Archives: Carter and the Will

I drove for six hours today. My wife was in and out of sleep in the passenger seat of the car. The kids were asleep for two hours, talked for thirty minutes, and then went to play on their tablets because staring at the splendor of the countryside of Wyoming is awe-inspiring for a good … Continue reading Archives: Carter and the Will


Additional Corrections to Previous Content

The following points are to clarify and correct previous inaccuracies in content posted to this site:   3DPrinted business cards are annoying. This stands in contrast to the original statement that they are “dope”. Do not under any circumstance try to capture a penguin. They are litigious. Sports reporters are not defeated by garlic. The … Continue reading Additional Corrections to Previous Content

Carl the Stargazer

Carl was really good at two things; creating uncomfortable silences and stargazing. One of these skills was profitable and the other really dug into profit potential. He brought up that last point often at parties before shuffling his feet and leaving the conversation. Stargazing was how Carl made a fortune. He found things in the … Continue reading Carl the Stargazer

Must Haves: Professional Advice

I switched jobs recently.   I went from a long established company to a small firm that is going through major growth. It is very exciting stuff, but most of the standard tools I know and love are unavailable and there are 1/4 of the people, so I'm needing to learn some new things. In this … Continue reading Must Haves: Professional Advice

Must Haves: Dropped Briefcase

Is there anything more curious than a dropped briefcase? A rogue walking down the street, they stumble, their case falls to the ground and exposes a bundle of papers that will change the world. A mule has to drop the cargo at a specific spot, nervousness results in dropping a case full of illegal squirrels. … Continue reading Must Haves: Dropped Briefcase

Must Haves: Friday Night

Here it is! Friday! Friday! I'd quote that song about this fine day, but am terrified of how culturally irrelevant I have become.  That's growing up, I guess.  What makes a nice Friday night? What does a Friday absolutely have to include? Let's discuss. Must haves for a good, nay, a great Friday night: Fancy food … Continue reading Must Haves: Friday Night

Who Are You Currently Playing Poker With?

You sit at a round table covered in some sort of green fabric. The fabric is scratchy, don't touch it too much. In one seat a trained professional shuffles a deck of cards into an order that will likely never be repeated through all of human history. Ignore that little bit of splendor, you have … Continue reading Who Are You Currently Playing Poker With?