Last Day

"Jenkins!" Old man Maguire shouted from the big corner office with a nice city view. Jenkins knew that call. It meant it was time to explain the failures of others and take the fall for it. Not today though. No. Not today at all. Jenkins was not going to go through that again. He pushed … Continue reading Last Day


The Singular Hobby of Dingo

Dingo loved one thing; weird conversations starters with strangers at parties. What would Dingo say to strangers on the street? Nothing but fun things like... I have the antidote. The full moon no longer affects me. Quarter moons are all the rage now. The magic trick failed! The bunny won't be coming back. The walk … Continue reading The Singular Hobby of Dingo

Low Hopper the Romantic

Low Hopper, famed singer-songwriter of the electro-folk movement, is not immune to the ol' love bug. In fact, a recently discovered, unreleased track indicates Low could be quite the romantic. Here is that track. How Does a Werewolf Say, "I Love You?" How does a werewolf say, "I love you?" I imagine it goes, "I … Continue reading Low Hopper the Romantic

Quint’s Silent Steps

"My phone is still in there,"  Quint said, horrified. Gwen stared, mimicking the new father's face, "You. Did. Not." "I can save this.  In and out." Quint was pretty sure of his ability to remain silent. Gwen's confidence in him was low, but that was attributable to lack of sleep and caffeine.  "You move like a … Continue reading Quint’s Silent Steps

The Captain’s Report

The Fleet handed Captain Micos a fancy badge, a ship, and a mission to explore parts of space no human had ever traveled.  The captain was well versed in logistics planning, strategy planning, lunch planning, and plan planning.  Taking a crew of thousands through the depths of uncharted space was little more than a checkbox … Continue reading The Captain’s Report

The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Narrator:  These are dire times, listener! The Captain has fallen into a trap. Her trusted companion Psyde Qik has been kidnapped! The sky is dark and Skye is displeased! Will the trap win the day? Will Psyde Qik ever hit the soda-shop again?  It's time to find out on The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye … Continue reading The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur