The Ol’ Check In

Hi everybody! I hope these winter months are treating you well. It’s been some time since the blog has had an update, but it’s all for fun reasons! Well, for me at any rate. Fun is pretty subjective. Two real books are coming to final edits. I haven’t completed a full-length novel since 2014 and … Continue reading The Ol’ Check In


High Performing Business

Folks, they say, “culture wins” when it comes to running a high-performing business. I believe in this. I trust this. This is a mantra worth listening to. In that spirit, I conducted a culture survey of our very own business. The results were painstakingly analyzed and every bit of data was churned into information that … Continue reading High Performing Business

Time Tracking: A Review

In this world of productivity hacks and time management courses taught by thought-leaders who show up late to the Zoom meeting, it is important to take a moment and reflect on the tips and tricks and hacks and cheats we run across and attempt to implement. After all, in the pursuit of self-improvement is it … Continue reading Time Tracking: A Review

Ranked: Live TV Moments

Live TV provides the ultimate experience for those who cannot be bothered to leave their homes. Honestly, who wants to go out in public anymore? Not. Worth. It. That’s where live TV comes in and I for one cannot be more thankful for it. From the luxury of my couch, I can see what those … Continue reading Ranked: Live TV Moments

Ranked: Types of Reminders

This week we’re talking about those very specific productivity hacks called “reminders”. We set all sorts of reminders to help us get stuff done. Some are better than others. Some are useless. Some actually matter. Let’s hit the list! 5) Call The Dentist/Doctor This is the reminder that pops up every six months to tell … Continue reading Ranked: Types of Reminders