Mixed Reactions

"We absolutely cannot tell anyone about this," Goose said. "I'm mowing it all down now," Gander said. "This is a major discovery!" Patch said. "Tell. No. One." Goose said, firmly. "But... crop circles. Aliens. We have proof." Patch countered. "They say, '#SETIDroolsMarsRules'. Mow 'em down," Goose said. Gander started working.


The Lava Group

To the staff of The Lava Group, Upon entry to your facility, I made some terrible assumptions.  While it does not excuse my actions, "The Lava Group" is essentially a Bond villain organization's name.  I don't feel my initial interpretation of the company based solely on the name was off base. I was there as … Continue reading The Lava Group

Deck and Amy and The Future

Deck typed away at his company furnished laptop after hours and listened to his company furnished cell phone vibrate violently with every new email received.  "We should start a business.  Be our own boss."  He suggested. Amy scoffed. "Two words: Sales" "That's one word," Deck said really putting his accounting experience to work. "That's how … Continue reading Deck and Amy and The Future

Dear Future Past Me

Dear Future Past Me, Mistakes have been made.  You know how we never did the Spring Break traditional trip to Cancun? You know how we learned margaritas taste pretty okay just before the kids were born and constant sobriety was the only way to stay awake long enough to ensure they were safe and cared … Continue reading Dear Future Past Me

Notices on a Train

Intercom messages on the 2:14 train from South Ocean to Dukberg. 2:15 - Welcome aboard the 2:14 to Dukberg, we are expecting a smooth ride for the six hours. Sit back, relax and we'll have a drink cart moving down the hall in no time. 2:25 - For our long-time travelers, you will notice a … Continue reading Notices on a Train

Waylan Used to Be Cool – Still Relevant

As I am barely awake at 8:30 pm and reading through the "Throwback Thursday" playlist from Spotify that contains just about every pop-punk band that filled my CD player in high school, I am reminded of this post from about a year ago.  Some things never change, but most things make incredible, incremental changes that … Continue reading Waylan Used to Be Cool – Still Relevant

Report to Mission Command

Mission Command, Sweet googly moogly, do not send any more people here.  This place, this planet; none of it is like the reports that came from the rovers and probes that preceded me. Robots said there would be primitive flora.  There's one very tall tree that drips a green oil from thirty feet above.  The … Continue reading Report to Mission Command