Lunch Hour Character -haiku

Some haiku about Mud Thomkins. It's just so hot out I'm staying indoors for now See you this winter ---- Neck tattoo; skull too. Oh man I screamed for hours It was as so worth it. ---- My 401k Looks good when I'm not looking So I stopped checking ---- Lost my keys today Can't … Continue reading Lunch Hour Character -haiku


Apology Haiku

Sometimes we have to say sorry. Sometimes we have to sorry with flair! Apology Haiku: The joke starts 'knock knock' You respond with 'who is there?' I burned the kitchen Would you believe it? Five dogs came running through here The car won't start now. Guess what?! I have news. I get to take a vay-cay! … Continue reading Apology Haiku

The Robot Made Art

"Jenkins, come quick!" Old Man Wilson called.  "The R&D lab has finally done it! They've created an AI capable of art.  We no longer need an advertising department." Jenkins ran to his boss' voice and hoped the claim was false.  Jenkins was the advertising department. "Look at this series of haiku the little scamp put … Continue reading The Robot Made Art