Time Tracking

1:45 am - The kid has somehow wandered into our room. He's asking for water. Well, he's asking Allison for water. I'm pretty sure that if I died it would take the kiddo a year to notice my absence. I am awake but not about to let anyone else know. The kid would ignore it … Continue reading Time Tracking

Ode to Pizza

Olives go on topOf the cheese allowed to brownCrust should be there too Manny bought a sliceIt fell and hit the ground. Splat.Manny didn't mind. 18 inch large pieWith all the best toppings tooSounds like a good lunc Alien worldThe poor creatures never hadA slice of pizza Sherlock Holmes solved crimesAlbert Einstein solved problemsMe? I … Continue reading Ode to Pizza

From the Archives: Psychic

This one originally ran a little over a year ago. It proved to be completely unable to predict the future. Psychic - The weirdest dream I ever had involved Abraham Lincoln riding a Killer Tomato through the center of that town from Diablo One to warn of a pending march of ducks wearing fedoras. The … Continue reading From the Archives: Psychic

Short Cut

The normal route home seemed boring. It was Friday night! That meant adventure. A short cut was in order. Adam looked around and decided that the next right turn was going to be his turn. He slowed the station wagon and made the turn. The road was unlike any other in the neighborhood. Instead of … Continue reading Short Cut

Home Sale

Selling a home is never an easy task, but Wayland's near compulsive habit for truth telling was hindering the marketing material production to a great degree. This was a great strength in any other endeavor, but the house had been on the market for six months without even a tour. In this market, that little … Continue reading Home Sale