The Return Counter

"Hi, I'd like to return this. I have the receipt" the customer said, setting a pair of jeans on the counter and pulling a receipt from her pocket. "To where dare I ask?" Stacy, manager of the returns counter asked. "Where shall these return? Were they born of sulfur as demons? Do they originate from … Continue reading The Return Counter


Pillow Talk

Night had fallen. Eyes grew weary. Sleep called them. The couple had discussed their days over dinner, made weekend plans as cheesy sci-fi movies played in the background, and chatted about the current state of affairs over beers.  They had talked the night away and when it came time to turn in they had run … Continue reading Pillow Talk

Maxwell’s Madness

"It has to end!" Maxwell shouted. He jumped from the couch with a shot. Everyone else in the room knew what was about to happen, knew the cause of Maxwell's madness. They all exchanged a glance and agreed without words they would just let him work things through. The regretted that for a moment. Maxwell … Continue reading Maxwell’s Madness

Working Lunch

Lunch with coworkers. The words were terrifying to poor Michael Romero.  He pondered excuses to get out of the outing.  There was a brief moment where early retirement was considered. It was preferred to letting his coworkers know his dirty dining secret. "Ready to go?" Michael's boss asked. The rest of the team stood behind … Continue reading Working Lunch

Strategy Meeting

"Team, it is brainstorming time." team lead Wilkins said to kick off the meeting. "I'm thinking of thunder," Jenkins, accounting lead, blurted out. "Not exactly what we're going for, Jenkins," Wilkins said, "what we need is-" "Fog," said Orson, IT lead, continued where Jenkins left off. "It is a figurative storm, folks." Wilkins was losing … Continue reading Strategy Meeting

Beach Day. Ruined.

A frightened scream rang out from the beachside parking lot.  Then another and another.  "Someone call for help!" Called one person standing in the lot, surveying the damage. "Ah man, come on!" Shouted another, kicking the raised curb of the sidewalk. A hot dog cart vendor strolling the beach ran as fast as she could … Continue reading Beach Day. Ruined.

Old Stories

We're traveling back in time this evening.  I started a new post about the incredibly dark themes of the old school screen saver program "After Dark" before really starting to think of how messed up the early years of home computers were. In those interactive screensavers, you could mow over cats.  This program was available … Continue reading Old Stories