"You're back! How was your vacation?" Tone asked as soon as Cale entered the office. "It. Was. Great!" The more tan than usual Cale answered. "I got you a coffee mug." Tone took the coffee mug and smiled. "You didn't have to do that. Thanks! 'Hot Bean Juice For All!' This is the perfect cup." … Continue reading Coworkers

Even Your Watch Is In On It

Isn't it the worst when you're trying to queue up a video to share with friends and there's an ad for something you researched for work, at work, and now you're stuck with that in your browsing history and targeted ads wherever you go? Don't you wish you could make it all stop? Well, you … Continue reading Even Your Watch Is In On It

Planet Hopping – Sol

Captain's journal, date...I'm going to figure out Roman numerals and then come back and edit this so it looks cooler. I'm orbiting the sun right now. Sol. The namesake of our solar system. We know everything there is to know about this star. Humanity has been staring at it longer than we stared at anything … Continue reading Planet Hopping – Sol

Deck and Amy and Social Media

Deck tossed his phone aside, landing softly on the empty couch cushion to his left. "What was that about?" Amy asked. She looked up from her phone. Neither was really paying attention to whatever they had selected 38 minutes earlier on Netflix. "We're old. We're like really old," Deck muttered. His eyes informed that he was … Continue reading Deck and Amy and Social Media

Writing the Perfect Jingle

"We need a jingle, Rita," Sanny said into his hands as his elbows clashed against the piano's keys. "Alright. Take 33. Play me that riff," Rita gave Sanny a countdown and began singing along with the 33rd draft of the words for the jingle for Alan's Gorp of Waukesha. Most jingles are full of rhymes.  … Continue reading Writing the Perfect Jingle

A Package on the Door Step

"A package," Fie cheered upon spotting a brown box on the doorstep. "I wonder what it could be?" The package was taken inside and set atop the dining room table as Fie went to fetch scissors. A cut, a snip, and a loud ripping sound later and the box was open. Inside the cube was … Continue reading A Package on the Door Step

Alpine McHenry Tells All

Interviewer: Looks like the recording crew is all set. Now, remember there are no wrong answers today. There are only your answers. So tell me, what's it like being Alpine McHenry? Alpine: So the real question there is, what's it like having a life-debt to one of the world's most famous people? Interviewer, laughs:  I … Continue reading Alpine McHenry Tells All