First Chapter

Earlier this month, unbeknownst to me because of spectacular inability to check email, the very first place to publish something I wrote shut down.  Jukepop Serial started a whole bunch of really amazing authors (still no idea how/why they picked my story, but it was pretty cool nonetheless).  The site no longer exists, likey because its authors (read: me) did absolutely nothing to promote visitation.  Sorry.

It was a really, really fun experience to submit that first chapter of Wren, wait ten days, get an acceptance email and start writing a superhero adventure in a serial format.  While I was actively writing the serial I gained a few regular readers and chit-chatted with them over Twitter and email.  Thanks to Wren, I gained exposure and had my full book, Pendleton Connor Claims the Sky picked up by an indie publisher (but, please don’t buy it ’cause that publisher should not get any money ever and I republished it on my own – once the original contract expired- as The Egress and the Jupiter Cult, but the first title was so much cooler).  From all that came this blog, a number of self published books, writing for Project Nerd for regular movie reviews, and so, so many started stories that have stalled out.

Wren started it all though.  I’m sad to see Jukepop go, but the serial fiction boom they helped re-invigorate is still going strong.  I have no idea what to do with Wren now.  Frankly, I just don’t like most of the later chapters and have no energy to redo it.  The start though, good golly, that start is still pretty dang good if I do say so myself.  Jukepop paid a certain amount per word up to $100 and thanks to the power of math, that full $100 came if your accepted story was 5,000 words to start.  Incredibly unfriendly to the internet reading audience.  The number of readers from chapter 1 to chapter 2 dropped about 60%.  It was a crazy idea to start off with such a wall of text.

Here now, the first thing I ever had published.

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Five Friends on a Bus

Five friends sat or stood on a bus.  The final leg of their journey home was nearly complete.  Their night had been long and full of stories they would one day tell their children to prove a former control of the concept of cool.  The stories would undoubtedly be shared to embarrass said children as well, but that goes without saying.

The bus was smelly.  Another passenger rode with a dog and another was going to ride until the driver said, “end of the line!”  The five young people had spent hours talking and shouting and sharing, so the bus was damaging every sense except hearing.  Silence filled the carriage and the group was left to their own thoughts.

One thought of pancakes.  One thought of their upcoming shift at a diner (a shift a mere four hours away due to poor planning).  One thought of a puppy seen on an SPCA website and had a deep desire to adopt the pup.  One figured out a potentially unbeatable strategy for their League of Legends character.  The last thought of Pluto’s demotion.  The other four had a hard time relating to the last member of the group, but the kid could talk about Pluto.

Not one thought of the experience they just shared.  Not one thought of another.  They had already moved on from the moment, knowing full well they would only summon the story of the night when they needed to upstage a competing tale at a party.  Not one knew they just had one of those ‘top five’ nights that would come to define them.

Five friends rode a bus home. Five friends lost within themselves nearly missed their final stop.



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Currently Thinking – At the Club

Here now, the inner thoughts of people too old to be at a club, but are currently at a club.


Name: Eve Newcomb,
Biggest concern: has to be to work at 7:00 am tomorrow.
Currently thinking: I’m really more of a Blues Traveler person.

Name: Hunter Grace
Occupation: long haul trucker by day, DJ by night (but not tonight.)
Currently thinking: If I put a hospital in the center of town my SimCity will be perfect!

Name: Chad Chadson
Most hates when people assume he is: A Voting machine technician.
Currently Thinking: I can say my oven is on and leave, but everyone knows I don’t know how to use an oven.

Name: Eriwn Aessopoplous
Fear Never Told to Even The Closest Confidant: Eating a spider a loving the experience
Currently thinking: I have so many over due library books.

Name: Anando Chopra
Currently wearing: A pair of green chucks, a fedora and shirt pattern that does not match his pants.
Currently thinking: I’m totally going to hit that salad place for lunch tomorrow.

