Six Words of (Mis)Adventure

Some six-word stories for the evening.   Disaster struck. The taco truck left. Birds above and we looked up. 20-year-old late fee collection!? The spider ran, disappeared, and laughed. From the dock, we saw everything. Never forgotten, the burrito was mourned. The elevator cable snapped moments later. The new wardrobe changed nothing anyway. A dog … Continue reading Six Words of (Mis)Adventure

Archives: Carter and the Will

I drove for six hours today. My wife was in and out of sleep in the passenger seat of the car. The kids were asleep for two hours, talked for thirty minutes, and then went to play on their tablets because staring at the splendor of the countryside of Wyoming is awe-inspiring for a good … Continue reading Archives: Carter and the Will

Sweet Googly Moogly New Mugs!

You know what's fun? Words. You know what goes well with words? Coffee. I'm addicted to bad graphic design (the only kind I know how to make).  These are a departure from the history themed items currently available. Rather, they feature some of my favorite phrases.  The ones without curses anyway.  More on the way … Continue reading Sweet Googly Moogly New Mugs!

Again With the Writing Lessons From Bad Movies

I really, really like bad movies.  Mindless fun (most of the time), cheap plots and such little commitment needed on the viewer's part make for a unique experience that is at once wondrous and so very pointless.  It's amazing and I'm very thankful to have the opportunity to spend some time just absolutely wasting my … Continue reading Again With the Writing Lessons From Bad Movies