A Phone Call Home

“Yeah, mom, things are going pretty well so far.  I mean, only a month in, but this new town is really nice,” Iain told his mother.  It was their first phone call since he left home for a shot at fortune in the big city.

“I’ve met a fun bunch of people too,” he continued, “we’re hanging out, like, nearly every night.  When we’re not chillaxin’ they are blowing up my twitter feed and their Snapchats are hilarious.”  He regretted the words.

“Snapchat? Well, it’s…you know what, nevermind.  It’s like emailing pictures.  They email me fun pictures.”  Honestly, he wasn’t even sure what Snapchat was, but he did not want to be left behind the social media curve.

“What else do we do? Well, some nights we try to meet other new people and bring them into our friend group.”

His mother gave a very polite, ‘that’s nice’ and asked what else they did in the big city.

“We’re in a pretty deep book club discussion right now.  Trying to sort out if the alien overlord Tornix was being malevolent in creating woodland sprites is the topic this week.”

There was an odd silence on his mother’s end of the call.

“But we also hone our martial arts skills and occasionally I drive a few of the guys around town and they help truck drivers make deliveries,” Iain said over the quiet.

“Well, I don’t know mom.  They take over for the truck driver, who gets some exercise by walking home, and they take the truck to where it needs to be,” he explained to his mom.  She was growing ever more curious about a month in the city.

“I have been playing, yeah.  The Tornix center has an open mic night and I have an standing time slot Wednesday nights.  The others practice their kung-fu skills as Master Todd walks the crowd.  Last week I am pretty sure Master Todd was nodding along to my song, so that was a good gig.”

“I don’t think I need to play anywhere else, the Tornix center has a big enough crowd.”

“What? No.  No I have not accidentally joined a cult that will use karate and truck robberies to take over the city.  I found a bunch of like minded friends who use kung-fu to center themselves and then steal….oh man! I accidentally joined a cult.”

“Yeah, if you could just wire the money I will be on the next bus home.  Thanks, mom.”



And that is a conversation that needed to happen more often in the original TMNT movies.

Thanks for reading!


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