Writing Lessons From Bad Movies

This week I watched Battle: Los Angeles. Netflix has provided a real gem in this one. The basic premise; aliens show up, things explode, people are in trouble, people and aliens explode, a video game franchise is plotted. The movie is a mess of things that don't make sense being covered up by pretty okay … Continue reading Writing Lessons From Bad Movies

Free Book!

I put together a bunch of old little read short stories together in ebook format. The book will be free Thursday through Monday! It is free all the time to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. So not technically "free" but close enough. Hopefully, it provides a bit of distraction. Check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086C2C949

Lightspeed Sandwich

"Step right on up!" Purdue said. Ande stepped right up. Simple instructions were his favorite instructions. "Know what you want to order?" Purdue asked. She tapped on her monitor and readied the order. "Number four, please," Ande ordered a number four from every spot, but the Lightspeed Sandwich number four combo was above and beyond … Continue reading Lightspeed Sandwich

The Upstate Bar and Grill at 8 O’Clock on a Saturday

The tablemates laughed and cheered with each other as stories rolled out throughout the evening. The six met in college, graduated together, watched as one by one they fled to different corners of the country to make lives for themselves. Once a year they had a scheduled appointment that none of them were allowed to … Continue reading The Upstate Bar and Grill at 8 O’Clock on a Saturday

Barrels by the Barn

"What is that kid doing out there again?" Wanda asked Hank as they both peered through the curtains. Outside, just by their barn, Garulli of Northwind was sneaking around and lifting up barrels. "He doesn't think we'd be foolish enough to leave things in those barrels after last time, does he?" Hank wondered. "I'm going … Continue reading Barrels by the Barn

New Year, New Programs

2020! The future is now! The future is here! The future...needs different stuff. Here are some new tools that should be available by the end of the year. Storymode - a Chrome extension that puts "First, let me explain..." before the start of any news article text. At the end of the article it adds … Continue reading New Year, New Programs

The Stovepipe Hat

"Do...do you think  it could be magic?" Thoms asked, looking down on the stovepipe hat the trio of friends had discovered in the alley behind their favorite neighborhood bar. Carol and Jenkins moved their gaze from the hat to Thomwise. "Seriously? We should have cut you off hours ago," Carol dismissed the claim. Jenkins was … Continue reading The Stovepipe Hat