Danny Against the Grass

Danny started at the grass. For generations this spot had been viewed with suspicion and fear. That would end today. "Danny, what's with the gas can and the lighter?" Danny ignored the question posed to her by Hank. The two had known each other long enough that she felt he already knew the answer. "Can … Continue reading Danny Against the Grass


Train Station Goodbye

"This is it," Mary said, forcing a smile to show excitement for the journey ahead of her.  Her nerves were betraying her tough face.  "Just a few hundred miles to a new adventure." "You'll be fine," Ty tried to reassure her.  The couple had been together for two years.  The threat of distance; physical and … Continue reading Train Station Goodbye

Sarah’s Dad

"Why are the police calling you?" Melvin asked. Sarah shook her head. "My dad." "Your dad is an old accountant, what do the police want? Oh! Snap. Did he embezzle something?" Melvin was incredibly curious. "He's adopted a 'live like you are dying' motto and it is not working out well for any of us," … Continue reading Sarah’s Dad

Carlita and the Lake

The day started like any other; sun up, brush teeth, eat breakfast, go to work. On the way to work, Carlita Severe took a quick detour. She wanted to see a lake. The ocean had called to her for most of her life, but today the calling was too great. Stuck in the middle of … Continue reading Carlita and the Lake

Connor Ponders Existence

Slouched over in an uncomfortable chair next to a wobbly table, Connor DeMarkette pondered his existence. "I looked at the stars last night," Connor spoke to the middle distance, his eyes frightfully wide open. "The enormity of it all was overwhelming. Here we are going about our day, sitting at an amateur baseball game and … Continue reading Connor Ponders Existence

Control of the Multiverse

November 4, 2018. The altars were nearly complete. The chants of the ceremonies to come were being committed to memory. The robes and caps of the cult's acolytes were cleaned and set out. The time was drawing near. Soon, the young would line up, waiting their turn to offer their words to the cultists. Those … Continue reading Control of the Multiverse

Steven’s Experiment Gone Awry

"Did...did I do that?" Steven's voice was shaky. Carl and Laura stood beside him in shock.  Where once there was a kitchen wall there was now only rubble. "What did you do? What have you done?" Laura asked. She had not blinked. "I don't know. I don't know! This is getting worse. Last week I … Continue reading Steven’s Experiment Gone Awry