From the Archives: Wallace on the Run

August 2016. A long time ago.  Let's travel back in time to this... Wallace on the Run Rain gathered in pools reflecting flickering lights from street lamps above.  The storm seemed to go on for hours and showed no sign of letting up soon.  That was comforting to Wallace.  He could hide in the rain. … Continue reading From the Archives: Wallace on the Run


Fortunes from a Pocket Watch

"Beware," warned the old merchant from behind the counter. Jake and Sara exchanged a confused look.  They thought they were simply browsing the aisles of an antique shop while the rain poured down outside.  They were wrong about that if the shopkeep's tone was to be believed. "That is far from an ordinary pocket watch," … Continue reading Fortunes from a Pocket Watch

Gerard the Ghost Won’t Take the Blame

"Gerard!" Claire shouted from the kitchen. Gerard, catching up Jeopardy episodes on Netflix of all places (he couldn't believe it either) in the front room, paused the episode and floated to the kitchen to see what could cause such a commotion. "What's up, Clarissa? Care to explain it all to me?" Gerard said, laughing. He … Continue reading Gerard the Ghost Won’t Take the Blame

Field Notes at the End of the World

The funny part about the apocalypse was that it waited until every single person on earth stopped thinking of how they would survive said apocalypse. We were totally unprepared for this and the irony is amazing. We prepped for zombies, floods, meteorites, killer trees, expanding suns, a magnetic pole reversal; then we all stopped thinking … Continue reading Field Notes at the End of the World

Control of the Multiverse

November 4, 2018. The altars were nearly complete. The chants of the ceremonies to come were being committed to memory. The robes and caps of the cult's acolytes were cleaned and set out. The time was drawing near. Soon, the young would line up, waiting their turn to offer their words to the cultists. Those … Continue reading Control of the Multiverse

An Apology from Truqq, Alien

Earthlings, Truqq here. I'm from the Pegasus Nebula and am mostly made of gas. Whatever isn't gas is similar to the components of a Chicago style hot-dog. I am writing to apologize for the antics of my youth. In retrospect, I was a bit of a handful. My parents told me so at the time, … Continue reading An Apology from Truqq, Alien

Deck and Amy and the Story

"It was an honest mistake," Deck explained to the dinner party. He set down his drink, a green tea he was drinking to seem more cultured in front of new people but really wanted to complain that it tasted of grass and oregano. "I'm pretty sure you did it on purpose," Amy laughed. "Maybe a … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the Story