End of Battery

There's plenty of time.  Probably one more update, three more 'likes', one last tweet, save some articles for later reading, edit today's photos, run the data sync, and finally Instagram something before shutting down; yeah this can all be done. Well, maybe two tweets.  I did take a lot of photos today.  I want to … Continue reading End of Battery


The Last Writings of Michael Lycan

Michael Lycan wrote down three things before his death.  There was a will, there was a plan, there was just something lingering in his head that needed to be written down.  He hoped it would explain a few things. First, he wrote that he loved the people in his life. Second, he wrote that he … Continue reading The Last Writings of Michael Lycan

A Kingdom Of Iron and Chipped Paint

The ruler surveyed her land.  Toil, hardship, bloodshed; all part of her glorious rise to the throne.  Songs were sung, stories were told, poems were...slammed? The ruler would decide the proper verb later.  It was her land now, her people. There remained only one threat to the throne now.  One shiny and all too clean … Continue reading A Kingdom Of Iron and Chipped Paint

The Drop (A 100 Word Tale of Intrigue)

Only one thing was certain; cover was blown. Agent Higgins scrambled to gather what little could fit in his backpack before sprinting for a dead drop just a few block away.  He could only hope the bag of supplies and a new identity was still there. Every corner was met with suspicion, he looked over … Continue reading The Drop (A 100 Word Tale of Intrigue)

Time for a Replacement

"What are you up to?" Abe whispered. "We need new sheets," April answered equally quiet. The couple laid in bed waiting for their young children to finally slip into sleep for the evening. "Why spend the cash? We got three sets at our wedding. We're fine." Abe was, as always, concerned about the young family's … Continue reading Time for a Replacement