Revisiting the Junkyard Monster

Wednesdays at Chateau Cowling mean game night.  We break out Pathfinder or co-op games (friggin' Pandemic I tell you) and have a fun ol time with family and friends until close to midnight some weeks.  There was a time when midnight did not feel like a next day death sentence, but midnight is a killer … Continue reading Revisiting the Junkyard Monster


Report to Mission Command

Mission Command, Sweet googly moogly, do not send any more people here.  This place, this planet; none of it is like the reports that came from the rovers and probes that preceded me. Robots said there would be primitive flora.  There's one very tall tree that drips a green oil from thirty feet above.  The … Continue reading Report to Mission Command

Wallace Chats with HR

"Wallace, we have to talk about your work over the last three weeks," Wallace's kind-hearted boss, Liza began the impromptu meeting. Wallace felt the conversation ahead was going to require something with an impact the coffee in his mug could not offer, but he was stuck in the meeting now. "Wally. Can I can you … Continue reading Wallace Chats with HR

A Monster Named Lavender

"You know how sometimes you have an image of what life is like.  What it should be like.  That image in your head is so compelling, so real.  It becomes all you think of.  You chase that image.  You make decisions based on the image," Lavender explained. "What decisions have you made based on that … Continue reading A Monster Named Lavender

Magic Words

The evil Dr. Sharp fell to the floor, unconscious and defeated. Even with their foe defeated, the work of The Hero Consortium was not yet complete. "Get the shut-off words already!" The Wet Blanket shouted, using the power of gravity to bring a group of flying drones created by Dr. Sharp down. Squeak was busy assembling … Continue reading Magic Words

Caution or Results

"We should be cautious.  Rushed decisions lead to disaster," Myla cautioned. "This isn't like that weekend in Miami.  We'll be fine," Ryon said. "Caution sent Dex home last time.  We need to make a choice and we need to make it now," Chi said, bluntly.  He was tired of waiting.  Myla's caution and Ryon's inability … Continue reading Caution or Results

Five Friends on a Bus

Five friends sat or stood on a bus.  The final leg of their journey home was nearly complete.  Their night had been long and full of stories they would one day tell their children to prove a former control of the concept of cool.  The stories would undoubtedly be shared to embarrass said children as … Continue reading Five Friends on a Bus