One Horse Town

There was no way out of this one-horse town. Mostly because that one horse was designated for intra-town travel. That didn't stop Garrett from trying to mount an escape. He longed for the world outside, a world with many horses and many opportunities. "Garrett!" Rhonda Tonswi shouted from the town saloon. "Get back to work!" … Continue reading One Horse Town

The Portal

"Anybody want to guess what that portal lookin' thing might actually be?" Sandra queried her coworkers. "My best bet... it's a portal" Aimee answered. "Isn't that Jon's feed? I can't tell who's who anymore in these Zoom meetings." Anders asked. "Jon is no longer with the company as of Thursday," Sandra replied. "Did we get … Continue reading The Portal

What Happens When the Power Dies

There’s a power outage affecting my home this evening so we’re going phone post tonight! I enjoy phone posts because there’s no telling what might happen with spelling and grammar. I don’t edit or really think through what I write anyway so the adventure of this is thrilling for me! Will I write orange duck … Continue reading What Happens When the Power Dies

Tonight at the Highlander Diner

Del and Wilco walked into Highlander's with one goal in mind; order a side salad. Both were on a quest to drop a few pounds and learn how to fight off the temptation of high fat or high carb foods. They read about it online. Really. "I don't know if I can do this," Wilco … Continue reading Tonight at the Highlander Diner

Cycle Time

"Okay, folks, here we go! On those bikes, pedal pedal pedal! You're all amazing!" The instructor said. Byl had never done a web-based spin class before but he had a bike, a membership to the rec-center, and nothing better to do with being stuck indoors. After half a beer, he figured, "why not?" The bike … Continue reading Cycle Time

Chaos Island

I never learned the names of the people I was traveling with. This wasn't my first venture. Once we had the loot in hand there would be squabbling and bickering about everyone's cut. Two dozen times I've seen this happen. Two dozen times I've sailed to a forgotten island, walked about a mile inland, and … Continue reading Chaos Island

Weather Coming In

Michael crawled out of bed. His knee ached. His knee only hurt when weather was coming in. Tomorrow would be cold and windy. He used to text his friends and family, give them a warning, but they never really cared. Most aching-bones weather forecasting was replaced by Apple Watch's weather capabilities. As he marched from … Continue reading Weather Coming In