Low Hopper Sings of Truth

The avant-garde electro-folk song stylings of Low Hopper were recently rediscovered by a team of musicologist from the University of Western Mainconsin. It appears that Low Hopper preferred to write the music and words at different times and the research team is busy putting together lyrics and beats. The following track is dated to 1985. … Continue reading Low Hopper Sings of Truth


A Recipe for the Best Quinoa Black Bean Burritos (of DOOM!)

Welcome back dear reader. What a summer it has been thus far. The kids are busy, the spouse is busy, even the dog is busy! So when we all finally get time to sit down together we have to make sure we aren't wasting our time with garbage food that will poison our bodies and … Continue reading A Recipe for the Best Quinoa Black Bean Burritos (of DOOM!)

Structure Fire

Structure fire on the corner of Basalt and Granite. Fifth fire this week. At this rate, the whole town would be gone by winter. Detective Juan Lundi needed to make sure that was not going to happen. He rolled up to the blaze as the firefighters were finalizing the containment. The building was lost, but … Continue reading Structure Fire

Trouble Down Town

As covered by Channel 2 News  Anchor Tom Talkman: Our top story this evening, a fire erupted in a downtown warehouse. Crews were quick on the scene and the damage was localized to one warehouse. Anchor Linda Speakwell: That's right, Tom. Flames erupted about seven minutes before the crews arrived on scene. As covered by … Continue reading Trouble Down Town

Brought to You By

This content is brought to you by: Snow always fell hardest as Spring drew nearer. It was as though the goddess of winter wanted to remind the mortals under her reign that she would return before they knew it. Those mortals made the most of it though. Snowball fights, snow forts, snowcones, snowpeople; the final … Continue reading Brought to You By

From Beneath the Surface, a Nightmare

"The streets are violently rumbling this morning on Oak Street. The pavement is cracking and the light of an incredibly hot fire is starting to shine from below the surface. Locals have long since fled the scene. Only emergency response staff and a handful of journalists remain." Action News On the Scene reporter Jessie DuPont … Continue reading From Beneath the Surface, a Nightmare

Review: The Process of Getting Ice Cream at a Cutesy Little Artisan Shop in a Small Town

Pros: All the charm in the world existed within the ice cream shop. The front parlor was maybe 20 feet wide and 6 feet deep with tables to the south side in a 10x10 area. The tables were full of children excitedly eating scoops of Cherry Hills Cherry-bonanza ice cream. The shop’s counter presented 12 … Continue reading Review: The Process of Getting Ice Cream at a Cutesy Little Artisan Shop in a Small Town