Monster Generator

Last night I got to work with a javascript generator program for the first time in a long, long while. It was so much fun. I made a flashcard generator for addition/subtraction problems ( When I say, "made" I mean I replaced a bunch of existing words with the numbers 1-10 and +/-. Quick and … Continue reading Monster Generator


Jazz Lockland: Fantastical Bounty Hunter

“It’s a unique life, I can tell you that much,” Jazz Lockland answered the producer’s question. Jazz never thought he would be the subject of a reality tv show, but he never thought he’d live beyond 30. Life was full of surprises. “The funny thing about these bounties is that they are never the same. … Continue reading Jazz Lockland: Fantastical Bounty Hunter

Planet Hopping – The Carina–Sagittarius Arm

Captain’s Journal. Date. August? Is it August yet? Time is weird when you’re over 30. Dear content consumer, I could not help myself from returning to you so soon after our last chat. This is a big, big, mostly empty galaxy we live in and I, your restless captain, get to see it all. All … Continue reading Planet Hopping – The Carina–Sagittarius Arm

The Career of Wynonna Downs

“Local Tycoon Pens Pontoon Cartoon” was the headline that made reporter Wynonna Downs a star. More people read the article than watched the oil magnate’s hand-drawn feature-length animated film about a rat who makes a pontoon plane and saves the earth from a world eater.  She went on to fame and fortune through human interest … Continue reading The Career of Wynonna Downs

A Character Study While You Sit in Traffic

Dillon "Duckburg" McMaster is the guy in the nondescript Kia Optima next to you. Look left. Yeah, that one. There's a "Titleist" hat on the back seat and a bedazzled phone case sitting in a pop-socket holder on the dashboard.  He's quite a character. Let's get to know him a bit. Golfs three times a … Continue reading A Character Study While You Sit in Traffic

Alpha’s Travel Research

Alpha Simons wanted to take a trip, but it needed to be to somewhere presumably safe and not a typical tourist spot.  If it were too common, the Instagram feed would be so very boring, but if it were too safe the feed would also be boring. These are the things Alpha needs to consider … Continue reading Alpha’s Travel Research

A Moose Walks Into a Bar

Ess Vanbeed was washed up.  The jokes just weren't there.  For a comic, this was the end. Ess was fine with this.  It was a good run. Ess built a career on different takes on the "a moose walks into a bar" set up.  Punchlines ranged from "says ouch" to "the bartender says why the … Continue reading A Moose Walks Into a Bar