The Career of Wynonna Downs

“Local Tycoon Pens Pontoon Cartoon” was the headline that made reporter Wynonna Downs a star. More people read the article than watched the oil magnate’s hand-drawn feature-length animated film about a rat who makes a pontoon plane and saves the earth from a world eater.  She went on to fame and fortune through human interest … Continue reading The Career of Wynonna Downs

Free Books Again

A long time ago I put some quick read books on Amazon. I have not added anything new to my catalog in a very, very long time. As a result, I kinda’ forgot that I had books out there. So, the three short (read them in an hour, it’s awesome) books are now free! Today, … Continue reading Free Books Again

Additional Corrections to Previous Content

The following points are to clarify and correct previous inaccuracies in content posted to this site:   3DPrinted business cards are annoying. This stands in contrast to the original statement that they are “dope”. Do not under any circumstance try to capture a penguin. They are litigious. Sports reporters are not defeated by garlic. The … Continue reading Additional Corrections to Previous Content

Criteria – A Crucial Update for the Modern World

Sites like Yelp need more review criteria. Rating based on five stars for the overall experience? That's not detailed enough. We live in the age of data, the age of analysis, the age of the algorithm. We need as much detail as possible in these reviews. I don't want to see what Bobby from Pueblo … Continue reading Criteria – A Crucial Update for the Modern World

Since They’re Listening Anyway

More and more of our devices have the capability to listen to us and interpret what we need.  Seriously awesome stuff, but right now what do we do with this technology? Activate robot vacuums? Buy Tide Pods? Boring. There's so much potential with the capabilities of listening tech.  Here's are some app ideas that will … Continue reading Since They’re Listening Anyway

Top Ten Reasons to Write Topical Tropical Top Ten T-articles

I've been doing this writing thing for a long time now.  Every so often I like to try to shake things up; add a new feature, a new set of characters, a new recurring joke, but tonight I'm thinking a complete 180 is in order. I'm thinking of going into list articles. Nothing but top … Continue reading Top Ten Reasons to Write Topical Tropical Top Ten T-articles