Corrections 2019

Because nothing matters more than accuracy on this page, here are some corrections that need to be made regarding posts made in 2019. I've been pronouncing daguerreotype this hole time. It should have been "lions and tigers and bears of mine" regarding my animal minions NYPD Blue has been off the air for a long, … Continue reading Corrections 2019

Search the House

"I can't figure out where that sound is coming from!"  Liza screamed after hour five of the search. Doug flipped the couch over. "It is not coming from under here." "Why?" Liza paused the search.  Doug shrugged. "I was helping." The two walked the house searching for the source of the low rumble sound. "It … Continue reading Search the House

A Hidden Passage, A Hidden Secret

The old house was full of secrets. Doors hidden in bookcases, portraits that lead to secluded rooms, kitchen sinks that drain to who knows where; this was a place built to keep private matters private. Florian Day needed their house to be this way. For hidden within the brick and mortar was Florian's most deeply … Continue reading A Hidden Passage, A Hidden Secret

Patch Notes

Your computer is up-to-date! Congratulations! Some notes on what has changed: Load times are better than load times found at grocery store point-of-sale machines You have a parachute with you at all times now. Don't ask how. Saying, "computer" will result in a robotic voice responding to you with launch codes. For what? Don't ask. … Continue reading Patch Notes

Board the Windows

Stereo charged into the house, barreling through the open front door and slamming it behind him. "Don't slam doors!" Stereo's dad shouted. "Also, what's going on?" "No time. Board up the windows. It's after me." Stereo answered. Stereo's dad grabbed a pile of boards, a hammer, and a bucket of nails from behind the couch. … Continue reading Board the Windows

The Retreat

The corporate retreat was a mere three hours from home office. The leadership and upper management crammed onto a chartered bus and drove for what felt like forever. The radio played classic rock, but when Jenkins from Quality requested Creed the radio was turned off. Everyone was fine with the decision. When the bus made … Continue reading The Retreat

People on the Highway

I followed an enormous, six-wheeled monster of a truck on my drive to work this morning. "KING RANCH!" the tailgate shouted as the chrome caught the sunlight behind us and used it to punch my eyeballs repeatedly. That part sucked. The driver was pretty cool though. We drove at 74, both honked at the imbecile … Continue reading People on the Highway