Must Haves: Amusement Parks

The big amusement park here in ol’ Colorado is Elitch Gardens. Elitch’s for the hip folks who prefer to discuss things efficiently and everyone knows what you’re referencing anyway.  I digress.  I’ve never really cared for the amusement park experience personally.  Roller Coaster Tycoon was my jam long ago.  Just like saying “my jam” was the world’s jam long ago.

The ideal amusement park is a tricky topic.  There’s no right. There’s no wrong.  There’s only amusing. That ever popular incomprehensible concept that drives humanity to the arts, to science, to discovery, to betterment.  These parks have some awesome responsibility.

There’s also the possibility of pizza and sticky concrete all over the place.  These parks have some weird possibilities.

Possibilities like…

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Support Groups for Trivial Issues

I’m pretty sure the internet exists to let people know they aren’t alone in their trivial concerns.  That’s no reason to avoid the issue.  We need others to suffer with us.



We need to know others are suffering too?  Golly this is a depressing topic.

We’re talking about it anyway! Support groups for all sort of things are needed.

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Blogs You Should Know About

Blogger buddy o’ mine Angelica Kidd has been very kind and shared a few of my posts on her page.  Go see her site  She writes with a sense of honesty not found in many other places.

I am very much going to follow Angelica’s lead on this one as sharing is indeed caring.  WordPress is full of amazing writers, observers, photographers, storytellers, poets, puzzle makers, DIY-ers, and everything in between.

Here are blogs I adore and you should visit too.

Grace Crandall   Sleepy Tiger Stories is the name of the blog, masterfully crafted short stories are the… game.  I messed up this rhyme.  Grace writes the stories that make other writers say, “gah, I wish I could write like that.”  Go here.

Just Punch the Clock  Well crafted short stories and really well coordinated art.

Biff Sock Pow – Funny. Absolutely funny.


Go forth! Enjoy some amazing writers who obviously care about what they’re doing and how they do it.

None of the devices are on. #Blogging.


To help the ol’ content machine that is this blog (har, har), I keep a “topic starters” post to provide prompts for when I’m dead tired, completely not creative, and the “life’s journey” material is particularly middling.  This topics page is generally added to when I’m dead tired, feeling far from creative or had a particularly boring day.

I went to this little suggestion box this evening.  In a way, a topic presented itself.

The topic that caught my eye: Qwerty keyboards for ducks.

No idea what that means.

Today’s lessons: writing is a weird hobby. Sleep is wildly important.

Blogging Lessons of 2016

Ah, the learning process.  ‘Tis fun.  2016 was basically year two of the blog.  The sequel if you will.  So what was 2016 like for this little pocket of internet?  Well, that’s a weird question, but content is awesome so here’s an answer!

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Introducing “Shop”

The time has come.  I’m quickly approaching the “if any more photos are used I need to find buy extra storage” part of this blog’s life.  Thus, I have to try to make the blog pay for itself.  Yippee!

There will be a new section on the site.  I poured every ounce of my authorship skills into titling it, believe me.  The new section is called: shop.  Clever.

Ye Olde Shoppe

Interestingly, ‘ye olde’ is a term dated to the late 19th century.  Not that ‘olde’ at all it turns out.

In the shop you will find quick links to:

 Amazon where you can buy my always just $1 books.

 Society6 to buy yourself the smartest insensitive coffee cups imaginable.

Fiverr to hire me for a commissioned bit of writing.

New coffee cup designs are going to made available every week and other items will soon be rolling out from that link.

Lots of stuff in the works, so check back often.  You can also follow me on Facebook for quick updates.  Twitter too, but I really don’t understand Twitter.

I very much appreciate all my readers and visitors and hope to provide you with lots of fun stuff to read here for years to come.  And now you can read it drinking coffee from a coffee cup designed by me! Vertical integration for the win!  Thank you all.

All Over the Place

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I started this evening planning on putting together a ‘writing lessons from bad movies’ post covering the 2005 Fantastic Four movie.  Could not get through it.  I watch some terrible movies and have come out unscathed.  Fantastic Four is my kryptonite.

So instead of that particular outing, I’m doing boring ol’ marketing stuff. Continue reading