A Hidden Passage, A Hidden Secret

The old house was full of secrets. Doors hidden in bookcases, portraits that lead to secluded rooms, kitchen sinks that drain to who knows where; this was a place built to keep private matters private. Florian Day needed their house to be this way. For hidden within the brick and mortar was Florian's most deeply … Continue reading A Hidden Passage, A Hidden Secret


The Bank Loan

The banker cleared his throat. "Can we talk about this line item?" "With pleasure!" Andy answered. "Which one?" The banker pointed to line seven of the statement. "Oh yeah! That was a great purchase. Good for my career," Andy stated. "Please explain," the banker took a sip of water. "Well you see, with that crystal … Continue reading The Bank Loan

A Trip to the Haunted House

"This place promises a real modern horror experience," Danny said to the group as they pulled up to the haunted house. "What does that mean? We're going to see one room and the next room will be almost identical but just slightly different? Constant sequels of scary rooms?" Priyya joked. The others laughed. 4 couples. … Continue reading A Trip to the Haunted House

History of the Island of Ediacaran

On the far side of the island of Ediacaran, there was a hole in the earth. Local lore claimed the hole went straight through the core of the planet. The local tourism board claimed the hole went down far enough to attract fans of extreme climbing. The locals cared little for the hole. It smelled … Continue reading History of the Island of Ediacaran

They Discovered a Likeness

They found something. After ten years of research, ten years of digging and toiling under the unending sun of this desert the team had found something. "Everyone back to the field," ordered site lead Mitchell Waldren. He put on a wide-brimmed hat, switched to sunglasses, and lead the way out of the field headquarters and … Continue reading They Discovered a Likeness

The Day Job Journal

Happy anniversary, Journal! We've been chronicalling the adventures of the now not so new job for one whole year. The company commemorated the date by gifting me a coffee mug. I would normally just say that this was a nice gesture and toss the branded mug into a donation bin (if anyone asks, this is … Continue reading The Day Job Journal

Patch Notes

Your computer is up-to-date! Congratulations! Some notes on what has changed: Load times are better than load times found at grocery store point-of-sale machines You have a parachute with you at all times now. Don't ask how. Saying, "computer" will result in a robotic voice responding to you with launch codes. For what? Don't ask. … Continue reading Patch Notes