The Driver’s Thoughts

"Hey!" I said. Overzealous right off the bat. That's going to level my rating. I try to recover. "Off to the Jumpin' Java and Juice Joint, eh? Good stuff there, good stuff." The rider has headphones in. I'm saved.  Can't tell if they're Samsung or Apple style though. I'm going to have to play this … Continue reading The Driver’s Thoughts


The Day Job Journal

Week 2. Jimminy crickets the recruiter did not warn me enough. Or maybe they did. Did I miss some Morse code blink signals? No matter, I'm in it now. Today I meet the company's training coordinator.  Typical corporate tool. "Hi, I'm Shaun with a U," he said, extending his hand for a shake. Obviously his … Continue reading The Day Job Journal

The Contact Form Reimagined

The contact form is due for an update.  Here's what I'm lobbying for: Please complete the contact form below Name Place of birth email address Twitter url Facebook url Myspace url Friendster url Linkedin url (kidding! no one cares) Earl url: Snapchat: Instagram: What social media site is coming next? Tell me! Tell me! Does … Continue reading The Contact Form Reimagined

Expectations at the End of the World

Mario Green thought the end of the world would be different than it turned out. The expectation was fast zombies chasing down survivors. Food shortages, twinkie fights, learning how to collect dew for water; all the stuff that fills the background of end-of-the-world tv shows. There was supposed to be mistrust among the survivors, creating … Continue reading Expectations at the End of the World

The Day Job Journal

Hello Day Job Journal, Today started with a small bird flying into my windshield. A bad omen to start a new job it turns out.  Worse way to start a day for the bird, I suppose.  Don't worry though. It was fine.  It caught up to me and finished the windshield.  Things only got stranger … Continue reading The Day Job Journal

The Unexamined Life

Cale Adamare heard Plato's quote "the unexamined life is not worth living" very early in life.  It had no impact on him until very late in life.  With little to be particularly examined, Cale set out to write his autobiography.  In his twenties. He may have had something else to write about though... The Chapter … Continue reading The Unexamined Life

Six Word Stories- New Adventures

I took a fencing class this evening! It was exhausting. I hurt everywhere.  But! I tried something new and made my oldest kid happy (he's been fencing for about two months now and wanted to share the joy).  In the spirit of trying new things, here are some six-word stories about new adventures!   Rodeo … Continue reading Six Word Stories- New Adventures