Josie’s Number One Hit

"Take us behind the scenes, would you? Tell us how this song, this anthem of a generation, really came to be." The question was far from unexpected.  Sitting with the leading interviewer for the leading magazine in the industry was far from expected though.  As a singer-songwriter, Josie Slaughter had worked for years honing her … Continue reading Josie’s Number One Hit


Short Stories from the Forest

On a beach beside a lake in a forest in the mountains sat a bear. The bear, Marcellus to his friends, snored softly. "Bear," whispered a rabbit.  "Bear are you awake?" There was no response. The rabbit smiled and pulled out a Sharpie. "Our time to shine, folks! Get him!" Snail climbed a piece a … Continue reading Short Stories from the Forest

Saying Goodbye

The machines attached to Lincoln Masters beeped and chirped.  He had led a good, long life, but this was where it would close; attached to a hospital bed surrounded by family, friends, doctors, one guy in the room no one recognized, but it had grown increasingly awkward to ask their name. Lincoln looked upon the … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

The Restoration Project – Cut Scene

"The restoration is going well," TV host with the most Tahkur Pursin said, smiling like a demon about to eat an unsuspecting passerby.  He appeared not to blink. "Before the break we were talking about the history of this place.  Keep in mind this building's guts are over five hundred years old.  The rocks that … Continue reading The Restoration Project – Cut Scene

Dear Future Past Me

Dear Future Past Me, I want to take a moment to talk about the oddities of time travel.  I've mentioned in previous letters that each and every time I activate the time machine the time tunnel that opens up drenches me in purple goo. I have failed to mention that this goo smells like cabbage.  … Continue reading Dear Future Past Me

A Word From Our Sponsors

The sun rose, the sun set. A day had come and gone. Again and again the pattern repeated. For fifteen days Yozo the snail watched the sun move overhead as he raced to his destination. The trip was long and tiring, but the cause was just and right. "One more day," Yozo would tell himself … Continue reading A Word From Our Sponsors

The Duke

"My liege, you have a... guest," the guard announced. The Duke knew what that tone meant; nothing good.  He sat upon his throne, new to him, and pondered if the guest would be allowed entry.  A cough from the corner of the throne room broke his concentration. "Dear regent, if I may, this...guest... approaches you … Continue reading The Duke