The Moments That Changed Everything

Part One "Hurdles, but with bear traps," Marvin said to no one in particular while eating cereal in front of the tv. "Are you just really bad at Jeopardy! right now or do you have an idea?" Hugh asked. The roommates often blurted out ideas, but this one was more bizarre than usual. "That's how we … Continue reading The Moments That Changed Everything


Six Strangers on a Cruise

Ten Years Ago "Could this vacation be any worse?" the tall one with the good hair said. Rachel did not know his name, but she did know the face he made when anger takes over his frame. She and five others, strangers when the cruise began, stood next to a guard rail on the port … Continue reading Six Strangers on a Cruise

Out of Context Narrative Points From a Single Day in Gloria Wordstone’s Life

The engine revved, died, revved again. Gloria hated this Toyota Tercel and hoped an insurance agent would let a sudden fire in the cargo area slide right by. Lunch was ordinary. Salad, quinoa, sausage. She pondered for a moment if roaches would one day be a mainstay in her diet. She pondered if the globe … Continue reading Out of Context Narrative Points From a Single Day in Gloria Wordstone’s Life

Ghost Todd Has Some Comments

Hello family, Ghost Todd here.  You haven't seen me.  I typically hang out in the closet behind the master bedroom, not the one in the bedroom, the one behind it. The one full of luggage that you were sure you would use more often, but now you do not even know the closet housing them … Continue reading Ghost Todd Has Some Comments

Old Stories

We're traveling back in time this evening.  I started a new post about the incredibly dark themes of the old school screen saver program "After Dark" before really starting to think of how messed up the early years of home computers were. In those interactive screensavers, you could mow over cats.  This program was available … Continue reading Old Stories

Report to Mission Command

Mission Command, Sweet googly moogly, do not send any more people here.  This place, this planet; none of it is like the reports that came from the rovers and probes that preceded me. Robots said there would be primitive flora.  There's one very tall tree that drips a green oil from thirty feet above.  The … Continue reading Report to Mission Command

Dr. Welldon’s Speeding Ticket

"Officer, I must apologize I am running very late. It took some time to realize I was driving 88. The behavior is far from normal Our encounter rather formal. There's a place I hope to be real soon Full of moose and two baboon. The zoo is near, but I do fear My appointment has … Continue reading Dr. Welldon’s Speeding Ticket