The Escape Room

"Ah jeez, folks, I am so excited about this one. The internet said this escape room is like no other," Singer said. The whole night had been planned by Singer and Stacy. No work, no obligations, just adults out on the town with a definite schedule and a bedtime of about 9:00 pm.  Life sure … Continue reading The Escape Room


Low Hopper Writes on the Lamb

Low Hopper usually rambles on and on with the lyrics of his folk electronica hits. This recent discovery is the exact opposite but still manages to tell a story of hardship, the oddness of modern life and a run-in with an alien mob. A note on the file stated the song's title was created with … Continue reading Low Hopper Writes on the Lamb

Walter’s Last Night (Again)

Wednesday night fencing is kicking my behind. And stabbing my arms. And head.  It's a kick.  This story originally from 2017 really hits on the immense time and energy it takes to recover. I'm off to go to sit down forever now.   "Walter! Get up and going, man!" Rafi said. Walter did not move.  … Continue reading Walter’s Last Night (Again)

The Grocery List

Panic was all Montgomery Rutherford felt at this moment.  He could recall no greater stressful moment, and he grew up with a ridiculous name. He tried to send a text for assistance.  No service. He asked a clerk for assistance. No reply. He even bothered an elderly shopper. No polite words exchanged. He feared the … Continue reading The Grocery List

Deck and Amy and the New Show

"I think we watched every single episode in a weekend. We crammed 67 episodes into one 48 hour period and I regret nothing," Amy said as she excitedly told her brother, Asher, about a series that had premiered not a week before on Netflix. Deck and Amy eagerly recounted their favorite scenes and characters, plots … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the New Show

Lunch Hour Characters – Trout Meets the Parents

Trout was serious about this s/o. It was time to meet the parents. A story told through haiku.   Hair metal music Was only a short little phase Please no photo book. I never did that. The real story is boring. I'm not red. You are! Pa made the best food Unless, of course, ma … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Trout Meets the Parents

Folk Artist Low Hopper’s Take on Friendship

Discoveries within Low Hopper's unfinished music library continue.  In a recent find, a classic tale of a couple trying to figure things out is the main story.  Then things go a different direction. Friends in Your 30s Wife turns to Husband says, "Babe, I'm not thriving here." Says there's an idea that she'd like to … Continue reading Folk Artist Low Hopper’s Take on Friendship