Lunch Hour Characters – 21

21 took a turn down an old country road. Life was forever changed. How? Let's find out.., through haiku. 21 turned left. And right into a new job. Masked wrestler for life! School work long forgot. Set aside a life of code For a sparkly cape. Also on that road Bumpy and so desolate 21's … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – 21


From the Archives: The Coffee Pot

I started the night writing a dumb joke about parking a car. Now I'm two-thousand words into something wildly different. It's very exciting! However, it is far from ready for that publish button and now I'm in that stressful decision point of what do I do? Focus on finishing the new stuff and sacrifice my … Continue reading From the Archives: The Coffee Pot

Lunch Hour Characters- Late Shift

This is Nine. Nine is working the late shift today so lunch is a bit late. Usually, Nine works 1st shift shows up at 7am, eats lunch at 11, leaves at 3. Simple routine just minding the shop, helping people out and moving through procedures. This shift is a bit different. How different? Let's find … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Late Shift

Murder Mystery Haiku

A murder mystery in a series of haiku. "Not the professor!" The first witness cried aloud The game was afoot. Squad cars were on scene Statements taken all night long. Figure lurked in darkness. Detective Bluestone Took control of the crime scene Was perhaps too late. "Who's that in the dark?" Bluestone asked a nearby … Continue reading Murder Mystery Haiku

Lunch Hour Characters- Eggie

Eggie is breakfast. Eggie does not live. Eggie does not think.  Eggie is eggs which have encountered a cooking conundrum.  The food now has a face. What's the egg fryer to do? Let's learn haiku form. The mind plays a trick. It sees a face in breakfast. So not hungry now. These look familiar. … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Eggie

Lunch Hour Characters – Sam T. Nicholas

  Sam T. Nicholas is going into the family business one day.  And he has some ideas.  What are those ideas? Well, let's find out...haiku style.   Instead of cookies Crisp kale chips should be left out With bourbon on ice. Animal labor Will one day cease to exist Hybrid sleigh; faster. Surveillance state? Yuck. … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Sam T. Nicholas

Lunch Hour Characters – Giant

Giant is getting into the Christmas spirit.  Here are some thoughts on the special time of year Giant is sharing around the kids' table this year.  Presented in Haiku form. One ugly sweater Two glasses of egg nog drunk. Three PM dinner. Eat Santa cookies? And invoke that wizard's wrath? I think not, kiddo. Always … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Giant