An Apology For The Social Bingo Experiment on the 1200 Block of Harrison Blvd

Good people, citizens and visitors alike, of the 1200 block of Harrison Boulevard, I owe you an apology. For the sake of a long-running game of Social Bingo I made a mockery of you, of the historic block and of the institutions that make power junction boxes so important to the day to day routine of … Continue reading An Apology For The Social Bingo Experiment on the 1200 Block of Harrison Blvd


Brief Profiles of Others in the Coffee Shop Line

The coffee shop.  We could brew this stuff at home, but where's the fun? Queues are fun. Presented to you now: Brief profiles of the people standing in front of you right now in the coffee line. At the counter: Lidia Lovecraft Drink: Something completely normal.  Lidia is trying to downplay her famous last name. Hobbies: … Continue reading Brief Profiles of Others in the Coffee Shop Line

Apology Haiku

Sometimes we have to say sorry. Sometimes we have to sorry with flair! Apology Haiku: The joke starts 'knock knock' You respond with 'who is there?' I burned the kitchen Would you believe it? Five dogs came running through here The car won't start now. Guess what?! I have news. I get to take a vay-cay! … Continue reading Apology Haiku

The Bucket List

Time was not on Rodney's father's side.  His mother called, said things were not looking great.  He was on the next flight home.  Meetings were postponed; they seemed meaningless now. The plane landed, an Uber took him to his childhood home for a ritual so many had endured before him but felt entirely new. "Hey, … Continue reading The Bucket List

Breaking News Bulletin

Breaking news bulletin! Terror strikes the tri-city area as denizens of the world-renowned metropolis come to terms with what can only be described as a morning commute like none other. "I just don't know how to proceed," said one driver who arrived to work half an hour earlier than usual. "It was so smooth.  I saw … Continue reading Breaking News Bulletin

Dear Future Past Me

Dear Future Past Me, Train of though leading into this situation: Watched the episode of The Office where Dwight goes into a knick-knack shop at the mall covered in beet juice (in truth, I watched it seven times because I used time travel to go back to the beginning of the series time and time … Continue reading Dear Future Past Me

Which House? Episode One

"Alright, our fabulous couple has seen all three houses and are about to make their decision.  Pegasus and Phoenix, what choice have you made?" the host, Cy, said following the commercial break. "Well, Cy, Phoenix and I agreed first and foremost that house 1, the dock house, was not for us," said Pegasus, standing in … Continue reading Which House? Episode One