Jacob Trusts GPS

Jacob Worthy was having a rough day.  His GPS had sent him to three incorrect locations so far. However, his family and friends recently told him to be more trusting. So he decided that he would abide their wishes and trust the computer would work the fourth time around. He parked his car at location … Continue reading Jacob Trusts GPS



Contestants! Your challenge today will test your creativity, your technical prowess, your very opinion of what it means to be in this competition in the first place.  You'll also be recorded through the whole process because that is the nature of the game. I would like to introduce you to the guest of honor as … Continue reading Contestants!

Six Word Stories – Elevator Chit Chat

These six Word stories can be used at any time. Especially elevators when no one else is talking. Just a tip, avoid floor four. At least it was dry heat. Five years? Failed professional skydiving instructor. Drop the bass, not this place. The mailing list subscription was regrettable. Power Ranger villains love this building. Mondays … Continue reading Six Word Stories – Elevator Chit Chat

The Knocking on the Door

The light of the day was misleading. There was no light this day, only fear. "Kids," Gerry whispered, "close your blinds. I'm going to hold the door shut. Your mother will take care of the dog. No noise. Those creatures out there cannot hear us. I love you all. As the family went on to their … Continue reading The Knocking on the Door

The Grocery List

Panic was all Montgomery Rutherford felt at this moment.  He could recall no greater stressful moment, and he grew up with a ridiculous name. He tried to send a text for assistance.  No service. He asked a clerk for assistance. No reply. He even bothered an elderly shopper. No polite words exchanged. He feared the … Continue reading The Grocery List

The Voicemail Box of Pinky Lafayette

Pinky Lafayette lived a simple life in a simple town performing a simple job.  Pinky loved their life. One day, Pinky's phone service provider made a terrible, terrible mistake. Pinky's phone started receiving other people's voicemail messages. One voicemail received from a Michigan area code at 7:33 pm was just a high pitched shout of … Continue reading The Voicemail Box of Pinky Lafayette

Working Lunch

Lunch with coworkers. The words were terrifying to poor Michael Romero.  He pondered excuses to get out of the outing.  There was a brief moment where early retirement was considered. It was preferred to letting his coworkers know his dirty dining secret. "Ready to go?" Michael's boss asked. The rest of the team stood behind … Continue reading Working Lunch