The Tombstones at Yellow Moose Hill

An old cemetery sits atop Yellow Moose Hill. The tombstones tell the tales of life and death in a town lost to historical memory outside of maps and a few notes in a late 19th-century book on towns with bizarre bugs in them.  Here a select few headstones that caught the eye of a research … Continue reading The Tombstones at Yellow Moose Hill


Bad Ad Campaigns

Interior, police station, a man in stained clothes; blood, strawberry jam, robin feathers? We can't be sure. The man stands in front of an officer at a reception desk. The officer pays no attention. "I'd like to report a murder," the man says. The officer looks up. "Of high prices!" the man laughs. The officer … Continue reading Bad Ad Campaigns

Your Evening News at Five Oh Nine

Anchor Chaz Cheesewurst reporting: Welcome to your local news at 5:09pm. Our lead story this evening, a zeppelin was spotted flying over downtown around four o'clock in the morning this very morning.  You've known about it since it was trending on Twitter by 4:30am, but we're recapping out of tradition.  We go now to our … Continue reading Your Evening News at Five Oh Nine

The Future Needs Four Things

In the future, one must verify their humanity by listing four things on any topic. Maybe. Captcha has to evolve somehow right? To help prepare, here are Four things to do at a party: Bring a snack. Bring some drinks. Bring four excuses to leave early Bring popcorn. Four potential future jobs: Space Attorney - … Continue reading The Future Needs Four Things

One Side of the Conversation from the “Knead Knot Want Knot” Podcast

What's up all you fantastic listeners out there? I'm your host Zep Treadwell. With me, as always, my trusty sidekick, co-conspirator (really though, we're plotting something very illegal and there are fiiiiiiivvveee people involved), bestie buddie broseph, Ule O'Hannesy. Ha! You're a funny one, Ule. Of course we're plotting something morally, ethically, and legally questionable! Right … Continue reading One Side of the Conversation from the “Knead Knot Want Knot” Podcast

A Little Tuesday Night Haiku

I'm not getting any better at this, but here we go! Company catered! Free lunch is the best lunch type! Well disguised meeting. Family on Facebook? Talking politics again? Tell them they are wrong. Netflix queue empty Fill it up with b-movies Never Bee Movie. Lifehack: don't be mean. This results in more free food. And … Continue reading A Little Tuesday Night Haiku

From the Town Records of Shadow River

From the public records of the town of Shadow River. Public Hearing Regarding the Juniper Festival Incident Township of Shadow River Date: May 15, 2018 Mayor Rodney Blueburn presiding   Mayor Blueburn: Thank you to those in attendance.  We call to testimony Tina Rhymes, chair of the tourism board. Rhymes: Good morning, council representatives. Blueburn: … Continue reading From the Town Records of Shadow River