Corrections 2019

Because nothing matters more than accuracy on this page, here are some corrections that need to be made regarding posts made in 2019. I've been pronouncing daguerreotype this hole time. It should have been "lions and tigers and bears of mine" regarding my animal minions NYPD Blue has been off the air for a long, … Continue reading Corrections 2019

The Perfect Gift

The time for holiday gift giving is upon us! Fear not though! Here are the gifts the people nearest and dearest to you require. Name: Ethel Relationship: Aunt Gift: Russell Crowe's award statues. Name: Jones Frank Relationship: Coworker, not the same department Gift: One of the "hang in there" posters with the cat replaced by … Continue reading The Perfect Gift


"You want to be a lion tamer? Is that still a job? Is that ethical at all?" Dea asked. Aaron sighed as he scrolled through Glassdoor. "Have any of my previous jobs been ethical under examination? The bank? The publisher? The summer with the Anti-Peace Corp?" "You were IT for an MMA start-up," Dea reminded … Continue reading Skillset


Tone returned to his chair with a huff and a sigh. Cale turned away from his screen to see what was going on. "You okay?" "I swear half of the words I say on any given day are 'and click the¬†enable content button right up here'," Tone lamented. "The second anyone in the building starts … Continue reading Coworkers

Secret Identity

"You've been The Secret Hero this whole time?" Auddo questioned, startled at the revelation. Tacts smirked. The game was up.¬† The identify was no longer hidden. "Not so secret anymore huh?" Tacts replied. Auddo was thrilled. He and Tacts had been best friends since high school. They roomed together in college and even got jobs … Continue reading Secret Identity


"You're back! How was your vacation?" Tone asked as soon as Cale entered the office. "It. Was. Great!" The more tan than usual Cale answered. "I got you a coffee mug." Tone took the coffee mug and smiled. "You didn't have to do that. Thanks! 'Hot Bean Juice For All!' This is the perfect cup." … Continue reading Coworkers

Even Your Watch Is In On It

Isn't it the worst when you're trying to queue up a video to share with friends and there's an ad for something you researched for work, at work, and now you're stuck with that in your browsing history and targeted ads wherever you go? Don't you wish you could make it all stop? Well, you … Continue reading Even Your Watch Is In On It