Sunspot’s Laziest

Ranching and drinking were the selling points for Sunspot.  Surrounded by mountain peaks, impossible grasslands and more evergreens than an eye could count, the town was a popular stay over for anyone heading west to California, Oregon, their ruin; whatever suited the traveler.  Sunspot was built of timbers and masonry as covered wagons passed on … Continue reading Sunspot’s Laziest

The Construction Site

The construction site was loud and busy. Screeches, scratches, squeaks, and slams echoed from the site that would one day soon host a high rise apartment complex in the heart of the city. The firm putting up the building was thrilled with the contract, but some of the neighboring towers were not excited about the … Continue reading The Construction Site

Howie’s Craziest Adventure

"...and that's how I got my foot out of the fence just before the bull could reach me. Let me tell you, I'm may visit Colorado again but I will never go white water rafting again I promise you that!" The story ended in laughter and applause from the listeners. "How about you, Howie?" Francine … Continue reading Howie’s Craziest Adventure

The Amnesiac Caterpillar

Across every ocean, the ship called Amnesiac Caterpillar was feared.  More than feared; it was a boogieman. Pirate children were told to be good or else the Caterpillar would come for them! "Good" was rather subjective for a pirate child though, so mostly the Caterpillar was invoked when pirate parents just needed a little bit … Continue reading The Amnesiac Caterpillar

From the Archives: The Wizard’s Mirror

I spent most of this evening working on a pot of green chili. Tomatillos, loads of garlic, some pork, and aromatics galore. It turned out awful. Kids didn't touch it and I could not blame them. The trend continued while trying to write something new. I can say there are three absolute rubbish first drafts … Continue reading From the Archives: The Wizard’s Mirror

The Focus Group for Tigo’s Night

“Thank you, everybody! That’s our show. Good night!” Dell Tigo, the host of Tigo’s Night, ended the show as the house band played them out and the credits rolled.  Dell moved out from behind his desk and waved to the audience as cameras panned back and the feed faded to black. “Truly, thank you all … Continue reading The Focus Group for Tigo’s Night

The Outline

There are no bad ideas in brainstorming, Hari reminded himself.  No bad ideas. With that, he started writing. For three days he wrote. He wasn't sure what would anger his writer friends more, that he ignored their texts or that he was able to stay focused for three straight days. At the end of the time though, … Continue reading The Outline