Alternate Timeline: Colorado

In our timeline, Colorado became the 38th state of the United States in 1876. The Centennial State. In an alternate timeline, changes big and small would make the Colorado we know and love an unrecognizable place. What sort of changes? The state is called Jefferson. The state slogan? "Moving on Up." The town of Fruita … Continue reading Alternate Timeline: Colorado


Lifehacks from a Magical Gnome

When I do talk to humans, they often ask me, first thing - like, maybe give a hello or something first?- they often ask me, “Gnome,” - rude, my name is Graythane of the Mudlark Fields - “Gnome, how do you balance it all?” At first, I didn’t have any idea what this question was … Continue reading Lifehacks from a Magical Gnome

A Roller Rink Sting

"This isn't going to work out," Agent Dyn said to her mic. "Give it time. It's just a little rain. They'll be here," Agent Amic replied from the surveillance van outside. The sting was taking place in a recently re-opened roller skating rink.  Agent Dyn simply had to get the target to make a few … Continue reading A Roller Rink Sting

Alternate Timeline: Idaho

We know Idaho as the source of great potatoes, a place that pivoted really, really well once the goldmines dried up, and home to Hell's Canyon, the deepest gorge in America.  This is the Idaho we know and think fondly of when it comes up in conversation. True that's not often, but Hell's Canyon is … Continue reading Alternate Timeline: Idaho

Remy Saw a Ghost

Remy went from sleeping to absolutely not in a heartbeat. Breathing heavily, quickly, he searched the room to try to see what he knew was watching his slumber. At the edge of the bed, he found his observer. "Get out of here!" Remy shouted. "Don't trust the dog," the observer whispered in response. Remy threw … Continue reading Remy Saw a Ghost

The Lava Group

To the staff of The Lava Group, Upon entry to your facility, I made some terrible assumptions.  While it does not excuse my actions, "The Lava Group" is essentially a Bond villain organization's name.  I don't feel my initial interpretation of the company based solely on the name was off base. I was there as … Continue reading The Lava Group

A Key Discovered

"Oh, snap! Gang! This thing is a key!" Tyler chuckled as he realized what discovery had been made. In his hands, he held an intricately carved block of wood that matched a shape in a book resting on the table before him. "Nice!" Amaranth cheered. "Put it in the book! Open that thing." "Yo, I've … Continue reading A Key Discovered