Connor Ponders Existence

Slouched over in an uncomfortable chair next to a wobbly table, Connor DeMarkette pondered his existence. "I looked at the stars last night," Connor spoke to the middle distance, his eyes frightfully wide open. "The enormity of it all was overwhelming. Here we are going about our day, sitting at an amateur baseball game and … Continue reading Connor Ponders Existence


Control of the Multiverse

November 4, 2018. The altars were nearly complete. The chants of the ceremonies to come were being committed to memory. The robes and caps of the cult's acolytes were cleaned and set out. The time was drawing near. Soon, the young would line up, waiting their turn to offer their words to the cultists. Those … Continue reading Control of the Multiverse

Steven’s Experiment Gone Awry

"Did...did I do that?" Steven's voice was shaky. Carl and Laura stood beside him in shock.  Where once there was a kitchen wall there was now only rubble. "What did you do? What have you done?" Laura asked. She had not blinked. "I don't know. I don't know! This is getting worse. Last week I … Continue reading Steven’s Experiment Gone Awry

Six Word Story Hour

Mid week short stories are the best stories. Mid week micro stories are okay. And you know what? Aiming for okay is good too. It's been a long week already. Here are some okay stories told in six words. Hopefully. I'm a writer not a mather. Here we go: Three kids wandered off; returned goats. … Continue reading Six Word Story Hour

The Moments That Changed Everything

Part One "Hurdles, but with bear traps," Marvin said to no one in particular while eating cereal in front of the tv. "Are you just really bad at Jeopardy! right now or do you have an idea?" Hugh asked. The roommates often blurted out ideas, but this one was more bizarre than usual. "That's how we … Continue reading The Moments That Changed Everything

Six Strangers on a Cruise

Ten Years Ago "Could this vacation be any worse?" the tall one with the good hair said. Rachel did not know his name, but she did know the face he made when anger takes over his frame. She and five others, strangers when the cruise began, stood next to a guard rail on the port … Continue reading Six Strangers on a Cruise

Out of Context Narrative Points From a Single Day in Gloria Wordstone’s Life

The engine revved, died, revved again. Gloria hated this Toyota Tercel and hoped an insurance agent would let a sudden fire in the cargo area slide right by. Lunch was ordinary. Salad, quinoa, sausage. She pondered for a moment if roaches would one day be a mainstay in her diet. She pondered if the globe … Continue reading Out of Context Narrative Points From a Single Day in Gloria Wordstone’s Life