Deck and Amy and the Show

"Two drink minimum? I don't even drink.  Do you think they're good with Coke and Dr. Pepper as a mixed drink?" Deck wondered allowed. Amy set her menu down.  "I think at ten bucks for a bottle of water the tab will certainly hit the minimum pretty quick." "Hey now, this will be a good time.  … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the Show


Deck and Amy and The Future

Deck typed away at his company furnished laptop after hours and listened to his company furnished cell phone vibrate violently with every new email received.  "We should start a business.  Be our own boss."  He suggested. Amy scoffed. "Two words: Sales" "That's one word," Deck said really putting his accounting experience to work. "That's how … Continue reading Deck and Amy and The Future

Waylan Used to Be Cool – Still Relevant

As I am barely awake at 8:30 pm and reading through the "Throwback Thursday" playlist from Spotify that contains just about every pop-punk band that filled my CD player in high school, I am reminded of this post from about a year ago.  Some things never change, but most things make incredible, incremental changes that … Continue reading Waylan Used to Be Cool – Still Relevant

Common Conversations with My Toddler

Toddler, half an hour after falling asleep: Daddy, there's something under my bed. Me, to toddler: Oh, buddy. Let's get you back to sleep.  I'll check under your bed. Me, to self: Oh good golly, what if there is actually something under the bed? I would not react well right now. Toddler, crawling back into … Continue reading Common Conversations with My Toddler

Deck and Amy Steal a Pen

"Oh, my gaaaaawwwwsh. I stole their pen," Amy said, horrified.  She clutched the silver plastic tube containing a smaller tube full of black ink, thought on how weird that was for a moment, then returned to the dread that was her crime against the pizza delivery driver. "I'm sure they have more pens," Deck said … Continue reading Deck and Amy Steal a Pen

From the Archives: Useful Greeting Cards (For Bad Adulting)

Road trip time.  That means I'm away from internet, but thanks to the wonder of planning ahead the content keeps on a' flowing here on the ol' blog.  For better or worse. As I expect bad adulting will be a thing this weekend, here's one that keeps in theme quite well. Useful Greeting Cards (For … Continue reading From the Archives: Useful Greeting Cards (For Bad Adulting)

Time for a Replacement

"What are you up to?" Abe whispered. "We need new sheets," April answered equally quiet. The couple laid in bed waiting for their young children to finally slip into sleep for the evening. "Why spend the cash? We got three sets at our wedding. We're fine." Abe was, as always, concerned about the young family's … Continue reading Time for a Replacement