Date Night Ideas

Date night ideas for the partnerships looking for something new.   Build a submarine. Recreate the Bond movies. Go to a sign store, print a number of signs that read "Stage A" and "Stage B" and put them on doors throughout a strip mall.  One sign placed four miles away reads "Egg Jugglers Wanted" with … Continue reading Date Night Ideas


An Apology For The Social Bingo Experiment on the 1200 Block of Harrison Blvd

Good people, citizens and visitors alike, of the 1200 block of Harrison Boulevard, I owe you an apology. For the sake of a long-running game of Social Bingo I made a mockery of you, of the historic block and of the institutions that make power junction boxes so important to the day to day routine of … Continue reading An Apology For The Social Bingo Experiment on the 1200 Block of Harrison Blvd

Hungry One Liners

When historians look back on the early 21st century the abundance of energy drinks, coffee shops, smelly teas; all the ways people can legally take stimulants will fill volumes.  The modern reality of being constantly tired is exhausting.  It is only Tuesday and I'm incredibly fatigued.  Is a Monster at 10pm a bad idea? Long … Continue reading Hungry One Liners

Brief Profiles of Others in the Coffee Shop Line

The coffee shop.  We could brew this stuff at home, but where's the fun? Queues are fun. Presented to you now: Brief profiles of the people standing in front of you right now in the coffee line. At the counter: Lidia Lovecraft Drink: Something completely normal.  Lidia is trying to downplay her famous last name. Hobbies: … Continue reading Brief Profiles of Others in the Coffee Shop Line

Apology Haiku

Sometimes we have to say sorry. Sometimes we have to sorry with flair! Apology Haiku: The joke starts 'knock knock' You respond with 'who is there?' I burned the kitchen Would you believe it? Five dogs came running through here The car won't start now. Guess what?! I have news. I get to take a vay-cay! … Continue reading Apology Haiku

Must Haves: New Town

I live in colorful Colorado.  Home prices are skyrocketing, roads are getting very crowded, there are lines at grocery stores (lines! what the what?). The state is filling up quickly along the front range and western slope alike.  I read this article about home affordability throughout the states and found that Iowa is essentially more than … Continue reading Must Haves: New Town

Dayton and Balin Debate a Status Update

"Post the picture everywhere!"Dayton said, giddy. "No. No," Balin countered, "the kid wanted a picture. It will be deleted a week." "But it's the first lost tooth! Big moment. Big picture. I don't want to text the entire family. Put it on Facebook and let people say 'aw' and 'cute' and we can be done … Continue reading Dayton and Balin Debate a Status Update