A Word From Our Sponsors

Here's the thing. You don't need us, you may not like us, but when it comes down to it you want us sometimes. We're like Taco Bell; not the best, but when necessary you'll down a gordita because nothing else in whatever crappy little town you're currently visiting smells good. Sure you spend your life … Continue reading A Word From Our Sponsors


A Frantic Voicemail

I couldn't believe it. Tossed from another restaurant. No one believed my warnings. No one ever believed my warnings. That's why I need your help. Listen, I'm sorry for leaving a voicemail. I know it is super obnoxious to have to get in there and click play and whatnot, I get it. Maybe you're just reading this … Continue reading A Frantic Voicemail

Party Like It’s…

Pow! The champagne bottle opened. The cork flew. The bubbles fizzled.  The New Year had arrived. "Welcome to 1999 everybody!" The host shouted. "Resolutions! Resolutions!" A particular festive (and drunk) party-goer screamed from the background. "I'm getting my dot-com off the ground this year!" Shouted Jenkins. "I'm going to Jazzercise until 2099!" Shrieked Tomas from … Continue reading Party Like It’s…

Saturday Morning Speech

Keo sat before the public speaking group shaking with nervousness. It was his day to present.  It had been years since any sort of presentation was required of him, but with a new job came new responsibilities and one of those was to inform large groups of people.  The judgement free zone that popped up … Continue reading Saturday Morning Speech

The Interview

"So, why are you looking to leave your current job?" The interviewer's question was not unexpected, but Halo hoped it would be missed. "You know, I've been there a few years now and they say earnings potential drops after three years. I like it, but..." Halo started. "But you want to grow in new areas? … Continue reading The Interview

A Moose Walks Into a Bar

Ess Vanbeed was washed up.  The jokes just weren't there.  For a comic, this was the end. Ess was fine with this.  It was a good run. Ess built a career on different takes on the "a moose walks into a bar" set up.  Punchlines ranged from "says ouch" to "the bartender says why the … Continue reading A Moose Walks Into a Bar

The Farmer and the Rabbit

The Farmer approached his fields and knew something was wrong.  The wind was light, the air heavy, and the usual noises of the ranch were missing.  The telltale signs of disaster. The Farmer walked to the barn first and found no issue there. Plenty of sleepy cows and angry looking horses (they were not allowed … Continue reading The Farmer and the Rabbit