Must Haves: Evil Corporation

Each of us will one day work for an evil corporation.  Perhaps they don't pay their carbon tax or perhaps they are working to bring upon the end of days through blood magic.  Evil has many forms. I've worked for a couple of evil corporations already.  Sorry about that whole recession thing, older Millennials. A … Continue reading Must Haves: Evil Corporation


Sunday Six Words

Sunday night, what a night. A night beyond description. A night beyond words. A night of six words? Good golly that's a cruddy open. Here are some silly micro stories to start/end the week depending on how your calendar works out.   Super glue is so strong now! Porcupines in the basement were surprising. Midnight … Continue reading Sunday Six Words

From the Town Records of Shadow River

From the public records of the town of Shadow River. Emergency Town Meeting Township of Shadow River Date: September 23, 2018 Mayor Rodney Blueburn presiding Mayor Blueburn: Ladies and gentlemen, let's settle down and get this meeting moving.  You all know why we're here. You know what those scumbags in Shadow Mountain have done.  You … Continue reading From the Town Records of Shadow River

Nosy Neighbors

Exam in the morning.  I've abandoned studying entirely now.  Mostly studying where to get lunch after the test.  I'm thinking sandwich. Yum.  Figure out what an np graph is and eat some deli meats. There's the goods. Tonight we have a repost of a 2017 story of nosy neighbors and a long form Frankenstein goof.  … Continue reading Nosy Neighbors


Jaxon "Red" Brown spent far too many Saturday evenings alone in his home watching the prime time local news.  He watched for crime and hardship stories.  He used to help stop such stories from being told in the first place.  Now he just drank and ate nachos thinking on a life he once knew. The … Continue reading Red

A Word From Our Sponsors

Good evening.  Or is it? Are you at a party? Now you are. Look around. See those people with red Solo cups in hand full of liquids that smells...odd? Yeah. You are at a party.  You are a grown adult with a full-time job, regular bills, debt but mostly the good kind, a professional network … Continue reading A Word From Our Sponsors

Lunch Hour Characters – Grass

This is Jude. Jude is at a work sponsored event. How's Jude's day going? Let's find out through haiku! Sky above so blue Grass under head so itchy And is that an ant? Company picnic Tried to skip the whole event Could not escape it. Jaxon stole my joke. That's like my one funny thing. … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Grass