Low Hopper Sings of Truth

The avant-garde electro-folk song stylings of Low Hopper were recently rediscovered by a team of musicologist from the University of Western Mainconsin. It appears that Low Hopper preferred to write the music and words at different times and the research team is busy putting together lyrics and beats. The following track is dated to 1985. … Continue reading Low Hopper Sings of Truth


The Dog Days of Summer (Movies)

Movie trailers. In a world of imagination. In a time of desperation. One couple dares to do the impossible. Partner 1: We can make the perfect bread. Partner 2: We could make the perfect dog too. Together their idea will change the world. This summer see... Breed and Butter **** Voice of unseen person: The … Continue reading The Dog Days of Summer (Movies)

A Recipe for the Best Quinoa Black Bean Burritos (of DOOM!)

Welcome back dear reader. What a summer it has been thus far. The kids are busy, the spouse is busy, even the dog is busy! So when we all finally get time to sit down together we have to make sure we aren't wasting our time with garbage food that will poison our bodies and … Continue reading A Recipe for the Best Quinoa Black Bean Burritos (of DOOM!)

A Calling, A Dream

Tyler walked downstairs yawning and rubbing his eyes. Sleep had not been a restful experience the night before and he knew it was going to be a double-espresso sort of morning.  He worried about how work might go for the day, but those fears died down as he entered the kitchen. “Hey, you’re running late. … Continue reading A Calling, A Dream

The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Narrator:  The good captain finds herself in a quite a conundrum today, faithful listener! She's diving right into the heart of the action with one goal in mind; deliver the one document that can save the world! Only the captain can save the day. Only the captain would be trusted with an act of such … Continue reading The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Flight Path

"Good afternoon folks, this is your captain Cleo Luna. We are looking forward to a ten-hour flight today. We'll be over the plains, the mountains, the dark portal where goblins come to the surface, and even Lake Tahoe," the captain said. Flight attendants squirmed. Passengers frowned. Murmuring filled the cabin. Cleo laughed. "Sorry, folks, I … Continue reading Flight Path

By the High River

The river was high for the time of year. The muddy banks were dotted with footprints of a beast that had to be found before it struck again. That beast and its crime was the reason Agents Inthorpe and Medija were by the river. Seasoned veterans of a task force designed to solve and keep … Continue reading By the High River