Movie Trailers

(Action movie trailer voice)  “This horse has to be on that plane!”

“Sir, there’s nothing we can do.”

“Don’t you understand this four legged equine is going to save the President?”

“Does it have a ticket?”

This summer see Air Horse One….Don’t Miss Your Gait.

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The Genie’s Power

“Who has disturbed my slumber?” a voice boomed from a plume of smoke pouring from an ancient oil lamp.

Gideon watched with delight.  All his years searching had come to this; he found a genie.

“I get three wishes right?” Gideon asked.

The genie looked disappointed, “can I at least get a ‘hello’? Maybe some small talk before the wish stuff?  I’ve been in there for decades.  Is savory food in jello molds still a thing? Someone wished for that. I made that happen. Disgusting.”

“You did that?”

“Sadly, yes.”

“You know what, keep the wishes.  I can’t handle this.”

Take a Gander

“You know why I got into this business?” Buck was about to impart some knowledge on his summer college intern.

“Because you wanted to see the world?” Trystian had heard this before.

Buck sipped his coffee then muttered, “because I wanted to see the world. Very good.  I never got to do that though.  I own an airfield, not an airplane.  Bills, contracts and being the only guy with a key to the vending machines kept me near my desk for 35 years.  Don’t let that happen to you, kiddo.  Take a plane somewhere once in awhile.  You’ll be happier for it.” Continue reading

Pretzels and Projects

Palmer was obviously agitated and in no mood to be ‘messed with’.

This was, of course, the perfect invitation for Lyndi to throw pretzels at his head.

“Stop it, Lyn,” he said to his annoying wife.

Another pretzel landed, and remained, in his ear moments later.

“I’ve a work thing to finish and the theme song from Dirty Dancing is stuck in my head. I’m in no mood for antics,” Palmer explained.

Lyndi chuckled, unable to contain herself, “so,” she said before laughing once again, “you’re not having the time of your life?”

“I’m going to work in the kitchen.”

‘His Grandfather’s Ring’ Free Ebook (FreEbook?)

A few weeks back I wrote a longer story that was a blast to put together.  It was incredibly long though.  Way too long for reading on the web.  It is now in ebook format for easy reading!

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The Hardest Part of Being a Werewolf

“It’s not easy being a werewolf,” Dio explained, “I spend most weekends stitching my clothes back together.  I’m constantly finding bones in my garden, little treats hidden away for later I guess.”

The therapist had heard it all before, but jotted down some notes anyway.

“The legs on my furniture are all chewed up.  I’ll wake up the morning after with little splinters of wood in my teeth. But the worst part? My building has a strict no-dogs policy.  My super finds out I’ll have to eat him.  I’m not giving up a rent controlled space.”

“Understood,” the therapist agreed.

The Revolution Begins

A half dozen meters underfoot, a glass ceiling was quickly fragmenting and readying to collapse onto the gala of city elites gathered below.

Tonight, his revolution began.

Shoulders were slapped and the thumbs up “ready” signal was given.  Long ropes flew out of the helicopter and the rebels jumped their way into history.

His boots hit the ground, glass crackled under foot.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he began.  He looked over the banners on the walls.  Looked over the crowd.  He panicked and signaled his band of revolutionaries to retreat with haste.

“Wrong place!” He shouted.

The revolution was slightly delayed.