That tune in your head

You know that song in your head? That tune that won't go away and you don't know where it came from, or the words, and you're not sure if it is real or you drank an expired Monster and now you're tripping out of your mind? All of that is totally relatable I'm sure. Here … Continue reading That tune in your head


Revisiting the Junkyard Monster

Wednesdays at Chateau Cowling mean game night.  We break out Pathfinder or co-op games (friggin' Pandemic I tell you) and have a fun ol time with family and friends until close to midnight some weeks.  There was a time when midnight did not feel like a next day death sentence, but midnight is a killer … Continue reading Revisiting the Junkyard Monster

Questionable Lines from A Memoir

Lines from the upcoming memoir of illusionist Ton Ton Brickwork that caused some trepidation at the editor's desk: I awoke from cryogenic freezing craving a hamburger. The only way I would work with Roy again was if he apologized for the incident with the beaver. My tattoo details the four humors...and one pun In September … Continue reading Questionable Lines from A Memoir


Niche Streaming Services

Netflix. Hulu. Disney. BBC. CBS.  Before long every media empire will have their own streaming service. While a good idea, these are very broad services. The future of streaming is super niche. Niches like.... Babbling - The stream service. Running with Scissors - The Preferred Network of Ophthalmologists Silent Film - a library live stream. … Continue reading Niche Streaming Services


First Chapter

Earlier this month, unbeknownst to me because of spectacular inability to check email, the very first place to publish something I wrote shut down.  Jukepop Serial started a whole bunch of really amazing authors (still no idea how/why they picked my story, but it was pretty cool nonetheless).  The site no longer exists, likey because … Continue reading First Chapter


Five Friends on a Bus

Five friends sat or stood on a bus.  The final leg of their journey home was nearly complete.  Their night had been long and full of stories they would one day tell their children to prove a former control of the concept of cool.  The stories would undoubtedly be shared to embarrass said children as … Continue reading Five Friends on a Bus


Currently Thinking – At the Club

Here now, the inner thoughts of people too old to be at a club, but are currently at a club.   Name: Eve Newcomb, Biggest concern: has to be to work at 7:00 am tomorrow. Currently thinking: I'm really more of a Blues Traveler person. Name: Hunter Grace Occupation: long haul trucker by day, DJ by … Continue reading Currently Thinking – At the Club