Waylan Used to Be Cool – Still Relevant

As I am barely awake at 8:30 pm and reading through the “Throwback Thursday” playlist from Spotify that contains just about every pop-punk band that filled my CD player in high school, I am reminded of this post from about a year ago.  Some things never change, but most things make incredible, incremental changes that sort of creep up on you.

Once again…

Waylan Used to be Cool

On Saturday, Waylan and the family piled into their car and made a stop at the local home improvement store.  There was a project to be done!  The project required cement; bags and bags of ‘just add water’ cement.  Four bags, 50 pounds each, lifted from the floor to a flatbed cart.  Up six inches, over 12.  The lifting should not have been a problem. It was.

Waylan wrenched his back after picking up the third bag.

Lunch followed the home improvement store trip.  Burgers, fries, ketchup; all the good stuff which Waylan now required Tums to deal with.  He began his meal with a sip of iced tea and a duo of calcium tablets, knowing full well the heartburn would soon destroy him otherwise.

Late night YouTube browsing finished out the day for Waylan and Wanda, his beloved wife.  A glance at “trending” informed him that he had no idea what so ever what is currently popular.  Music, humor, beauty trend; he recognized nothing from any category.

During the internet video viewing voyage, an email popped up on his phone.  A “10-year anniversary” concert full of bands that consumed his college days was coming.

“Hey,” Waylan said to gain Wanda’s attention, “some bands are coming to tow…oh wait a minute. The concert is on a Tuesday and ends at midnight.  Never mind.”

Waylan put away his phone at watched a tutorial on building the deck he was constructing in the morning.

“Remember when you used to shout ‘let’s open this pit up!’ and then jump from the balcony into the pit?” Wanda joked, she was watching a Netflix sitcom on her phone.

“I was a child then. A foolish child.” Waylan adjusted the electric heating pad pressed against his back and wondered if it was time to go to sleep.

It was 8:15pm.

“I am so old. I used to be cool,” he lamented.

“No dear, you weren’t.  But now you’re cool.  Now you get to hang out with me all the time.” Wanda said, smiling.

“Yeah, that’s pretty cool.”


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