The Captain’s Report

The Fleet handed Captain Micos a fancy badge, a ship, and a mission to explore parts of space no human had ever traveled.  The captain was well versed in logistics planning, strategy planning, lunch planning, and plan planning.  Taking a crew of thousands through the depths of uncharted space was little more than a checkbox … Continue reading The Captain’s Report


The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Narrator:  These are dire times, listener! The Captain has fallen into a trap. Her trusted companion Psyde Qik has been kidnapped! The sky is dark and Skye is displeased! Will the trap win the day? Will Psyde Qik ever hit the soda-shop again?  It's time to find out on The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye … Continue reading The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Josie’s Number One Hit

"Take us behind the scenes, would you? Tell us how this song, this anthem of a generation, really came to be." The question was far from unexpected.  Sitting with the leading interviewer for the leading magazine in the industry was far from expected though.  As a singer-songwriter, Josie Slaughter had worked for years honing her … Continue reading Josie’s Number One Hit

Murder Mystery Haiku

A murder mystery in a series of haiku. "Not the professor!" The first witness cried aloud The game was afoot. Squad cars were on scene Statements taken all night long. Figure lurked in darkness. Detective Bluestone Took control of the crime scene Was perhaps too late. "Who's that in the dark?" Bluestone asked a nearby … Continue reading Murder Mystery Haiku

The Restoration Project – Cut Scene

"The restoration is going well," TV host with the most Tahkur Pursin said, smiling like a demon about to eat an unsuspecting passerby.  He appeared not to blink. "Before the break we were talking about the history of this place.  Keep in mind this building's guts are over five hundred years old.  The rocks that … Continue reading The Restoration Project – Cut Scene

Phineas The Oldest Person

Phineas P. Emerson placed his hands on the counter before him.  A clock on the wall behind the clerk ticked louder and louder every second.  The clerk snapped bubble gum louder and louder every second. Phineas P. Emerson, 220 years old and still looking about 42, felt his sighing grow louder and louder every second. … Continue reading Phineas The Oldest Person

The Tomb of The Hornet

"Get a close in shot here, Charles," directed KC, "this is the big one!" Charles zoomed in just in time to see a hammer crack through a carved stone seal.  Dust blocked the lens while the audio caught an excited gasp from KC. "Charles! Charles! This is it! This it the tomb of The Hornet," … Continue reading The Tomb of The Hornet