get in there and remix, update, change, correct spelling all you want to!  Everyone can play! Yippee!

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Egg is a Good Dog

And now; haiku from the perspective of a good dog named Egg.


Egg is a good dog.
Owner forgot her cell phone.
Egg runs back for it.

Rabbit! Over there!
I’ll catch it! Don’t you worry.
Egg is a good dog.

Egg is a good dog.
Knows what all the secrets are
But won’t say a word.

I’ll bark all day long.
I’ll stop barking when I’m done.
Egg is never done.

Egg is a good dog.
But Egg has a weird ol’ name.
Egg likes Beetlejuice.

Egg is a good dog.
Egg found a bird for Owner.
Egg has made mistakes.


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Deck and Amy and Tech Support

“Crap. I have no idea what the access information is.” Deck said.  He hung his head low and smashed some keys on the keyboard.

“Well, we kinda’ need to figure that out.  Can you do a password reset?” Amy asked.  She twirled a pen in her hand readying to jot down information for a trip they needed to book very, very soon.

“Tried it.  It went to an email address that hasn’t existed since before we met,” Deck said, turning to face her.

“I thought our lives didn’t start until we met?” Amy teased.

“I hate to break it to you, but there were email addresses before I knew you,” Deck said.

“Can you email them for assistance?” Amy asked.

Deck began scrolling the support page.  His face turned from sad annoyance to horrified in the blink of an eye.

“They say we have to call if password reset doesn’t work.” Deck did not know such a thing could exist in the modern world.

“Cancel the account. There are other suppliers.  Write a really mean tweet too.  This cannot stand.” Amy slammed her pen on the desk before her, pulled out her phone and opened an Expedia account.  “Calling for help.  That’s insane.”



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I can call it quits now

My list of crowning life achievements goes a bit like this:

  1. Marrying my wife
  2. Kids join the family
  3. Educational achievement
  4. Someone found my website by searching “lame jokes at night”
  5. Made a really good taco that one time.

Talk about life goals, eh? Sure the search probably came from Bing and I don’t want to know the searcher on a personal level because of that, but now I know that if someone out there is (literally) searching for lame jokes at night this little website will be there for them.

Achievement unlocked. I’m going home.


I am home. Double achievement unlocks! It is a good day.

People on the Highway

Routine.  That’s the morning drive these days.  Drive south, wait at lights, get tailed by a Honda sedan, wait far too long for a right hand turn lane to work the way it is supposed to.  The do it going north.  Monday through Friday.  Some Saturdays.  I’m not dealing with it very well lately.  Thankfully, the sun is up when I drive now and I can see other drivers.  People are far from routine.

Today’s tale: What May Come


Oliver Winter.  That’s the name I’ve assigned to the driver a beat up old Ford with a bed gate that won’t stay up properly.  The truck smells like cigarettes, overheated and cracking plastic, gas and a funk that has no explanation, but this is Oliver’s truck.  Oliver is wearing a long sleeved tee, green and there’s a graphic I can’t quite place but I think it is un-ironically a Pabst Blue Ribbon shirt.  He keeps his gray hair long, and a unkempt beard covers from ear to chin to other ear.  Dark, darker than dark really, sunglasses cover his eyes.

Oliver is on his way to work, like the rest of us, but behind those eyes is a pain.  Oliver knows the routine as well as I do.  He drives, he works, he drives again.  Right now, he’s stuck in his own head.

We’re driving down the road.  I’m thinking of how amazing my Pop Tart breakfast is and Oliver is thinking of what once was.

Oliver is thinking of his days with the railroad.  He’s thinking of the summer spent in Aruba as a scuba instructor.  He is thinking of a two term tenure as a city council member and the mill levy he helped passed.  There was a brief stint as an editor of a local newspaper.

He used to be so many things.  He has more years behind him than ahead of him now, he realizes this and on these drives that feel so mundane and routine he is left wondering what may have been had he stuck with one option or another.

I can’t help but feel sorry for the mindset that has consumed poor Oliver.  Spending so much time thinking of what he used to be and no time thinking of what he will be.

Unknown to Oliver right now, he will be the world’s first septuagenarian to break the sound barrier in a paraglider.  It will be a complete accident and the government investigation will consume the rest of his days, but he will be one speedy old dude.



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Cursed By Dice Episode 1

The first episode of the brand new Cursed By Dice podcast is available now!

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