Deck and Amy and Social Media

Deck tossed his phone aside, landing softly on the empty couch cushion to his left. "What was that about?" Amy asked. She looked up from her phone. Neither was really paying attention to whatever they had selected 38 minutes earlier on Netflix. "We're old. We're like really old," Deck muttered. His eyes informed that he was … Continue reading Deck and Amy and Social Media

Writing the Perfect Jingle

"We need a jingle, Rita," Sanny said into his hands as his elbows clashed against the piano's keys. "Alright. Take 33. Play me that riff," Rita gave Sanny a countdown and began singing along with the 33rd draft of the words for the jingle for Alan's Gorp of Waukesha. Most jingles are full of rhymes.  … Continue reading Writing the Perfect Jingle

A Poor Crop

All signs pointed to a terrible crop this season. Delvant feared the farm would have to cut back on expenses even more than they already were doing. He had no idea how to communicate this to the family, but it had to be done. He stepped into the kitchen where the other family members were … Continue reading A Poor Crop

Sunspot’s Laziest

Ranching and drinking were the selling points for Sunspot.  Surrounded by mountain peaks, impossible grasslands and more evergreens than an eye could count, the town was a popular stay over for anyone heading west to California, Oregon, their ruin; whatever suited the traveler.  Sunspot was built of timbers and masonry as covered wagons passed on … Continue reading Sunspot’s Laziest

Stories From the Intrepid Albatross

I had seen the type before.  Disheveled, obviously stressed, constantly looking over their shoulders; an easy mark really. "Can you take us to the Formano River?" The mark asked as his eyes darted left to right and back again. Of course, I could. I was heading there anyway. It was no big deal all. It … Continue reading Stories From the Intrepid Albatross

Ground Team

The ground team landed without incident. That meant something bad was about to happen. "Remember, that hatch opens and we head straight to the nav point. The mining facility is all that matters. Go. Investigate. Come back," Captain Hagnar instructed. "Got it, Captain," the team replied in unison. Sergeant Brussels had a quick little question … Continue reading Ground Team

Hockey Night

The ice rink was the only place Adam felt alive.  Work and home were places to be, but the ice was a place to be something. Every weeknight he was on the ice, racing blue line to blue and working on his slap shot. He played in a local league only, but he devoted himself … Continue reading Hockey Night