We Have a Situation Here

You know what's fun? Podcasts. There are lots of other things too, but We Have a Situation Here is a new podcast brought into the world by Tommy, Richard, and me! The premise of the show is that I click a button on an Excel sheet to randomly generate a number of items and then … Continue reading We Have a Situation Here

One Horse Town

There was no way out of this one-horse town. Mostly because that one horse was designated for intra-town travel. That didn't stop Garrett from trying to mount an escape. He longed for the world outside, a world with many horses and many opportunities. "Garrett!" Rhonda Tonswi shouted from the town saloon. "Get back to work!" … Continue reading One Horse Town

The Final Scene

"Oh my gosh," the charming barkeep said when he saw his favorite customers returning to his tavern. "You folks! Did you do it? Of course you did it! Everybody, listen up! They did it!" A cheer came from the crowded room. At the entrance, five people smiled at the admiring crowd. Just weeks ago they … Continue reading The Final Scene

The Enchanter

"Enchanter, I come to you seeking aide. I am on a quest that will seal the fate of the world for better or worse," Sir Annabeth Wyrmslayer said upon entering the enchanter's home unannounced. "Brave defender of the realm, eh?" The Enchanter said, entering the home's front room. "Well, what do you need?" "Thank you, … Continue reading The Enchanter

The Portal

"Anybody want to guess what that portal lookin' thing might actually be?" Sandra queried her coworkers. "My best bet... it's a portal" Aimee answered. "Isn't that Jon's feed? I can't tell who's who anymore in these Zoom meetings." Anders asked. "Jon is no longer with the company as of Thursday," Sandra replied. "Did we get … Continue reading The Portal

Opening Lines

The following were cut as opening lines: Edward sat, listened, and lamented ever taking part in this bonfire. The city lights drowned out the stars like Debby Johnson drowned out the supporting cast in our 12th grade production of CATS! I still remember, Debby! I still rememeber! One-thousand-four-hundred-twenty feet hit the ground in unison, marching … Continue reading Opening Lines

Low Hopper, PI

Low Hopper was known for not fully participating in the world around him.  To that end, he created an entire rock-opera around a noir detective named Gizmo Bloodbike, PI. Even for Low Hopper this was some bizarre stuff, so we're not going to release the entire concept album. Just the first track, "Neighbors" and you'll … Continue reading Low Hopper, PI