Parker The Unlucky Optimist

Parker was an unlucky optimist. A bothersome combo if ever there was one. "Maybe this restaurant will be great!" That statement was often followed by food poisoning.  "The store probably won't be that busy." An assumption that inevitably led to long queues. This was Parker's life; hope for the best and get mildly inconvenienced. When Parker … Continue reading Parker The Unlucky Optimist


The Original Title Was Soap, but Turns Out That Was Taken

My wife and I have been watching The Good Witch on Netflix. She’s seen the whole thing, I’ve seen the episodes that are on while I type. Since I’ve missed a bunch of it, here’s what I know (or think I know).  This is a Hallmark channel series which centers around Cassie who is a … Continue reading The Original Title Was Soap, but Turns Out That Was Taken

The Life of Juda Jones

A timeline of the life and times of Juda Jones 1833 - Born in a cabin not far from Baltimore 1834 - Eats a literal toad when his father sets him down on the grass to pursue a very large duck that could have fed the family for days. The duck escaped, but Juda ate … Continue reading The Life of Juda Jones

The Wizard Convention

The annual wizard convention was fast approaching, but Trivap the Courageous was far from ready and feeling like she was not living up to her name. "I barely have my session outline in place. There are only three weeks to go!" Trivap panicked. Ya'Sh the Assertive took charge. "Trivap, you can do this! You have … Continue reading The Wizard Convention

The Perfect Spot

"This is the spot!" Chatters was excited to say. "The development begins here." The business partners looked at each other for a signal on how to react. All of them were excited and knew this place, Chatters' vision, was going to make them rich beyond compare. "Uh, yeah, I mean, sure this place is," Fluffers started … Continue reading The Perfect Spot

Lunch Hour Characters – 21

21 took a turn down an old country road. Life was forever changed. How? Let's find out.., through haiku. 21 turned left. And right into a new job. Masked wrestler for life! School work long forgot. Set aside a life of code For a sparkly cape. Also on that road Bumpy and so desolate 21's … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – 21