A Weekend Adventure for Six Friends

A group of friends, dentists by training and board game fans by desire, longed for adventure. Like so many before them they did what any sensible group of 30-somethings would do; book a weekend away and pack up some beers knowing full well every night would end just slightly after 9:00pm and the days would … Continue reading A Weekend Adventure for Six Friends


Lem’s Diner

I'm down with a headache this evening.  Hurts. Ouch and whatnot.  Here's a story about enjoying the little things in life that annoy others to great delight. ------ A diner in eastern South Dakota focuses on pulling in travelers with promises of enormous cheeseburgers at noon, hearty chicken fried steak at dusk and "whatever ya' … Continue reading Lem’s Diner

The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Narrator: The world once again calls upon Captain Skye Dyvur to save the day! Our favorite parachuting adventurer is high above a building that holds the fate of all that is good in the world in its hands. Will our dear Captain once again secure the safety of the world? Will the Captain find a … Continue reading The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

A Roller Rink Sting

"This isn't going to work out," Agent Dyn said to her mic. "Give it time. It's just a little rain. They'll be here," Agent Amic replied from the surveillance van outside. The sting was taking place in a recently re-opened roller skating rink.  Agent Dyn simply had to get the target to make a few … Continue reading A Roller Rink Sting

It Must be Explained

News from the far reaches of the empire was growing direr by the day. Entire planets were entertaining rebellion. “Let me rally my fleets and put an end to this uprising! My empress, it is not our way to suffer insurrection,” Admiral Ferguson implored the regent, completely unaware of how evil he sounded. “No, Empress, … Continue reading It Must be Explained

Pigeons on the Sill

Seven pigeons sat on the window sill and stared into the fifth-floor apartment of Conn Olmer.  The two-bedroom overlooking a community park and garden was usually not a popular hangout for the least popular birds in the world, but there was something different about today. "What are you doing out there, you lot?" Conn asked … Continue reading Pigeons on the Sill

Remy Saw a Ghost

Remy went from sleeping to absolutely not in a heartbeat. Breathing heavily, quickly, he searched the room to try to see what he knew was watching his slumber. At the edge of the bed, he found his observer. "Get out of here!" Remy shouted. "Don't trust the dog," the observer whispered in response. Remy threw … Continue reading Remy Saw a Ghost