Sid Stands on Sidewalks

Sid stood outside the club flicking a lighter on and off again, over and over. The flame danced in the slight breeze.  Sid liked to see the fire move back and forth. Inside the club, the sounds of rebellion rang from wall to wall and pulsed outside. Sid liked the beat, the smell of cheap … Continue reading Sid Stands on Sidewalks


Speeding Ticket Avoidance

"Ah, pickles," said Day. Blue and red flashing lights filled the rear view mirror.  "Keep it cool." As the officer stepped from the car, Day's mind moved to what to say next. Scenario 1: "License and registration," the officer would say. "Officer, listen I'm racing my brother home. If he wins, I have to clean … Continue reading Speeding Ticket Avoidance

Predicted Trends of 2019 (For Niche Audiences)

And now... Trends of 2019 that will only affect certain communities. Folk Music: That banjo/record scratch hybrid of 2003 is coming back hard this year, Folksters. Get ready! Plastic bag manufacturers: Another rough year, but people will really enjoy blue Garamond type on department store bags. Pumpkin pie purists: Two words: butter topping. Boom. Slackline: … Continue reading Predicted Trends of 2019 (For Niche Audiences)

The Farmer and the Rabbit

The Farmer approached his fields and knew something was wrong.  The wind was light, the air heavy, and the usual noises of the ranch were missing.  The telltale signs of disaster. The Farmer walked to the barn first and found no issue there. Plenty of sleepy cows and angry looking horses (they were not allowed … Continue reading The Farmer and the Rabbit

Low Hopper and the Back Alley Brawl

Low Hopper always believed in Santa.  Unsurprising as the electro-folk star met the Mothman and a baseball team full of vampires.  So when he finally found proof of his beliefs, he wrote a song about it.  Along the way, he proved something else too. The Wolf, the Elf, and the Eve. I found myself in … Continue reading Low Hopper and the Back Alley Brawl

The Day Job Journal

Week 32 Dear Journal, I'm on day three of a four day weekend. Bored out of my mind.  There's apparently an epidemic of people not taking their vacation time.  Productivity is through the roof, but that's probably in part because no one ever leaves the office.  You know why? I'm at work for 10 to … Continue reading The Day Job Journal