Fate Character Generator

(Reposted from the Cursed By Dice podcast blog because I can and you should subscribe too) Sometimes coming up with FATE Core character is a challenge.  We'll have our character creation episode uploaded next week as we move to a new story arch and this episode will help elaborate on the challenge of making a … Continue reading Fate Character Generator


The Five Secrets of Harold Cape

Harold Cape was a simple man.  Described most often as honest, loyal and even tempered, he would have made a good mayor or barber.  He craved not the power of local government or the comradeship of a barber shop, though, and instead opted for a career as a craftsman putting together perfectly constructed fishing poles. … Continue reading The Five Secrets of Harold Cape

Go Go Bad Guy

"It just bugs me sometimes, I don't know," First Pylon of the Invincible Mind, Roderick Stone said as he marched alongside his number two, Second Pylon of the Invincible Mind, Maynard Fox. "I don't see the problem.  Some rank titles just get longer than others," Maynard replied. "Yeah, but the other guys don't have to … Continue reading Go Go Bad Guy

Harlin and the Crickets

Harlin grew old as most tend to do.  He moved into his senior years so gradually he barely noticed.  A few gray hairs here and there.  Eye glass prescriptions steadily grew in strength.  He began saying goodbye friends more regularly.  All of it happened so naturally and that when he finally realized he was old … Continue reading Harlin and the Crickets

People on the Highway

My senior year of high school I was working an after school job at a fried chicken place in a mall food court.  Shifts would generally end after 11:00 and I would be home, very ready to sleep, by 11:30 or midnight (depending on how poorly I cleaned up before close).  Because it was a … Continue reading People on the Highway

Raewyn and the Hearth of the Matter

Raewyn had made a career of convincing exorbitantly wealthy individuals that the best thing they could for themselves was purchase a hand forged, iron cast, hearth.  It was, for all intents and purposes, completely impractical to cook with a hearth; but she did not sell practical.  She sold art.  She sold adventure.  She sold unique. … Continue reading Raewyn and the Hearth of the Matter

Kemp on the Radio

A dark road and a book on a tape were Kemp's two favorite things.  When the two items shared time together, he was happy as a pig in mud.  He loved that phrase.  Good fries at a small diner? He'd enjoy it like a pig loves mud.  Half priced gas station coffee? He'd be smiling like … Continue reading Kemp on the Radio