Six Word Story Hour

Mid week short stories are the best stories. Mid week micro stories are okay. And you know what? Aiming for okay is good too. It's been a long week already. Here are some okay stories told in six words. Hopefully. I'm a writer not a mather. Here we go: Three kids wandered off; returned goats. … Continue reading Six Word Story Hour


Two Perspectives on the Order of Events of the Incident

The incident according to Montana Roy - My lunch hour had ended. Which sucked because I very much wanted to enjoy the cloud cover on this late summer day.  I wrapped up what remained of my sandwich (a Reuben as big as my face, it was delicious) and stood up from the park bench and … Continue reading Two Perspectives on the Order of Events of the Incident

The Pawn Shop

"Welcome stranger," the clerk greeted. Parker Instep had never been to a pawn shop before. Never really had an interest in visiting one. There was something about this shop, the building, it seemed to call out and demanded a visit though. "Hi," Parker replied. "So how does this place work?" She looked around and saw … Continue reading The Pawn Shop

The Day Job Journal

Week 14 Dear Journal, I went on a business trip. I don't know where we went though. I couldn't find a map with the name of the country we visited on it. I couldn't Google it. I was laughed at when I handed over my passport for that fancy stamp.  I think we did business … Continue reading The Day Job Journal

The Day Job Journal

Week Seven Journal, I have come to disagree with the company's return policy.  All companies make something to solve a problem their customers face. Customers have the right to ask for reimbursement should a good or service fail in its intended use.  Companies have the right to set certain standards to frame a reasonable request … Continue reading The Day Job Journal

The Moments That Changed Everything

Part One "Hurdles, but with bear traps," Marvin said to no one in particular while eating cereal in front of the tv. "Are you just really bad at Jeopardy! right now or do you have an idea?" Hugh asked. The roommates often blurted out ideas, but this one was more bizarre than usual. "That's how we … Continue reading The Moments That Changed Everything

Fortune Telling at the Community Center

Good evening, class. Welcome to the community center's for-fun learning program's offering of Fortune Telling for the Interested. I am Riker Timnath, predictor of the future extraordinaire. Let me tell you, we have some neat stuff coming up. I know, because, again, I'm a fortune teller extraordinaire.  For example, three of you will be really, … Continue reading Fortune Telling at the Community Center