Brought to You By

This content is brought to you by: Snow always fell hardest as Spring drew nearer. It was as though the goddess of winter wanted to remind the mortals under her reign that she would return before they knew it. Those mortals made the most of it though. Snowball fights, snow forts, snowcones, snowpeople; the final … Continue reading Brought to You By


Other Duties as Assigned

It was three hours into my flight to Toronto that I realized something; I was working for the mob. What goes through one’s mind when this realization hits? Not much. The signs weren’t there in the lead up to the personal discovery. The Godfather this was not. I answered an ad on Indeed, went through … Continue reading Other Duties as Assigned

A Miracle at Amie’s Restaurant

Another red envelope fell from the mailbox. The rent was well beyond due now. Amie sighed just as she had done last month and the month before that. The restaurant needed a miracle. She went inside, pushing the door against a bell that signaled customers were coming in or going out. The bell was silent … Continue reading A Miracle at Amie’s Restaurant

Archives: Carter and the Will

I drove for six hours today. My wife was in and out of sleep in the passenger seat of the car. The kids were asleep for two hours, talked for thirty minutes, and then went to play on their tablets because staring at the splendor of the countryside of Wyoming is awe-inspiring for a good … Continue reading Archives: Carter and the Will

What the Dead Found

I was born not far from where I would die. A mile or so away.  The whole of my life’s experiences were within a 50 mile radius.  It was fine to live like that back then. Traveling by train or horse was pretty terrible. That’s why you have cars and planes today. I can tell … Continue reading What the Dead Found

Saying Goodbye

The machines attached to Lincoln Masters beeped and chirped.  He had led a good, long life, but this was where it would close; attached to a hospital bed surrounded by family, friends, doctors, one guy in the room no one recognized, but it had grown increasingly awkward to ask their name. Lincoln looked upon the … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

The Restoration Project – Cut Scene

"The restoration is going well," TV host with the most Tahkur Pursin said, smiling like a demon about to eat an unsuspecting passerby.  He appeared not to blink. "Before the break we were talking about the history of this place.  Keep in mind this building's guts are over five hundred years old.  The rocks that … Continue reading The Restoration Project – Cut Scene