From The Town Records of Shadow River

From the public records of the town of Shadow River. Permit Hearing Township of Shadow RIver Date: August 12, 2017 Permit Seeker - Rufus Cornwall Permit Sought: Backyard Dig Site Mayor Wainwright (MW): Rufus, buddy, you're after a dig permit correct? Rufus Cornwall (RC): That's right, Melanie.  I've been denied in the past, but now … Continue reading From The Town Records of Shadow River


Common Conversations with My Toddler

Me: Let's get some music going, eh? Alexa, play Murder By Death. Toddler: Alexa, play Murder by Poop! Toddler - laughs uncontrollably and oddly goose like Me, stifling laughter: Dude, that's not how we interact with the robot. Alexa: I cannot help you that. Toddler: Alexa, play poop playlist! - continues excited goose laughter - … Continue reading Common Conversations with My Toddler

The Hotel of the Future Today

"This is supposed to be the fanciest, most future-focused hotel in the city. We can figure this out," Qwin said, frustrated. "Ask the system where our room is," Rosa said. Again. "Last time I asked the robot just laughed at me and said we were getting warmer.  The building's AI is mocking us!" Qwin wanted … Continue reading The Hotel of the Future Today

Remember That Band?

In 1994, it was hard to escape the big beat and pop heat of the supergroup Sprinkle Shop.  Their infectious tracks were viral before viral was part of the cultural lexicon.  One record sold millions of copies and changed the world.  But a second record never happened.  Fans begged and pleaded, but eventually stopped saying … Continue reading Remember That Band?


New house. New dusty corners, new creaking floorboards; all the fun and excitement of a change of pace was not lost on new homeowner Mack Winslow. Far too much of that fun and excitement included moving poorly labeled and even more poorly organized boxes from one room to another for a week after moving in. … Continue reading Ghost

Common Conversations with My Toddler

Me: Bed time, buddy.  Go put on your pajamas. Toddler: I want Fire Truck jams. Me: Sounds good.  I'll get them. Toddler, looking at Fire Truck pajamas: I don't want those. Me: You said you wanted Fire Truck jams. Toddler: I want snowman jams. Me: Here are those. Toddler: Not those snowman jams. Me: Are … Continue reading Common Conversations with My Toddler

That tune in your head

You know that song in your head? That tune that won't go away and you don't know where it came from, or the words, and you're not sure if it is real or you drank an expired Monster and now you're tripping out of your mind? All of that is totally relatable I'm sure. Here … Continue reading That tune in your head