The Retreat

The corporate retreat was a mere three hours from home office. The leadership and upper management crammed onto a chartered bus and drove for what felt like forever. The radio played classic rock, but when Jenkins from Quality requested Creed the radio was turned off. Everyone was fine with the decision. When the bus made … Continue reading The Retreat


Lobby Art

There was no reason to go back into the building. The meal was over, the check paid, the table cleared. Everything that had been required of the space was complete. Still, Fewer Shorestone felt compelled to go back inside. Something about the art on the wall in the lobby entranced and bothered Fewer. He stepped … Continue reading Lobby Art

A Bonding Moment

"Excellent. Excellent, yes," Jonah said, gleefully. He began rushing around the lab. "This is an excellent opportunity. We can prove your superiority. This challenge the community has put before you, before us, is going to change the world. Yes, yes. Quite a day." "Dad, it's not-" Junior tried to say. "The entirety of my life … Continue reading A Bonding Moment

Stories from a Long Lost Uncle

Did I ever tell you kids how I found out what an international cease and desist order looks like? You're in for a treat. Some backstory about my time as a travel guide in Europe first. Thing is, you don't need a license to be a travel guide. Don't need to know the language or the … Continue reading Stories from a Long Lost Uncle

Archives: A Flower Grows in a Lonely Spot

The beginning of an old rhyme, a favorite of his seafaring grandfather, ran through Montana's head: A flower grows in a lonely spot To honor names long forgot He wished he could recall the ending.  Every time the rhyme played through, Montana heard it in his grandfather's cigarette charred voice, the home country's influence still thick on every … Continue reading Archives: A Flower Grows in a Lonely Spot

Carlita and the Lake

The day started like any other; sun up, brush teeth, eat breakfast, go to work. On the way to work, Carlita Severe took a quick detour. She wanted to see a lake. The ocean had called to her for most of her life, but today the calling was too great. Stuck in the middle of … Continue reading Carlita and the Lake