History of the Island of Ediacaran

On the far side of the island of Ediacaran, there was a hole in the earth. Local lore claimed the hole went straight through the core of the planet. The local tourism board claimed the hole went down far enough to attract fans of extreme climbing. The locals cared little for the hole. It smelled … Continue reading History of the Island of Ediacaran


Social Circles Limited

Hi everybody.  Ech here with some interesting facts. First, did you know that your friends have friends? It is true! There are people in the lives of the people you love whom you will never meet. Work. School. Other. We all have a rich tapestry of connections that make us all unique and special. Second, … Continue reading Social Circles Limited

An Empty Kingdom

The castle halls were empty. Gone were the cooks, the guards, the children laughing happily during games of hide and seek. There was nothing now. The king ruled a place of no people. Each step grew more and more difficult. He toured the halls every day, just as he had done when it mattered. He … Continue reading An Empty Kingdom

The Box and the Ring

Over the table bounced a ring. "I didn't think organic shredded wheat cereal with extra fiber included toy rings," Clarence said. He had stopped pouring his morning bowl of cereal and set the box down on the counter before making his way to pick up the ring before anyone of his dogs or cats or … Continue reading The Box and the Ring

The Best Office Supply Store

Pencil cups. Staplers. Double-sided tape. You can get these at any run-of-the-mill office supply store. You can get them at any grocery store these days. Famous architect Yanz Oka purchased a desk chair from one of those run-of-the-mill places. The clerk said his suit was cute. The receipt wished him a great day and the … Continue reading The Best Office Supply Store

The Book Club

The book club had morphed from reading classics to reading Goosebumps and drinking wine in less than a month. "I hate that mask," Tyler said. He was four mimosas in and breakfast had not yet been served. "I think it really symbolizes the masks we all wear, you know? Like, here I'm Book Club Michael. At … Continue reading The Book Club

Working Titles

Some working titles for the piece above...   Amazing Amoebas Always Act According to however they want actually... Y'all ever play Spore? Have you noticed that no one is rebooting Steve Martin movies? What does this mean? Temporary Title Underemployed Title FLSA Exempt Title Words are meaningless. Thought is useless. Titles are arbitrary. The only thing … Continue reading Working Titles