It was a Rough Drive

I had to drive through the center of a major metropolitan area this afternoon.  The entire drive I clinched my teeth and white-knuckle gripped the steering wheel while trying to keep tabs on if 2nd or 3rd gear was the best option. It was a rough drive.  I feared it would be my last. To … Continue reading It was a Rough Drive


Must Haves: Jobs

People can live a pretty long time.  Hobbies, interests, preferences, tastes, there are decades to define and redefine ourselves.  There are also decades to do a bunch of jobs.  I read recently that four jobs by age 34 is a pretty common thing (across generations too! Millennials don't job hop any more than your generation … Continue reading Must Haves: Jobs

I can call it quits now

My list of crowning life achievements goes a bit like this:Marrying my wifeKids join the familyEducational achievementSomeone found my website by searching "lame jokes at night"Made a really good taco that one time. Talk about life goals, eh? Sure the search probably came from Bing and I don't want to know the searcher on a … Continue reading I can call it quits now


In the Summer

Summer. Days are long and hot.  Nights are short and hot.  Weeks are long and hot.  Months are short and hot.  Existence itself is short and hot and not in a good way. I'm not particularly enjoying the summer...week? We're a week into summer? Jimminy crickets.  My brain is melting. With my melted brain in … Continue reading In the Summer


Driving by Cows

Every morning on my way to work I drive by a cow pasture.  Happy little cows fill the lot.  They jump and run and stare at each other with cold, empty eyes and generally seem to be having as good a time a cow in a fenced pasture can have. Every morning on my way … Continue reading Driving by Cows


Climbing the Stairway to Nopesvilles

Another birthday approaches and with that comes my annual tradition of self reflection.  It's a practice that developed long ago and has yet to pay off, but still with the start of another year I like to ponder who I am and what brought me to this time and place. This year, I'm reflecting on … Continue reading Climbing the Stairway to Nopesvilles


Second Blog?

I'm addicted. So second blog it is! Come on over to Lunch Hour Characters for bad art, silly captions and watch my slow decent into madness as characters come to life in the odd moments of downtime. We'll see how this single topic blog thing works out.  Experimentation is good.  With that mentality I … Continue reading Second Blog?