Tristan Tries Everything

Tristan Goodwill rode to family dinner in style.  A tricycle motorcycle.  This was not a first, nor was it unexpected. Tristan Goodwill had a theme.  He wore a tri-colored outfits day after day.  Atop his head sat a tri-corner hat.  He vacationed regularly to Tripoly and played the game of the same name often.  He … Continue reading Tristan Tries Everything


From the Archives: Highlights from the Report

Little bit of a time travel this evening.  This post originally appeared in July '17.  Seems like a really long time ago. It is not. New stuff coming this week.  For now, a second night in a row with a demon rabbit.   On August 5, 1973, Father Patrick Smith, Father Ryan O'Henry, Doctor Rose … Continue reading From the Archives: Highlights from the Report

Wallace Chats with HR

"Wallace, we have to talk about your work over the last three weeks," Wallace's kind-hearted boss, Liza began the impromptu meeting. Wallace felt the conversation ahead was going to require something with an impact the coffee in his mug could not offer, but he was stuck in the meeting now. "Wally. Can I can you … Continue reading Wallace Chats with HR

People on the Highway

With the book promotion (free book right here!) going on, I thought perhaps now is time to get back into the series that started it all.  Ah, nostalgia. I took a new job about six months ago.  No longer working from home, I have taken to a regular commute.  I'm only on the road for … Continue reading People on the Highway

Getting Ready

"Clothes, shoes, coats, bags. Let's get going, gang!" Tyson Smith had said this sentence time and time again.  "You have five minutes." Two children, too young to really understand what 'time management' meant, ran about the house doing anything other than listen to their father.  Tyson was unsure if the children were purposely ignoring him, … Continue reading Getting Ready

Erik, Dale, and the Mine

Erik sat on  boulder. A wet, very pointy boulder.  He was not exactly thrilled with the way the day had gone. "Maybe if we turn back and try a right at the last intersection?" Dale offered his insight. Erik did not know if he wanted to reply.  When the two entered the old mine, Dale … Continue reading Erik, Dale, and the Mine

The Castle of Doefferlien

"Interesting tidbit about the Castle of Doefferlien.  Built in 6th century, it housed the royal Doeffer family.  Little is known of  the empire as it was only in existence for 70 years when neighboring clans united under a single ruler and ultimately ate the royal family," Sherry's voice trailed off.  She had tried so hard … Continue reading The Castle of Doefferlien