Wednesday Night

Happening now in the sea side village of Baxter: "You get three wishes, kid. That's how it works. There's no asking for more wishes. There's no bank robbery, no murders, and I can't create new forms of life. So, what will it be?" The genie asked. "I wish I knew what to ask for, you … Continue reading Wednesday Night

The Last Walk

The ship was falling apart. After so many voyages, so many miles, so many waves and docks and near hits against many sea monsters it was time to say goodbye to the old ship. Captain Hammersmith walked the main deck making her last round before the boat was to be decommissioned. It was a somber … Continue reading The Last Walk


"If I have to explain this one more time to the managers I'm going to scream," Tone said as he put the final touches on a yet again revised training. "My money is on four more revisions and two more training sessions," Cale made his bet. "It's enabling the developer tab. Five clicks. I have … Continue reading Coworkers

Wallace and the Portal

Wallace Sunday, oddly enough, was not a fan of Sundays. Or sundaes for that matter, but that is unimportant to everyone aside from his mother who tried for years to understand why a child would not eat dessert of all things. Most Sunday evenings were met with a mild, but still obnoxious case of the … Continue reading Wallace and the Portal

The Fish

"I'm pretty sure Andy's fish is dead," panicked mother, Ash Winslow informed not quite as panicked dad Abel. "Well, that sucks. Time for the kid to learn about death, huh?" Abel asked. "Aaaaaabsolutely not. You're going to get a new fish right now. I have a meeting tonight and Andy is going to ask so … Continue reading The Fish