A Few (six) Words on Stuff

Obscure titles worry the tepid reader.

Charge at 3%, send final text.

Bacon is in my ear. How?

The children are silent. Everyone panic.

Saturday morning cartoons on a Monday!

The last of them has fallen.

Wedding suit rests on the bed.

There’s still bacon in my ear!

Wisdom of age proved incredibly useless.

No memory of the blood stains.

Immortal and bored; the feared combo.

Rabbit soup made Pooh very sad.

Sunglasses made of plastic, not sun.

Winner of a business card lunch!

Punch the clock, lose a day.

The sign clearly said “no entry”.

The door jamb proved quite important.

For crying out loud! Bacon again?

The dark hallway held many secrets.


And that’ll do it for tonight.  If you’re looking for more six word stories, paired with terrible art, come on over to Lunch Hour Characters lunchhourcharacters.wordpress.com

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Caden’s Towers of Stone


Caden of the Far Meadow possessed no skills.  His farmland barely provided a yield, his fishing ability was legendary for its mediocrity, and his conversation was dull to put it nicely.  He did have a few things going for him; an incredible self awareness of his shortcomings, and friends throughout the village to assist with the skill gap.  Still, he wished to contribute something, anything to the advancement of his village.

Caden of the Far Meadow was not exactly one to possess helpful ideas. Continue reading

Home Court

“17, the up and comer from Indiana, La Hoy is moving fast! Moves by the defenders. They can’t stop this kid!”

Stuart La Hoy heard the play by play being shouted by the announcers from a booth above the stadium’s bleachers.  They were far enough away to make the clarity of their voices reason for concern.  If they could be heard on the court, over the screaming fans and defensive players, certainly they were inflicting hearing damage on the poor ticket holders near the booth.  Stuart was not sure why he was so concerned for the health of the opposing team’s fans, but he plotted scheduling audiograms for the whole crowd should his big contract ever materialize. Continue reading

A Compass Unused

“Sure, sure, okay.  I understand your anger.  You’re upset with good reason.  The lake I promised is nowhere in sight.  You may have noticed the humidity is actually going down with each and every step,” Caleb told the rather cross group of hikers before him.

“I certainly did notice!” One particularly displeased hiker replied.

“Confession time for ol’ Caleb.  I have no idea what this compass means.  So we’re going to walk around until someone hears a wave crash or big ol’ bird go ‘ka-kaw’ and make a splash.  Solid plan?” Caleb asked.

The hikers seized the compass and map.

The Chopped Clove is Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

Welcome one and all to The Chopped Clove. Today’s episode promises to be one of great smells, great colors, and most importantly, great food.  Let’s get cooking, what do you say?

Today we’ll be working on my spin of classic and personal favorite, lasagna.  Everyone has their own spin on this traditional dish, and I am no different.  First we start with our…our…oh golly. Continue reading

Family Photoshop

“Who’s ready for a photo shoot!” The excited photographer asked the young family of three just entering the studio.

“I think so,” answered Rhonda, “but I don’t quite understand the color scheme you requested.”

“Oh the green?  Don’t worry a thing about that.  This will be a creative journey for you all,” explained the photographer, already putting the family in their positions.

“We are going to pose in front of a green screen? That’s neat!” Davis, holding little baby June, said with excitement as he took his spot.

The photographer took position behind the camera, “Okay, family, all smiles!”

The aperture flew into action. The photographer took to photoshop and a began typing.

“Just one photo?” Rhonda whispered to Davis, “that’s a bit odd, right?”

“And we’re set! Who’s ready to see your family photo?” The photographer asked, jumping from the computer, “behold!”

Davis, Rhonda and the baby exchanged glances before Davis broke the uncomfortable silence.  “That is awesome! I’m a lightning bolt!”




Working Titles

Planning. I’m not very good at it. I’m working on that though.  Starting right now!

Books I will one day write:

A knight retires to take a life of baking.  When the kingdom is threatened, he must take up arms once more and use his new skills in the kitchen to save the day.  Working title Honor Roll.

A shipping and logistics manager is looking for a new home.  Along the way, he learns a thing or two about life, love and true happiness.  Working title; Where House?

Terrance is a con man.  Hard rock, hard liquor, hard life; his motto.  He’s grown tired of the life though.  One last score and he can leave it all behind.  Working title Highway to Sell

A mad scientist, alone in a secluded forest just south of the Canadian border has created life.  His creation, part onion like plant, part bird, is reproducing out of control.  He has just a week to stop his creation before all is lost.  Working title Peak Leek Beak

A slapstick comedy featuring Erin and Aaron discovering new ways to make tunnels through mountains.  Nothing seems to go well or right, but the duo have a zany adventure and discover some truth along the way. Working title TNTeeHee.


I have some writing to do.

Thanks for reading!