Free Books Again

A long time ago I put some quick read books on Amazon. I have not added anything new to my catalog in a very, very long time. As a result, I kinda’ forgot that I had books out there. So, the three short (read them in an hour, it’s awesome) books are now free! Today, … Continue reading Free Books Again


The Perfect Commercial

I have no marketing experience. I have no experience in much of anything really, but that's not where this joke is heading. However, I am subjected to advertising.  Most of the ads I see these days have a skip button after five seconds.  If I am subjected to a full thirty-second product pitch I expect … Continue reading The Perfect Commercial

Junk Drawer List 2

There are some things in life that would be neat to see, but not exactly worth purposely seeking out.  Like, for example, playing basketball with a group of priests who were taking a smoke break (based on a true story!). That's a weird thing to occur. It's pretty fun, but not essential to the human … Continue reading Junk Drawer List 2

The Contact Form Reimagined

The contact form is due for an update.  Here's what I'm lobbying for: Please complete the contact form below Name Place of birth email address Twitter url Facebook url Myspace url Friendster url Linkedin url (kidding! no one cares) Earl url: Snapchat: Instagram: What social media site is coming next? Tell me! Tell me! Does … Continue reading The Contact Form Reimagined

It’s a Lifestyle

I abandoned non-fiction posts some time ago.  I'm a boring person with limited interests, limited free-time, limited funds, and limited sleep. With the exception of the funny ramblings of my youngest kiddo, everything here is a lie.  I'm like the current admin at the White House, but without apocalyptic consequences for my actions. I have … Continue reading It’s a Lifestyle

Summer Plans

It was 90*F today.  My car's AC was maxed out. Rolling down a window would have meant mosquitos hitting me at 65mph. Summer has come early. Or this is the new normal and we are way too late to solve climate change.  One or the other, right? With very warm weather hitting like a prizefighter … Continue reading Summer Plans

Mid Day Free Books!

All (sans one because reasons) of my Amazon books are free today through Sunday.  They aren't reviewed too often, but when they are people tend to like them. Check out People on the Highway Volumes 1 and 2; people watching short stories.  Roan's Demon, a short story horror novella about family, friends and a demon. … Continue reading Mid Day Free Books!