Deck and Amy and the Bad Movie

"We could finish that zombie series you've been watching," Amy suggested as she and Deck browsed the recommendations. "Meh. Lost interest. The survivors started putting together plans for a power plant. I can forgive a lot of things in a zombie show, but three stoner golf caddies building a power plant? Too much," Deck said. … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the Bad Movie


It Must be Explained

News from the far reaches of the empire was growing direr by the day. Entire planets were entertaining rebellion. “Let me rally my fleets and put an end to this uprising! My empress, it is not our way to suffer insurrection,” Admiral Ferguson implored the regent, completely unaware of how evil he sounded. “No, Empress, … Continue reading It Must be Explained

Alternate Timeline: Idaho

We know Idaho as the source of great potatoes, a place that pivoted really, really well once the goldmines dried up, and home to Hell's Canyon, the deepest gorge in America.  This is the Idaho we know and think fondly of when it comes up in conversation. True that's not often, but Hell's Canyon is … Continue reading Alternate Timeline: Idaho

Pigeons on the Sill

Seven pigeons sat on the window sill and stared into the fifth-floor apartment of Conn Olmer.  The two-bedroom overlooking a community park and garden was usually not a popular hangout for the least popular birds in the world, but there was something different about today. "What are you doing out there, you lot?" Conn asked … Continue reading Pigeons on the Sill

Low Hopper Finally RSVPs

Low Hopper, beloved electro folk song writer, penned and recorded a cutesy little ballad apologizing for a missed rsvp. We don't know who the song was written to, but Low was often overheard lamenting the social stumble and mentioning a Genie. Low said a lot of stuff though. Below and above, the song "Finally sending … Continue reading Low Hopper Finally RSVPs

Remy Saw a Ghost

Remy went from sleeping to absolutely not in a heartbeat. Breathing heavily, quickly, he searched the room to try to see what he knew was watching his slumber. At the edge of the bed, he found his observer. "Get out of here!" Remy shouted. "Don't trust the dog," the observer whispered in response. Remy threw … Continue reading Remy Saw a Ghost

Short Bio Templates

Feel free to use for all your professional needs. The Short Bio of Graham Wambersnade Born in a cabin thirty miles east of Riverton proper. Graham grew up the youngest of nine siblings. He never met his oldest brother. Hobbies include raising crickets and hustling pool. Survived the sinking of the ghost ship Dellovra off the … Continue reading Short Bio Templates