Headlines from Alternate Timelines

Headlines from the town of Hermansville, June 4, 2018, BUT from 12 different timelines. Our timeline: Dog on Ballot! For Charity! The timeline where they found Jimmy Hoffa: Road Work Continues in the I-15. Four Months Over Schedule. The timeline that leads to Demolition Man in real life: Local Taco Bell Owner Buying Local Burger King The timeline without … Continue reading Headlines from Alternate Timelines


A Grand Tradition

Today I saw a farming tradition up close and personal.  Fields were being set on fire in preparation for the planting season.  The wind carried thin plumes of smoke over the highway and next to the side of the road little pillars of flame bounced from one tuft of dead grass to another.  In a … Continue reading A Grand Tradition

It was a Rough Drive

I had to drive through the center of a major metropolitan area this afternoon.  The entire drive I clinched my teeth and white-knuckle gripped the steering wheel while trying to keep tabs on if 2nd or 3rd gear was the best option. It was a rough drive.  I feared it would be my last. To … Continue reading It was a Rough Drive

I can call it quits now

My list of crowning life achievements goes a bit like this:Marrying my wifeKids join the familyEducational achievementSomeone found my website by searching "lame jokes at night"Made a really good taco that one time. Talk about life goals, eh? Sure the search probably came from Bing and I don't want to know the searcher on a … Continue reading I can call it quits now