Six Word Stories – Elevator Chit Chat

These six Word stories can be used at any time. Especially elevators when no one else is talking. Just a tip, avoid floor four. At least it was dry heat. Five years? Failed professional skydiving instructor. Drop the bass, not this place. The mailing list subscription was regrettable. Power Ranger villains love this building. Mondays … Continue reading Six Word Stories – Elevator Chit Chat


Deck and Amy and the Story

"It was an honest mistake," Deck explained to the dinner party. He set down his drink, a green tea he was drinking to seem more cultured in front of new people but really wanted to complain that it tasted of grass and oregano. "I'm pretty sure you did it on purpose," Amy laughed. "Maybe a … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the Story

Low Hopper Writes on the Lamb

Low Hopper usually rambles on and on with the lyrics of his folk electronica hits. This recent discovery is the exact opposite but still manages to tell a story of hardship, the oddness of modern life and a run-in with an alien mob. A note on the file stated the song's title was created with … Continue reading Low Hopper Writes on the Lamb

The Knocking on the Door

The light of the day was misleading. There was no light this day, only fear. "Kids," Gerry whispered, "close your blinds. I'm going to hold the door shut. Your mother will take care of the dog. No noise. Those¬†creatures out there cannot hear us. I love you all. As the family went on to their … Continue reading The Knocking on the Door

Stock Photo Stories – Takeout

What's that cat thinking? What could it be? Let's find out. Ordering online literally for the birds. Takeout value menu? I like it! I would punch Garfield so much. This cage smells funny. I'm out. I'm not out. I'm quite stuck. Birds! Birds help me! Birds! This is the end my friends. Tell Garfield I … Continue reading Stock Photo Stories – Takeout

A Word From Our Sponsors

A word from our sponsors...Irrational Purchases Made When Anxiety Takes Over It is time to buy a goat. Buy a goat, will you? We have, like, scores of them. Goats are like lawn mowers that jump! Did you know that goats make music? They sure do. They bleat-box. World a little crazy? Yo-yos are available … Continue reading A Word From Our Sponsors

From the Town Records of Shadow River

From the public records of the town of Shadow River. After-hours Council Meeting Township of Shadow River Date: August 1, 2018 Mayor Rodney Blueburn sitting Called by Sherman Carrots of Carrots Ranching Blueburn: Sherman, we don't often meet after hours. Why have you requested us all present? Sherman Carrots: Folks, we can raise a sturdier … Continue reading From the Town Records of Shadow River