People on the Highway

Driving before the sun is up is odd.  I want to know a better word for it, but ‘odd’ has to suffice.  Lexicon shortage.  Drat.

The odd part about driving before sun is up is that every other light source is at least 45,0000X10^4 brighter than normal.  So that guy in the SUV behind you, the guy who just merged into the left lane to pass you, the guy who forgets to turn off his blinker? Yeah, that guy.  That guy is the worst.

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Must Haves: A Quiet Weekend

Thursday.  This week will not end.  I realize that is not exactly how time works, but I remain fairly convinced the week has stalled.  I have been working with Bootstrap this week to create a very primitive LMS, meanwhile using the Bootstrap 3 CSS to make a fairly ‘okay’ org chart for my company and soon I get to make a bunch of videos for….oh no. I’ve bored myself to tears.

It is time to look ahead to the weekend.  A quiet weekend.  A weekend without tracking down that one lousy < that was missed to close a lousy div that shouldn’t have been….sigh.

A quiet weekend must have:

A nice, quiet job through a local park.

A fellow jogger running into you, but taking a moment to say, ‘sorry’ before they run off noticeably faster than most other joggers.

A kind dog barking at a forested section of the park.

A good long chat with an empathetic police officer.  They’re certainly going to catch whomever did this!  Quiet afternoons are all about staying positive. Continue reading

Getting Ready

“Clothes, shoes, coats, bags. Let’s get going, gang!” Tyson Smith had said this sentence time and time again.  “You have five minutes.”

Two children, too young to really understand what ‘time management’ meant, ran about the house doing anything other than listen to their father.  Tyson was unsure if the children were purposely ignoring him, or rather so entrenched in their current game they were incapable of hearing him.

“Four minutes,” Tyson said. His voice growing louder, more impatient.

“Dad, I need help finding my bag,” the oldest child asked.

“Okay. Where was it last?” Tyson asked.

A seven minute story followed. They were no closer to finding the bag.

“Dad, need help with my bag,” said the youngest.

Four minutes passed before Tyson realized the young one, still new to the language, was trying to mimic the older sibling.

“Dad! I can’t get my shoe on,” the oldest shouted.

Tyson had been through this before as well.  It was never easier.

“Okay, everyone in the car!” Tyson ordered.  Loud, curt, tired; half an hour had passed since the five minute warning.  Control was a feeling he no longer understood.

Ten minutes later, the car seats were buckled and Tyson readied to back the car out of the garage.

“Where are we going, dad?” the oldest asked.

Tyson huffed, rested his forehead on the steering wheel and muttered, “I don’t even remember.”



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Erik, Dale, and the Mine

Erik sat on  boulder. A wet, very pointy boulder.  He was not exactly thrilled with the way the day had gone.

“Maybe if we turn back and try a right at the last intersection?” Dale offered his insight.

Erik did not know if he wanted to reply.  When the two entered the old mine, Dale was so confident that he knew the paths inside and out.  Now they were deep within the earth with little food, little light and little patience.

“I’m sorry about this, Erik,” Dale said, the humiliation in his voice not missed. Continue reading

Name Drop

My wife and I watched Moonrise Kingdom this evening.  Wes Anderson films are so stylistic and wonderful that they are impossible to just have on in the background and try to write.  What I had been typing stopped making sense, and when I notice something makes no sense it must be bad.  I’m taking the fun way out this evening by revisiting an ‘oldie, but a goody’ with Name Drop originally dated February 2 of last year.  It’s been a year already.  Good golly time is a strange thing.

Here we go.

“Anything I should know about this party?” Ty asked while adjusting his tie.  The party in question was no where near formal enough to necessitate a necktie, but Ty loved the joke.

“Don’t offer tequila to Barb and do not start a conversation about fish with Tom.  If you start talking about fish with Tom we will never leave,” answered Deb.  It was her office “end-of-fiscal-year bar blow out!!!!” and spouses were expected to attend, even though it is universally agreed that attending work parties for spouses is incredibly awful.  Ty was trying his hardest to find something fun about the night ahead. Continue reading

The Legion of Heroic Hope at City Hall

“Legion of Heroic Hope! Our time has come.  The city is now under the control of a sinister group of ne’er do wells!” Captain Lieutenant said, bursting into a room full of caped heroes just waiting to use their super human abilities for justice.

“To action, colleagues!” The Crossfader said, loudly at first then a little quieter, then loudly again.

The Legion of Heroic Hope burst out of the Hall of Legion Legend and went to work.  The Astonishing Acrobat flew high above the skyscrapers of the town.  The Astounding Archer jumped really, really well for someone with a skill set in a decidedly different field.  The Captain drove as fast as he could, but his ’83 Impala had seen better days.  Team members not even present at the initial call responded rather quickly to their Slack notification. Continue reading

Fourth Quarter Earnings Report

“Team!” Shouted the silhouetted figure walking a precisely lit stage.  A staff of over 4,000 employees of The Company and Co, LLC screamed with excitement and joy in response.

The stage lights changed and the company’s CEO stood center stage wearing a well made suit and a tie featuring bananas.  He raised his arms in a V and shouted once more, “team!”

Matching the tie, the crowd went bananas. Continue reading