Boat Based Basketball

A low sun, light traffic, and a fun destination were the key ingredients of a nice drive this very morning.  Kid-friendly music filled the cabin and as cars and scenery passed by the windows, all seemed pretty calm.  Everything felt so normal. Then my eye caught an abnormality in the right lane.  High above the row of slow … Continue reading Boat Based Basketball


Dear Future Past Me

Dear Future Past Me, Currently, we are in Independence, Missouri as the great migration west really gets underway.  I thought about making the trip to see what would happen, but as you know we've had enough family die of dysentery because of this venture.  Sure they weren't our real family, but that game was pretty all-encompassing for … Continue reading Dear Future Past Me

Deck and Amy Plan an Escape

"This is going to suck," Deck said.  He and Amy sat in a parked car outside an event center which housed this year's company holiday party.  Snow fell ever so gently outside.  The dark of night lit by brake lights of coworkers experiencing the exact same moment of dread. "We need a keyword.  Some phrase … Continue reading Deck and Amy Plan an Escape

Fragile Exits

"We're almost home free!" The gruff and grizzled expedition leader shouted.  The team had evaded monsters torn from nightmares, creatures bent on their destruction, and traps that could only have created by a most deranged mind. The loot was worthwhile.  Each of the adventurers carried sacks of gold and ancient artifacts that would make them … Continue reading Fragile Exits

Gerard the Ghost and the Learner’s Permit

"Ow!" Martin shouted.  He was no fan of ironing, but never had it been a truly painful experience.  He grabbed his shoulder and looked at the floor to see what had hit him.  "What the crap? An apple?" From the corner of the room came a tiny chuckle. "Gerard!" Martin yelled. Gerard answered with boisterous … Continue reading Gerard the Ghost and the Learner’s Permit

People on the Highway

People on the Highway in eBook format with a handful of book only stories is free 9/27 to 10/1! Get your copy here: and be sure to check out my other Amazon stuff. For work I travel between a couple of different locations every day.  This is fine, but the travel does take me through … Continue reading People on the Highway

Making Meetings Better

The meeting was dragging on.  More than one person was visible zoned out and a few were taping the drum routine to Tom Sawyer by Rush. "Management will have to review next quarter projections for accuracy before we take it to investors," lead accountant Tim Sqaure informed the participants.  This phrase was uttered every quarter. "Loraine, … Continue reading Making Meetings Better