My Thumb, a Coffee Bag and a Lesson in Detail

I’m a bit of a coffee fan. Bean juice is my jam.  That phrase sounds pretty gross when not discussing music and I’m full of regret now.  When we are running low on coffee, it is essentially priority one to replenish stock.  Replenish stock means “get whatever is on sale because it is all bean juice anyway, so being picky is far from worthwhile.”

I made a run to the local grocery, perused the coffee aisle for sale items and pulled a bag of coffee from the rack to review it like so:

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Band, Genre, Playlist and All We Need to Know

Here now, little known bands, the genre they call home, the Spotify playlist they are featured most heavily on, and a little background on the playlist creator.

Band: Clickbait Worm
Genre: EDM,
Featured in Playlist: The Sponge Cake Disaster
Playlist made by: Becca Hillman of Rochester after a terrible baking incident.

Band:Orange is the New Kid on the Block
Genre: Boy Band Covers
Featured in Playlist: I’M ON A BOAT
Playlist made by: Mark Rodriguez, a nostalgia junkie convinced he’s the only one that remembers most of his references.

Band:Turtle Dove Bar
Genre: Rock-Rap,
Featured on Playlist: Hits from My Childhood
Playlist made by: Ben Davenport, a 35 year old male ashamed of his past.

Band: Jose All Day
Genre: Garage Funk,
Featured on Playlist:Dave Matthews Band Revival
Playlist made by: Jeremy Woolworth of Topeka, but not the obvious one.  Jeremy built this play during a bar crawl and has no idea where this particular entry came from.

Band: Ice^3 Tres
Genre: Gypsy Punk
Featured on playlist:  Three Times the GoGoGo!
Playlist made by: Jody “Krang” Popovich.  Tennis player. Fan of sets.

Band: Loud! Loud! Loud!
Genre: Stadium Rock
Featured on playlist: Underwater Basket Weaving Ball
Playlist made by: A workout mix built by Todd Trodo. Love Cross Fit. Hates leg day.

Band: Lava My Life
Genre: Melodic Post Hard Core inspired by romance novels featuring Fabio on the cover.
Featured on playlist: Takes These Broken Swings and Earn Some Pie
Playlist made by: Orin Waysmith.  Puts ketchup on his macaroni and cheese.

Campfire Memories

“Oh I love this song!” Ty said, moving to turn up the volume on the Bluetooth speaker pumping a Spotify playlist of pop hits from his youth.  “I will always think of 9th grade English class and reading Of Mice and Men for a big project.  Of course, I can’t look at bunnies because of that book, but this song brings back a ton of memories.”

Ty and four others sat around a campfire.  Fireflies buzzed around them, stars flickered above and the night’s enormous moon reflected light on the dense forest around them.  Summer had come and that called for beers, tents and a weekend without work.

“That’s funny,” Charlotte said, laughing and raising a beer bottle toward Ty, “I think of that game Spore.  Played it non-stop and listened to this whole cd.  While I don’t think of bunnies, I do think of clubbing rival clans out of existence.”

“I loved Spore!” Clint said.  He sat back in his chair, unable to move too much.  Marshmallows hit him hard.  “This track brings me back to Diablo 2.  I wish I read more as a kid, but clubbing electronic sprites out of existence generally won out.”

Maribel shook her head, “this song will always be about dreaming of that first car.  I wanted a BMW for my 16th.  Couldn’t afford it in a million years, but the dream was there.  Like most our age, this whole CD was on repeat for a number of my teenage summers.”

“You have the BMW now,” Ty pointed out.

“You know it.  Can’t give up on teenage dreams.  That car goes vroom.  Now for a house with a pool in the backyard.” Maribel laughed.  The group enjoyed a good chuckle and clanked their beers together.

Paul, once the laughter died down, finally chimed in on the topic at hand.  “I have memories tied to this song as well.  A dark, back country road.  I was driving already when you four were in your early teens, as you know.  Tall trees and high grass lined the sides of the road.  My headlights cast light on the animal just a blink of the eye before it was too late.”

“Oh my gosh,” Charlotte said, shocked by what Paul had to be telling them, “did you hit a deer while listening to this song?”

“I wish.  No, Bigfoot threw a pig at my car.  Shattered the windshield and rolled over the roof.  It was weird and happened incredibly fast.  This song was playing when I told my parents what went down.”

The others paused.

“You had one bizarre life before we met, didn’t you, Paulie?” Ty asked.

“No more bizarre than a tossed pig, Ty-man.” Paul replied.


Let’s Talk About It

A long time ago, I did a podcast thing.  Realized pretty quickly it was garbage and have not returned to the medium since.  However, I adore podcasts.  It is a wildly intriguing way to tell a story, reach an audience and keep from being incredibly bored.  Fun times all around.

So I’ve been kicking around some ideas for new venture of my own.  Here’s what’s up for consideration:

Backstories for the spam bots that leave blog comments that immediately go to trash.

Tales about objects found in famous criminal’s possessions at the time of their end/arrest.

How to cope with always losing board and card games.  For reals.  It hurts after a while.

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Driving by Cows

Every morning on my way to work I drive by a cow pasture.  Happy little cows fill the lot.  They jump and run and stare at each other with cold, empty eyes and generally seem to be having as good a time a cow in a fenced pasture can have.

Every morning on my way to work I watch these cows for a few seconds and ponder what they will see that day (aside from the cold, empty stare of their neighbor).

One morning this week I saw two cows fight.  They were knocking their heads together and one was trying to jumping to land better hits.  It was awful!  As I drive by I shout “knock it off!”

It was reflex.  I tried to parent cows this week.

Related news; I’m going to deep edit everything written this week for my next book and try to sleep this weekend!

Happy Friday every body!

Bots for a Better Life

Automation of simple tasks is the wave of the future.  I’ve been working with metrics at work a lot recently and wanted to spruce up some charts and found a whole industry dedicated to making charts quick and easy to make.  I plugged a 4000 line database into a free tool and had an interactive HTML5 ready chart in a flash! It was amazing.  Of course, a few clicks in Excel and the same chart exists, but not in HTML5!

So now I’m wondering of other ways the world can be made faster, better, stronger, by bots and automated tools

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Working Titles

Planning. I’m not very good at it. I’m working on that though.  Starting right now!

Books I will one day write:

A knight retires to take a life of baking.  When the kingdom is threatened, he must take up arms once more and use his new skills in the kitchen to save the day.  Working title Honor Roll.

A shipping and logistics manager is looking for a new home.  Along the way, he learns a thing or two about life, love and true happiness.  Working title; Where House?

Terrance is a con man.  Hard rock, hard liquor, hard life; his motto.  He’s grown tired of the life though.  One last score and he can leave it all behind.  Working title Highway to Sell

A mad scientist, alone in a secluded forest just south of the Canadian border has created life.  His creation, part onion like plant, part bird, is reproducing out of control.  He has just a week to stop his creation before all is lost.  Working title Peak Leek Beak

A slapstick comedy featuring Erin and Aaron discovering new ways to make tunnels through mountains.  Nothing seems to go well or right, but the duo have a zany adventure and discover some truth along the way. Working title TNTeeHee.


I have some writing to do.

Thanks for reading!