His Grandfather's Ring

His Grandfather’s Ring

A free sci-fi short about Sil losing his grandfather and finding something amazing.  Read in under an hour and it’s free!


The Egress and The Jupiter Cult ebook

The Egress and the Jupiter Cult

Pendleton Connor is a rookie pilot aboard the massive Alotine Flyer, The Egress.  A day spent soaring above the Western Plains starts out like any other day, but a chance encounter with bandits quickly changes things.  Soon, Pendleton finds out he’s part of a much larger world than he knew.  He and his friends aboard The Egress must work together to stop a powerful foe.

This is a totally free complete Steampunk novel!  My first.  You’ll see it as “Pendleton Connor Claims the Sky” on Amazon.  The original publisher no longer exists and I do not know how to take it off the site, so download this one for free from Smashwords.



Roan’s Demon

A family feud lasting generations catches up with Roan one night on break from university.  A broken nose soon leads to a red sky and a city in ruin.  Roan and his cousins must work fast to defeat a curse and end the demon that has come to collect a blood pledge.

Roan’s Demon is a short horror story with demons, zombies, family and history.  Pick it up for just 99 cents too!  It may take a couple of lunch hours to get through.

   The Gear

The Gear

A steampunk superhero! Edwin is a guy that just wanted to make his city a better place.  Through gardening.  The city had other things in plan for him though.  One night he meets Eula Grace and is soon embroiled in a world of antiquities thefts, underground cults and more secret organizations than he knows what to do with.  Eula finds she has her work cut out for her in training Edwin to be a real superhero.

The Gear is a serial story available to read for free right on the blog.



The galaxy is a big place.  Srio Corp owns it.  Thieves, kids, scientists, guards and the powerless will see an end to that.

A sci-fi serial poorly organized on the blog.


Davis and May

Davis and May are adventurers on a treasure hunt.  They have a problem saying no.  This problem with “no” takes them on side quests from stopping sky pirates to ending mad scientists.  Will they ever finally get to the treasure?  Read Davis and May right on this website!

Davis and May started as a project to combine music and words together.  I borrowed a song mixing program from my brother and thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  The song additions ended after three or four chapters, but the story continued.


Griffin and Talon find the weird stuff.  The stuff that was never meant to be.
A serial made up of short stories in a steampunk setting of adventure and magic.
Free on the blog!

PotH ebook    PotH 2

People on the Highway

A short book of short stories.  The People on the Highway series is hosted on this very blog typically appearing on Wednesday mornings.  In the book version, we go through a number of morning drives and stories about all the folks that pass by on the highway, giving them a background story and maybe a chat about where they’re heading.  There are stories all around us and People on the Highway is my tribute to that fact of life.

This book is a quick “lunch hour read” available at Amazon for just 99 cents!  Meet a score of characters for less than the price of a poorly constructed cheeseburger.


Deck and Amy
Recurring characters that absolutely hate social interactions.  Not a serial, not a book, but my two favorite characters.  Follow their adventures in avoidance right here on the ol’ blog.

A Revolution of Cog and Heart

The Cog Revolution

The name needs changing.  A crazed king, a populace in need of justice and four nameless characters set to change their world.  Follow The Alchemist, The Academic, The Musketeer and the Instigator as they take part in a revolt against a Royal court that needs to be stopped.

This is a steampunk serial found on this site for free!

 frayed-strings Frayed Strings

Blue light fills the room.  Strange noises sound everywhere.  An agent calls the house.  Today is going to suck.
A free short horror story.


Sadly no longer available online. I’m figuring out next steps on how to make it available again and finish it. Jukepop is sorely missed.

Wren is a college town.  Not a top tier school, but in-state students love it for the low cost and respectable degree value.  Freshman year is just starting for Evelyn, Lex and Thatcher.  The usual excitement of a new school year is there, but these three strangers have a secret that will bring them together; they have powers.  When Thatcher’s brother, Roan, also super powered, says they should work together to stop Wren’s crime problem they create a super hero team that is bent on saving their adopted home town.

They are unaware of the depth of the town’s problems and soon are being hunted by a crime lord leading a secretive band of evil super powered people.

Read Wren over at Jukepop for free!  This is the book that started my whole writing obsession and I am quite fond of it even though it is not very well put together compared to what I’m doing these days.  The book is unfinished and I do really plan on getting back to it.  Really.


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