Lunch Hour Characters- Mirage

What could Mirage be doing right now? Let’s find out in haiku Seven minute wait The line was hardly moving Mirage was alone. —— Eighteen attempts now Yet there was no progression Paper airplanes suck. —— Tuesday night book club No one else read the chapter Mirage felt better —— Ah! Stick of butter! How … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Mirage

Haiku for Highly Unlikely Situations

And now... haiku for highly unlikely situations: Haunted house visit Meet a real live ghost of sorts Selling a timeshare Giant gorilla Rampage through city downtown All for a hot dog Elevator fail Halfway between eight and nine Time to make a scene Riding a bovine On the surface of the moon! O2 is so … Continue reading Haiku for Highly Unlikely Situations

Lunch Hour Characters – tradition

What a week Toro has had planning, plotting, and scheming new things to introduce over this years holiday season. What sort of things? Let's find out in haiku form! Scary ghost stories Are an unknown tradition Making a comeback ----- Snow globe collection Turned into juggling props Not a grand idea ----- Pictionary but Only … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – tradition

Lunch Hour Characters- Corn

This is Corn. Corn loves all things fall. How much so? Let's find out in haiku form. Crunchy leaves on ground. Hidden heap of dog "treasure." No more crunching leaves. Costume decision. Never easy. Even now. Dress as a lost goat? Corn maze visit time! Wait, wait. Are you telling me... I could just walkthrough? … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Corn

Lunch Hour Characters – Goblin

Goblin lives with his clan underground a few miles away from a major city. How's life for Goblin the goblin? Let's find out in haiku form.   "Adventurers suck!" He calls down a dark cavern. "Rude!" a voice calls back. Firepit dinner. Something on the spit smells good. It's a giant rat. Got lost yesterday. … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Goblin

From the Archives: Egg is a Good Dog

There's one leading reason I do not have a pet; I would give it a dumb name. Egg is a good dog name. Imagine walking through the park and saying, "Egg, don't eat that squirrel! Or "Egg, eat that squirrel!" Either route is pretty amusing from the perspective of anything other than the squirrel. Tonight … Continue reading From the Archives: Egg is a Good Dog

Haiku For Gravestones

If I must have a tombstone, one of these shall be carved into the face. Let it now be known That I was the evil clone You chose so poorly. It's confession time: I took every last donut. I feel no regret. You! Standing right there! You are standing on my butt! ha! ha! ha! … Continue reading Haiku For Gravestones