Must Haves: Friday Night

Here it is! Friday! Friday! I'd quote that song about this fine day, but am terrified of how culturally irrelevant I have become.  That's growing up, I guess.  What makes a nice Friday night? What does a Friday absolutely have to include? Let's discuss. Must haves for a good, nay, a great Friday night: Fancy food … Continue reading Must Haves: Friday Night


Who Are You Currently Playing Poker With?

You sit at a round table covered in some sort of green fabric. The fabric is scratchy, don't touch it too much. In one seat a trained professional shuffles a deck of cards into an order that will likely never be repeated through all of human history. Ignore that little bit of splendor, you have … Continue reading Who Are You Currently Playing Poker With?

Must Haves: Evil Corporation

Each of us will one day work for an evil corporation.  Perhaps they don't pay their carbon tax or perhaps they are working to bring upon the end of days through blood magic.  Evil has many forms. I've worked for a couple of evil corporations already.  Sorry about that whole recession thing, older Millennials. A … Continue reading Must Haves: Evil Corporation

Weird Signs – A Review

Hello world.  Tonight's installment of your favorite weird sign review series, we meet this wonder of interpretation. A few points to start. The red arrow is very helpful. The sign's border is well designed. The font is splendid. The hand-painted feel is charming and the murder basement this lives in is a better place due … Continue reading Weird Signs – A Review

Stock Photo Stories – Good Catch

Stock photos are the best and since each one is worth 1,000 words here's the quickest 3,000 word story you'll ever see!  Unless the 3,000 words are just the f-word repeated, which tells quite a story really.  Bad day? Good day? The word is so general and lazy it could mean anything! I don't know … Continue reading Stock Photo Stories – Good Catch

The Result of Trial

The night air carried the smell of the factory district and felt cool against the skin.  Madaline and North were making their way to their destination by foot.  Two pedestrians, they thought, would never be suspected of breaking into the Geo-corp Scientific building. "We do this and get out. We're done after this one. We … Continue reading The Result of Trial

A Word From Our Sponsors

Shawn Writes Stuff is brought to you by... The Center for Centeredness: Sunrise to sunset you work hard to keep yourself safe, fed and warm. Maslow would be proud. But are you ready to take this thing called life to the next level? You want self-actualization. You want to reach your full potential. You aren't … Continue reading A Word From Our Sponsors