Name: Michael Bolton
Major in College: History focused on Chicago in the 1920s.
Minor in College: Accounting, focused on how to commit fraud.
Currently thinking: I can’t be angry about this name. People will think I’m just copying Office Space

Name: Purple Whipple
Real name?: Yep. On their driver’s license and everything.
Currently thinking: Hey. Wait a minute. I’m old enough to buy my own Crossfire game this holiday season!

Name: Gabrie Jons
Career path: Today, Middle Management. Tomorrow? The entire scope of western operations.
Currently thinking: If this thing ends in a bubble dance I’m going to set the building on fire.

Name: Odele Okampa
Favorite Movie: You’ve never heard of it.
Currently thinking: I bet all of these office drones sit around and make in-jokes about movies all day. Lame.



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Halloween, Grade Five.

Halloween my fifth grade year I went as a door.  I thought it would hilarious to knock on a stranger’s door and they open up to see yet another door!  It would have been door-ception (a term that did not exist Halloween of my fifth grade year, but would have been appropriate)!

I learned one big thing that year.  People knock on doors.

I had a giant sheet of cardboard with a Sharpie drawn door on the front, my fist set where a doorknob would be (so I could hold it up) and walked around basically being punched in the chest all night.

I kept wearing the cardboard though.  It hurt, but the joke was more fun than the pain was hurtful.

What was learned from such a weird experience at a young age? Doing dumb, painful things for the fun of it is always worthwhile.

And that’s how I came to participate in NaNoWriMo.

Happy writing everybody!

Candles to Change Reality


“Our special candles promise to change your very reality,” the shop clerk explained.

Teri gave him a doubtful look, “change my reality?”

“Oh yes. Here. Pick a color,” the clerk prompted.

“Hunter green.”

“Consider it done. Take your mind to a clear place. Focus only on the sound of my voice and this very fine long neck lighter I am placing into your hand,” the clerk was confident, if a little ‘carnival side show.’  “Now, light your candle.

Teri flicked the lighter and ignited the wick.

“And boom!” The clerk said, “Now you own a candle! Your reality is changed.”


People on the Highway

People on the Highway in eBook format with a handful of book only stories is free 9/27 to 10/1! Get your copy here: and be sure to check out my other Amazon stuff.

For work I travel between a couple of different locations every day.  This is fine, but the travel does take me through the epicenter of a town with nearly twice the population of my own.  This population increase amounts to 25,024% increase in traffic at any time of day.  The math is weird, but it’s there. The change in seasons has driven (ba dum tss) people absolutely mad this week.

One person really took the title of “totally deranged road warrior” this week though.

Today’s tale: Cookie Monster

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Douglas Doesn’t Know What Is Happening Right Now

The morning meeting was ready to begin.  Accounting, HR, sales; the big three teams were all present.

Douglas was the last to arrive.  He set his papers and laptop on the enormous table before him and took his seat.

“Thanks for waiting, everyone.  Where are we going to start, Mr. Withers?” Douglas asked the company president.

Mr. Withers had his back to the team around the table, fingers intertwined against his back and was whistling something that no one at the table could quite make out.  He finished his song and finally turned around a minute after Douglas asked the question.  Douglas was accustomed Mr. Withers’ antics, but even this was a bit odd.

“Today,” Mr. Withers started, “is going to be the day that they’re going to throw it back to you.”

Douglas had no idea what that meant.

“The word on the street that the fire in your heart has gone out,” Mr. Withers said, waving a hand over the meeting.

“Sir, are you having a stroke?” Douglas asked.

“All the road we have to walk are winding,” Mr. Withers continued, ignoring Douglas, “There are many things I would like to say to you, but I don’t know how.  I don’t know how.”

“Seriously, sir, do you smell toast?” Douglas asked.

“After all,” Mr. Withers began pointing to each and every team member one at a time, “you are my wonderwall.”

“None of these words mean anything! I’m calling an ambulance,” Douglas grabbed the conference call phone at the center of the table and sought immediate assistance.



Mr. Withers was fine.  The office held a party with champagne.  It was an explosion of fun.  A regular supernova of a party.


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