The Interview

"So, why are you looking to leave your current job?" The interviewer's question was not unexpected, but Halo hoped it would be missed. "You know, I've been there a few years now and they say earnings potential drops after three years. I like it, but..." Halo started. "But you want to grow in new areas? … Continue reading The Interview


Story Platforms – A 3D Print-and-Play Tabletop Game

The game: Story Platforms is a 3d print-and-play tabletop RPG designed for quick set-up, fast and fun play, and light rules to help you play the game you wish without going totally crazy. Players take turns making their moves against an opposing force (as decided by the Storyteller who gets everyone moving through the story). Get … Continue reading Story Platforms – A 3D Print-and-Play Tabletop Game

Wren – Chapter Four

Years ago I wrote a paper at 2:00 am for a history course.  It was an intro level class for American antebellum social structures. I loved the class, but could not bring myself to write a paper at a reasonable hour for any of my courses.  I wrote the paper super early in the morning … Continue reading Wren – Chapter Four

Wren – Chapter 3

Studying continues! I have to say, I'm learning a lot.  Which is scary because I have the feeling I should have known most of this stuff before signing up for the certification exam.  We'll see what happens. That means more of Wren, my first internet writing thing.  A serial story of superheroes figuring out how … Continue reading Wren – Chapter 3

Wren – Chapter 2

For the first time in a long, long time I have to study.  "Professional certification" exams this weekend mean I'm a bit unfocused. If 17 year old me knew I was going to be such a corporate tool he would be very disappointed, but unsure how to confront the situation.  However(!), I am in a … Continue reading Wren – Chapter 2

People on the Highway

Autumn is quickly approaching.  The air is cooler, the sun is lower sooner, and the bugs are going crazy.  My drive home this evening took me by a cornfield.  The cornfield was wrapped by an unused plot of land full of big yellow flowers and, best guess here, nettle.  The flowers and nettle were full … Continue reading People on the Highway

From the Town Records of Shadow River

From the public records of the town of Shadow River. Public Hearing Regarding the Juniper Festival Incident Township of Shadow River Date: May 15, 2018 Mayor Rodney Blueburn presiding   Mayor Blueburn: Thank you to those in attendance.  We call to testimony Tina Rhymes, chair of the tourism board. Rhymes: Good morning, council representatives. Blueburn: … Continue reading From the Town Records of Shadow River