A Word From Our Sponsors

Good evening, reader, Quite an evening is it not? Not too hot, not too cold, it is simply as it is, as it should be. The only way to really improve upon this evening, or any evening for that matter, is by utilizing our products.  What do we sell? What sort of vendor are we? … Continue reading A Word From Our Sponsors


Must Haves: Final Will Addendum

It is important to do periodic reviews of your will.  Some years ago, I wrote my will's must-haves down right on here on this very blog.  It is time for an update.   New points for the will: My casket/urn/frame will have a skull and crossbones decal to commemorate my love for that movie. At … Continue reading Must Haves: Final Will Addendum

Maturing the Band Revisited

I hope your Independence Day is going well (American readers anyway, if you're not stateside happy Wednesday).  We're going back to an old story about growing up, defining ourselves and teaching children they too will leave a legacy and should consider that in all their actions. If you're looking for a longer read, here's a … Continue reading Maturing the Band Revisited

Tales of the Deceased at Yellow Moose Hill

Last week we read some tombstones on Yellow Moose Hill.  This week, let's meet the corpses! Oh golly I'm not a good writer. Floorboards on the front porch creaked in anger.  A monster of a man walloped the ground with every step.  Enormous fists smashed against the door, rapidly knocking and pleading for attention. Mayor … Continue reading Tales of the Deceased at Yellow Moose Hill

Writing Lessons from Bad Movies

In 2011 I had a newborn son who required a lot of medical attention.  That was a blur and I have few memories of it or any other pop culture items of the time.  That said, I highly doubt I am the only one who totally forgot that the movie In Time was advertised, released, reviewed, … Continue reading Writing Lessons from Bad Movies

The Tombstones at Yellow Moose Hill

An old cemetery sits atop Yellow Moose Hill. The tombstones tell the tales of life and death in a town lost to historical memory outside of maps and a few notes in a late 19th-century book on towns with bizarre bugs in them.  Here a select few headstones that caught the eye of a research … Continue reading The Tombstones at Yellow Moose Hill