Sample Size

“Doctor, we need a bigger sample group than this to get any real value from the study,” said Wyl, the project engineer for Doctor Yosa’s latest experiment. “There aren’t any other samples. This is all there are,” Doctor Yosa said. “Then why are we doing this? Why do we need to study this group if … Continue reading Sample Size


Unpopular Opinions at the Office

We all know not to talk about certain subjects at work. This is just how we keep the economy running.  However, some people at work are keeping some seriously unpopular opinions inside. Let's take a look at your coworkers. Name: Hawkins Department: Logistics Unpopular opinion: 2% milk all day, all day. Name: Diedre Department: Product … Continue reading Unpopular Opinions at the Office

Upgrade Complete

"Okay, Mr. Sandstone, let's take a look," the doctor said. Larri Sandstone opened his eyes for the first time since being put under for surgery just hours before. Groggy, he stared at his hands and hoped everything went according to plan. "I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised," the doctor said. With a nod … Continue reading Upgrade Complete

Danny Against the Grass

Danny started at the grass. For generations this spot had been viewed with suspicion and fear. That would end today. "Danny, what's with the gas can and the lighter?" Danny ignored the question posed to her by Hank. The two had known each other long enough that she felt he already knew the answer. "Can … Continue reading Danny Against the Grass

The Outline

There are no bad ideas in brainstorming, Hari reminded himself.  No bad ideas. With that, he started writing. For three days he wrote. He wasn't sure what would anger his writer friends more, that he ignored their texts or that he was able to stay focused for three straight days. At the end of the time though, … Continue reading The Outline

Lunch Hour Characters – The Bandit

What does it take to become a frightening villain who captures the hearts and minds of a whole city? The Bandit is about to find out... in haiku form. Kidnapped the mayor Townsfolk rejoiced at the news Back to drawing board Blocked out all sunlight Town loves midnight mini golf This one worked out well … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – The Bandit

Protecting Monarch

“Monarch is in the building. All points provide status,” Agent Markus spoke into his headset. Five voices replied in rapid order with “we’re fine, Mark.” “Come on guys, this is serious. Be professional,” Mark responded. “I’m going to check the cafeteria for nefarious pizza. Anyone want to interrogate the witness with me?” Tyler said. “That’s … Continue reading Protecting Monarch