From the Archives: Wallace on the Run

August 2016. A long time ago.  Let's travel back in time to this... Wallace on the Run Rain gathered in pools reflecting flickering lights from street lamps above.  The storm seemed to go on for hours and showed no sign of letting up soon.  That was comforting to Wallace.  He could hide in the rain. … Continue reading From the Archives: Wallace on the Run


Fortunes from a Pocket Watch

"Beware," warned the old merchant from behind the counter. Jake and Sara exchanged a confused look.  They thought they were simply browsing the aisles of an antique shop while the rain poured down outside.  They were wrong about that if the shopkeep's tone was to be believed. "That is far from an ordinary pocket watch," … Continue reading Fortunes from a Pocket Watch

Jacob Trusts GPS

Jacob Worthy was having a rough day.  His GPS had sent him to three incorrect locations so far. However, his family and friends recently told him to be more trusting. So he decided that he would abide their wishes and trust the computer would work the fourth time around. He parked his car at location … Continue reading Jacob Trusts GPS

The Treasure Map

The map was old. Ancient even. Crafted of parchment and pressed inks, it smelled like death and fortune and Grandpa's closet which always an unexplainable funk to it. Finely drawn islands and coastlines to the right, tropical forests and mountains in the middle and a cliff on the left, and a name, a simple name.  … Continue reading The Treasure Map

Bad Ideas: The List

Songs that should never be the basis of a singing flash mob's number: Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers Walking on the Sun - Smash Mouth Flash Theme Song - Queen Pies that would be bad to serve at family gatherings: Week old pumpkin Humble Rasperry Pi. We get it already Uncle John. Bad ways … Continue reading Bad Ideas: The List

Posted Notice for the Citizens of Marigold

Citizens of Marigold be warned. The gravel pit at the corner of Fifth and Sampson is attracting a large group of birds.  These birds have taken to chirping loudly as passers-by and pecking at the hands of anyone foolish enough to step foot on the gravel of the gravel pit. Furthermore, the center of the … Continue reading Posted Notice for the Citizens of Marigold

The Stories of Shadow River Park

On October 4, 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to leave earth and enter space. This feat of human potential inspired and terrified the world.  In the tiny town of Shadow River, it sparked something inside the mind of young Guy Whetstone that would never be extinguished.  He saw that little … Continue reading The Stories of Shadow River Park