Not a Rock

"That's not a rock," Winj whispered to Anae. "Of course it's a rock. It looks like a rock. It is sitting among rocks. And I'm willing to bet that if I throw this other rock at it, it sounds like a rock," Anae made her case. Winj dimmed, fearful of what would come next if … Continue reading Not a Rock

Writing Lessons From Bad Movies

This week I watched Battle: Los Angeles. Netflix has provided a real gem in this one. The basic premise; aliens show up, things explode, people are in trouble, people and aliens explode, a video game franchise is plotted. The movie is a mess of things that don't make sense being covered up by pretty okay … Continue reading Writing Lessons From Bad Movies

Build a Cult

Most nights I get about half an hour to an hour to write a dumb joke. I've been doing so for a long time now and tend to not remember much of anything that actually gets posted (thanks for reading!). I do remember a post from mid-2019 that absolutely bombed though. A post called "Cult … Continue reading Build a Cult

New Suspenders

"Hey! Nice suspenders!" Teal complimented the fashion choice of Duck. Duck smiled. It was a choice that started with more than a few second glances in the mirror before leaving the house. "Thanks, Teal. I bought them myself!" Duck joked. It wasn't funny. He knew it. Teal knew it. There was only one way to … Continue reading New Suspenders

Corrections 2019

Because nothing matters more than accuracy on this page, here are some corrections that need to be made regarding posts made in 2019. I've been pronouncing daguerreotype this hole time. It should have been "lions and tigers and bears of mine" regarding my animal minions NYPD Blue has been off the air for a long, … Continue reading Corrections 2019

The Day Job Journal

Dear Journal, It has been a long while since I last had an extended holiday weekend. Last year I was the newbie so I had to cover work to make sure none of the company's more secretive experiments and projects escaped. Of course, if the press ever asks we aren't to say, "escape". We're to … Continue reading The Day Job Journal


"Look what I can do!" Ver excitedly said as he entered the living room. He stopped in front of the television and began to shake violently, quickly. "What the eff?" Iwe shouted, climbing higher on the couch to get away from Ver's motion. A loud pop sound happened and Iwe found himself looking at two … Continue reading Twice