Review: The Process of Getting Ice Cream at a Cutesy Little Artisan Shop in a Small Town

Pros: All the charm in the world existed within the ice cream shop. The front parlor was maybe 20 feet wide and 6 feet deep with tables to the south side in a 10x10 area. The tables were full of children excitedly eating scoops of Cherry Hills Cherry-bonanza ice cream. The shop’s counter presented 12 … Continue reading Review: The Process of Getting Ice Cream at a Cutesy Little Artisan Shop in a Small Town


A Miracle at Amie’s Restaurant

Another red envelope fell from the mailbox. The rent was well beyond due now. Amie sighed just as she had done last month and the month before that. The restaurant needed a miracle. She went inside, pushing the door against a bell that signaled customers were coming in or going out. The bell was silent … Continue reading A Miracle at Amie’s Restaurant

Archives: Carter and the Will

I drove for six hours today. My wife was in and out of sleep in the passenger seat of the car. The kids were asleep for two hours, talked for thirty minutes, and then went to play on their tablets because staring at the splendor of the countryside of Wyoming is awe-inspiring for a good … Continue reading Archives: Carter and the Will

Lunch Hour Characters – Road

Road is traveling. How's it going? Let's find out... in haiku form. Two kids in backseat. Between them, snacks uneaten. Hangry passengers. Dusk approaching fast. Sun sets and blinds the driver Road kill everywhere. Popular question: Who in this car just farted?! Giggles for hours. I spy with my eye Something that starts with a … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Road

Must Haves – Road Trip Games

The road trip. Once a cherished tradition is now mostly a carbon creating guilt trip full of poor LTE coverage and plenty of downloaded movies. However, when you have to be somewhere and you don't have to fly, hopping into a car and hitting the highway is pretty nice. I remember games of slugbug and … Continue reading Must Haves – Road Trip Games

Archives: The Secret Menu Clause

It's a travel weekend! Packing. Plotting. Scheming. Avenging. All the usual stuff that goes into these road trips is on tap for the evening. Tomorrow we hit the road. With that, here's an oldie but a goodie. The Secret Menu Clause The line to order burritos was long but worth the wait.  This place had … Continue reading Archives: The Secret Menu Clause

Cult Ranking System: A Template

There are two things I really enjoy; cults that don't hurt anybody and repeatable processes. And data-based decision making. Three things. But for the sake of comedy, we're going to focus on cults that don't hurt anybody. There will never be a documentary about harmless cults, but that's okay. I don't have the energy or … Continue reading Cult Ranking System: A Template