Caution or Results

“We should be cautious.  Rushed decisions lead to disaster,” Myla cautioned.

“This isn’t like that weekend in Miami.  We’ll be fine,” Ryon said.

“Caution sent Dex home last time.  We need to make a choice and we need to make it now,” Chi said, bluntly.  He was tired of waiting.  Myla’s caution and Ryon’s inability to take a side had always back their progress.  Chi just wanted it over.  The day had been long and tiresome and the night ahead held no changes.

“Fine. Pepperoni and black olive.  Just place the order,” Myla hoped her choice was not too rushed.


The Garden Tour (In 100 Words)

“The hotel has taken an …unique approach to the gardens this year,” Elizabeth commented, trying to avoid being rude.

“This is really upsetting,” Carl did not consider the feelings of the nearby garden staff.

The two, enjoying a weekend away at a hotel recommended by friends and internet alike, stared at tall trees depicting scenes of ruined buildings, Orwellian propaganda, mushroom clouds, mutated humanoid creatures and other imagery of collapsed or dying societies.

“Perhaps I can explain,” said a smooth voice from behind the couple.  “We try to match pop-culture with our designs.  To keep hip, these here are distopiaries.”


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I’m sure the jokes been done before, but by golly, distopiary is a fun word.

Riley and the Zombies

Smoke filled the sky.  TV news had stopped broadcasting.  Roadside ditches were full of crashed cars.  The end of the world had come.  The dead walked the earth like a plague devouring all that fell in its path.

Riley Roark was not going down without a fight.

She darted through the alleyways and side streets of her town, avoiding group after group of hungry monster.  Her cause was singular; survive.  Her methods simple; run.  Her choice of hiding spot; poor. Jumping over another fence, she landed in a large backyard and climbed a tree. Perfect, if not for zombie cats.


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I’m not sure if this is Halloween-y, but a movie with zombie cats climbing into trees, refusing to come down and needing rescue by zombie firefighters would be a perfect summer film.

The Ancient Tome

“So you’ve cracked the case, eh?” Doctor Lily Plant asked her research assistant.

“It took some work, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised,” Susan “Sue” Lawyer replied.

The two moved their attention to an ancient text found in the tomb of a forgotten king of a forgotten kingdom.  The researchers tried n0t to focus on how an entire dynasty could be lost to time, and instead gaze upon the gorgeous calligraphy and art wrapped in hand tanned leather.

“What is it?” Dr. Plant asked.

“It appears to be knock knock jokes,” Lawyer explained.

“Nice,” Dr. Plant was very proud.

Candles to Change Reality


“Our special candles promise to change your very reality,” the shop clerk explained.

Teri gave him a doubtful look, “change my reality?”

“Oh yes. Here. Pick a color,” the clerk prompted.

“Hunter green.”

“Consider it done. Take your mind to a clear place. Focus only on the sound of my voice and this very fine long neck lighter I am placing into your hand,” the clerk was confident, if a little ‘carnival side show.’  “Now, light your candle.

Teri flicked the lighter and ignited the wick.

“And boom!” The clerk said, “Now you own a candle! Your reality is changed.”


Tickets Optional

“This concert is going to be awesome!” Matt said.

“Concert!” The roomies echoed.  Their first major group event since moving in together was about to kick off in style.

“How are the shirts coming, Myk?” Matt asked.

Myk lifted an iron off a freshly pressed shirt. “Looking good. Should have all of them done in a moment.”

“Nice,” Maurice said.  He looked over his shirt.  “Who needs tickets when you have iron-on patches reading ‘Staff’?”

“Free concert!” The roomies shouted in unison.

“Do you guys really think this is going to work?” Matt questioned.

“Confidence!” The others chanted. “Confidence! Confidence!”

In the Weeds

“You know we live our lives according to other people’s schedules?  Boss. Neighbor. In-laws. Cars in traffic.  There’s no control.  No freedom.  That sound out there? That’s just using what little time we have available to meet the demands of someone else.  Demands that that other person has no idea they are making, but society dictates we match this pretty little suburban ideal of what we show each other,” Calder said from his recliner.

“You have to mow, Cal.” Camilla said.

“Only if I can put the anarchy symbol in the grass.”

“So long as it’s short and mosquito free.”