The Moments That Changed Everything

Part One "Hurdles, but with bear traps," Marvin said to no one in particular while eating cereal in front of the tv. "Are you just really bad at Jeopardy! right now or do you have an idea?" Hugh asked. The roommates often blurted out ideas, but this one was more bizarre than usual. "That's how we … Continue reading The Moments That Changed Everything


Lunch Hour Characters – Professor Chaos

Professor Chaos, a pseudonym, has no credentials, but extreme confidence. He's never exactly right either. Some thoughts and beliefs held by Professor Chaos, presented in haiku: The mountain was high An obvious metaphor For something quite droll. Local politics! Make it happen at home first! Regulate the moon! Email is a trap. Developed by Steve … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Professor Chaos

Movie Trailers of Middling Quality

Interior of some type of militarized, steel sailing vessel- Character one, grizzled commando type, gruff voice, obviously tired of this stuff: It never ends! Newbie, heart of gold, wrong place wrong time situation: We can't give up now! Character one: But they know our every move. Scientist, glasses hanging off the nose, red strobe lights … Continue reading Movie Trailers of Middling Quality

People on the Highway

August drives are unique.  The weather is still hot as could be, the days are only slightly shorter than in July, and the windshields remain covered in bugs, but all the same it feels like fall outside.  As the drives are unique, so are the others on the road. Today's Tale: Good Enough   Toyota … Continue reading People on the Highway

Low Hopper Doesn’t Understand Ghosting

Low Hopper writes songs to reflect the romance and feeling of the world he lives in.  Sometimes, as evident below, that world makes very little sense to Low. In this unearthed track, Low sings of love and adult relationships and making sense of trends. Blanket, basket, a bottle of dark. Let's head on down to … Continue reading Low Hopper Doesn’t Understand Ghosting

The Grocery List

Panic was all Montgomery Rutherford felt at this moment.  He could recall no greater stressful moment, and he grew up with a ridiculous name. He tried to send a text for assistance.  No service. He asked a clerk for assistance. No reply. He even bothered an elderly shopper. No polite words exchanged. He feared the … Continue reading The Grocery List

Fortune Telling at the Community Center

Good evening, class. Welcome to the community center's for-fun learning program's offering of Fortune Telling for the Interested. I am Riker Timnath, predictor of the future extraordinaire. Let me tell you, we have some neat stuff coming up. I know, because, again, I'm a fortune teller extraordinaire.  For example, three of you will be really, … Continue reading Fortune Telling at the Community Center