Highly Unlikely Situation

I write about Nic Cage much too often for an adult with actual responsibilities.  It is a problem I am totally fine with.  Nic Cage movies were a big part of my early cinema experience.  The mid-90s were anything but Cage leaving in 60 seconds. The movies were all basically the same.  Cage's character was … Continue reading Highly Unlikely Situation


Cursed By Dice Episode Three Now Up

(I'm just going to copy/paste from the Cursed By Dice site, head on over for some behind the scenes stuff) Episode three is live!  This is the first episode to come out after our initial launch and it is a good one.  Shadow River's zombie plague is still a problem.  Billie Ron Hubbard is still … Continue reading Cursed By Dice Episode Three Now Up

Cursed by Dice a new RPG Podcast

A brand spankin' new podcast for the story telling, group game playing folks out there.  Cursed by Dice uses the Fate Core system to (poorly) help heroes solve puzzles, battle foes and try their best to start a VW bus. It can be found on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cursed-by-dice/id1271099109 The Cursed By Dice website is begging for … Continue reading Cursed by Dice a new RPG Podcast

Now In Stereo

There are a number of ways I should spend my lunch hour.  Could clean the house.  Do the dishes.  Vacuum, I guess?  I did none of that last week.  Instead, I made this: ShawnWritesStuff In Podcast Form! My big regret is not calling it ShawnSaysStuff. I know what you're thinking:  first, this guy writes down … Continue reading Now In Stereo