Taro in the Cabin

Seclusion was the way of life for Taro Sinclair.  Seclusion allowed time for study.  In movies, a group of friends goes to a cabin deep in the woods, pop open beer cans and wait for their doom.  In reality, Taro simply sat in a cabin, ate beef jerky and read by candlelight before having to … Continue reading Taro in the Cabin



"This may be wine country, but please no loud complaining!" The tour guide chuckled. The tour guide found himself funnier than he truly was.  The walking tour had only started ten minutes earlier and this was the fourth instance of inordinate laughter at one's own joke.  At least there was wine.  Lots of it.  Jill … Continue reading Veritas

Tag vs The Skunks

"Break it down for me one more time, please," Oliver had his doubts about the story already presented to him. "Ollie," Tag said, shaking his head, upset at telling the story once again, "I walked to my front door and a surfeit of skunks approached my porch. I panicked, pleaded with them to just leave … Continue reading Tag vs The Skunks

Behind the Scenes with Indie Darlings ‘The Snakes of My Picnic’

In 2005, American emo/adult-alt rock band The Snakes Of My Picnic released their debut album with little fanfare, little critical response and little audience awareness.  13 years later their eight-song, 57-minute debut is a viral hit on college campus radio stations throughout the country.  Today, Everything You Know and Other Stuff Magazine lists (with help from the band, … Continue reading Behind the Scenes with Indie Darlings ‘The Snakes of My Picnic’

Night and the Antidote

"Listen up, Night. If you want to live to see the end of the week, your attention is necessary.  You don't even deserve the warning, criminal scum. You have the skills necessary to retrieve an item vital to this nation--" "Wait, wait, hold up. Are you Escape from New York-ing me? Am I such a good … Continue reading Night and the Antidote

Answers from the Adviceroy

Dear Adviceroy, The world says "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." That's nifty advice and all, but how do we find out what we love to do? Thanks in advance, Loveless in Loveland Dear The cyberpunk future imagined by many is going to happen.  Blade Runner is a documentary … Continue reading Answers from the Adviceroy

Selected Reviews of The Morning Sun Bed and Breakfast

User: April Mayves Rating: 4 of 5 stars Comments: Loved waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread! User: Julian March Rating: 5 of 5 stars Comments: Even the livestock is friendly! User: Augustine Janvier Rating: 4 of 5 stars Comments: The history of the place is captivating! Loved listening to the owner's tales. … Continue reading Selected Reviews of The Morning Sun Bed and Breakfast