The Grocery List

Panic was all Montgomery Rutherford felt at this moment.  He could recall no greater stressful moment, and he grew up with a ridiculous name. He tried to send a text for assistance.  No service. He asked a clerk for assistance. No reply. He even bothered an elderly shopper. No polite words exchanged. He feared the … Continue reading The Grocery List


The Voicemail Box of Pinky Lafayette

Pinky Lafayette lived a simple life in a simple town performing a simple job.  Pinky loved their life. One day, Pinky's phone service provider made a terrible, terrible mistake. Pinky's phone started receiving other people's voicemail messages. One voicemail received from a Michigan area code at 7:33 pm was just a high pitched shout of … Continue reading The Voicemail Box of Pinky Lafayette

Working Lunch

Lunch with coworkers. The words were terrifying to poor Michael Romero.  He pondered excuses to get out of the outing.  There was a brief moment where early retirement was considered. It was preferred to letting his coworkers know his dirty dining secret. "Ready to go?" Michael's boss asked. The rest of the team stood behind … Continue reading Working Lunch

Beach Day. Ruined.

A frightened scream rang out from the beachside parking lot.  Then another and another.  "Someone call for help!" Called one person standing in the lot, surveying the damage. "Ah man, come on!" Shouted another, kicking the raised curb of the sidewalk. A hot dog cart vendor strolling the beach ran as fast as she could … Continue reading Beach Day. Ruined.

Get to Know Eddie the Eagle

Eddie's tattoo is hidden from view. Eddie had a goth phase once. Eddie's identity crisis is destroying him. As a bird, Eddie loves bread. Eddie is going gluten free 2019. "Geek Trivia Night-Owl's" a beloved nickname. Eddie cheats at Yahtzee every game. Oddly, Eddie's team is the Broncos. Eddie owns two fancy, formal suits. Eddie will … Continue reading Get to Know Eddie the Eagle

End of Battery

There's plenty of time.  Probably one more update, three more 'likes', one last tweet, save some articles for later reading, edit today's photos, run the data sync, and finally Instagram something before shutting down; yeah this can all be done. Well, maybe two tweets.  I did take a lot of photos today.  I want to … Continue reading End of Battery

The Last Writings of Michael Lycan

Michael Lycan wrote down three things before his death.  There was a will, there was a plan, there was just something lingering in his head that needed to be written down.  He hoped it would explain a few things. First, he wrote that he loved the people in his life. Second, he wrote that he … Continue reading The Last Writings of Michael Lycan