Waylan Used to Be Cool – Still Relevant

As I am barely awake at 8:30 pm and reading through the "Throwback Thursday" playlist from Spotify that contains just about every pop-punk band that filled my CD player in high school, I am reminded of this post from about a year ago.  Some things never change, but most things make incredible, incremental changes that … Continue reading Waylan Used to Be Cool – Still Relevant


Rico and the Long Awaited Exciting Afternoon

Chores. Rico hated chores.  Errand running, groceries, laundry; the routine tasks that form the very foundation of the society he so enjoyed otherwise.  He hated them.  Every outing for electrical tape, every time he cleaned out the cat's litter box, he wished for something exciting to happen.  Anything to make the time move a little … Continue reading Rico and the Long Awaited Exciting Afternoon

People on the Highway

With the book promotion (free book right here!) going on, I thought perhaps now is time to get back into the series that started it all.  Ah, nostalgia. I took a new job about six months ago.  No longer working from home, I have taken to a regular commute.  I'm only on the road for … Continue reading People on the Highway

A Phone Call Home

"Yeah, mom, things are going pretty well so far.  I mean, only a month in, but this new town is really nice," Iain told his mother.  It was their first phone call since he left home for a shot at fortune in the big city. "I've met a fun bunch of people too," he continued, … Continue reading A Phone Call Home

Jordan Caters

Rain poured down in sheets; heavy and loud as it hit building and road. Wind whipped through the aspen trees outside the country club, but even in the violence the leaves rattled with a sound of serenity not found often enough. An early autumn wedding reception was in full swing inside. Center pieces were being … Continue reading Jordan Caters

Well, in that Highly Unlikely Situation…

  Today's situation: Driving a country road, mid day, fields of wild grass to your left and right, you drive by what you are fairly certain is a moose being ridden by a gremlin. Character elements: Pretty sure you forgot to brush your teeth this morning, there's a book about Benjamin Franklin in your passenger … Continue reading Well, in that Highly Unlikely Situation…

Mid-Week Pitch: Download My Book!

Click here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0115QNDTM You'll be happy with your decision. Roan's Demon is free through Friday to help fill up your favorite ebook reader.    A family feud no one remembers the source of brings out the worst in the drunken Bernard Eastman, who finds an easy target in Roan Fletcher.  Roan takes a fist to the … Continue reading Mid-Week Pitch: Download My Book!