The Day Job Journal

Week 24 Journal, I went into work today and nothing was recognizable.  The address was the same, I double checked twice. The building was different though. The people were different. The cafeteria was different. The ping-pong table in the break room was pretty much the same, but I don't enough about ping-pong tables to know … Continue reading The Day Job Journal


Writing Lessons from Bad Movies

Doom was released in 2005 and was written, directed and starred by people who are really good at their jobs literally any other time you see their work. When I first saw the movie it was a Blockbuster rental to keep me company while I was too nervous to sleep while hospitalized with pneumonia while undergoing … Continue reading Writing Lessons from Bad Movies

Chore Time Surprises

Like every day, this one started far too early.  Sebastian had chores to complete, work to prep for and kids to help ready for their own adventures.  Morning turned to afternoon, afternoon to early evening and the family had reassembled for dinner, chores and pre-sleep activities. The main activity being cleaning.  Sebastian wanted his children … Continue reading Chore Time Surprises

Notes Found in a Shred Bin

Rummaging through the paper shred bin at work, Dolores Thatcher hoped to recover even a remnant of a document she had discarded in error.  She never found what she was looking for, but did find much more terrifying things. The following are lines she was able to put together: R&D is working with Cartography on … Continue reading Notes Found in a Shred Bin

Six Word Story Hour

Mid week short stories are the best stories. Mid week micro stories are okay. And you know what? Aiming for okay is good too. It's been a long week already. Here are some okay stories told in six words. Hopefully. I'm a writer not a mather. Here we go: Three kids wandered off; returned goats. … Continue reading Six Word Story Hour

The Spookiest Documentary – Director’s Note

Hi World, With Halloween so close I wanted to give an update on my ongoing documentary project "The Spookiest" in which I interview all your favorite Halloween monsters.  I have a great segment with a mummy in the can and am tracking down a vampire right now.  Currently on the editing room floor are interviews … Continue reading The Spookiest Documentary – Director’s Note

Movie Trailers – RomComs Re-imagined

Setting - couple stands face to face in a courtyard on a sunny day. Prison officials look on. Romeo: It's only three years. I have like 90 of those. I can give a few to the family and the Illinois department of corrections. This Fall, see a love story that sees through the bars. See … Continue reading Movie Trailers – RomComs Re-imagined