“Stable boy! Stable boy!” I have been working here for six years and have never even asked for a raise, you think they could at least learn my name. “What?” I call back. “There’s a problem at the river, come quickly!” She says. She doesn’t wait for me. Instead she just runs back in the … Continue reading Squire

The Investigation

Interior, small gray room, windows on all sides with one large fluorescent light in the center. Franky, my name is Agent Agient. And to head you off at the pass, yeah, nominative determinism played a role in my career path. I have been hired by your employer to get to the bottom of what happened … Continue reading The Investigation

How I Got Here

I've run it back a few times now and I think I know what lead to this very moment. I mean, this moment sucks. Straight up. There's no good way to swing this as a good thing. I am most certainly being held captive by what appear to be sentient alien beavers from Jupiter. Big … Continue reading How I Got Here

Couldn’t Believe It

I couldn't believe when the doctor's told me the news. I mean, who ends up in this situation? No one. Well, no one except me it seems. One day you're a perfectly normal centaur just running through the woods trying to get to work. I was in line for a promotion! That would have angered … Continue reading Couldn’t Believe It