Lunch Hour Character -haiku

Some haiku about Mud Thomkins. It's just so hot out I'm staying indoors for now See you this winter ---- Neck tattoo; skull too. Oh man I screamed for hours It was as so worth it. ---- My 401k Looks good when I'm not looking So I stopped checking ---- Lost my keys today Can't … Continue reading Lunch Hour Character -haiku


A Little Tuesday Night Haiku

I'm not getting any better at this, but here we go! Company catered! Free lunch is the best lunch type! Well disguised meeting. Family on Facebook? Talking politics again? Tell them they are wrong. Netflix queue empty Fill it up with b-movies Never Bee Movie. Lifehack: don't be mean. This results in more free food. And … Continue reading A Little Tuesday Night Haiku

Apology Haiku

Sometimes we have to say sorry. Sometimes we have to sorry with flair! Apology Haiku: The joke starts 'knock knock' You respond with 'who is there?' I burned the kitchen Would you believe it? Five dogs came running through here The car won't start now. Guess what?! I have news. I get to take a vay-cay! … Continue reading Apology Haiku

Parenting Haiku

Suddenly silent The children are not in sight Trouble is afoot "Eat your dinner please." Answered by face full of peas "You have had enough." Cartoons on the screen. Watched this five times yesterday. Seven more today. "F*&*() onion! Ow!" "Daddy, what does that all mean?" "Cookies! Don't tell mom." Trying something new Day begins … Continue reading Parenting Haiku

How I Learned to Play Guitar (Now in Haiku Form)

  OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! How I learned to play guitar Calluses formed slow. Giggle Giggle Ha This thing has a G string. No, I'm Listening. I will start a band. The best band in all the land. Once I read this stuff.       Thanks for reading! Some entertainment options you may … Continue reading How I Learned to Play Guitar (Now in Haiku Form)