Common Conversations with My Toddler

Toddler, half an hour after falling asleep: Daddy, there's something under my bed. Me, to toddler: Oh, buddy. Let's get you back to sleep.  I'll check under your bed. Me, to self: Oh good golly, what if there is actually something under the bed? I would not react well right now. Toddler, crawling back into … Continue reading Common Conversations with My Toddler


Questionable Lines from A Memoir

Lines from the upcoming memoir of illusionist Ton Ton Brickwork that caused some trepidation at the editor's desk: I awoke from cryogenic freezing craving a hamburger. The only way I would work with Roy again was if he apologized for the incident with the beaver. My tattoo details the four humors...and one pun In September … Continue reading Questionable Lines from A Memoir

Valentine’s Day Poetry (For The Very Tired)

One: My heart is all yours My back feels so sore I'm in bed by eight 'Cause I'm such a bore Two: The kids are asleep You know what that means Let's watch reruns And look at sick memes Three: Wink Wink Nudge Nudge Tonight is date night Wink Wink Nudge Nudge Let's skip doing … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Poetry (For The Very Tired)

Fortune Telling

I am now going to predict futures, fortunes, and furniture movement.  Follow my revamped Instagram page to learn your fortune at regular intervals yet to be determined.  The cards haven't told me anything about regularity. Today's future cast (for tomorrow) just for you....     Follow at this link:  

Dear Future Past Me

Dear Future Past Me, I really thought time travel would involve more Quantum Leap style murder mystery.  You know how much Lore I've listened to? You don't. I'm friggin' years older than you are right now. Maybe. I can't control when these notes arrive.  But if Lore the popular podcast, television series, and VR-Cast (you'll … Continue reading Dear Future Past Me

The Gates of Demmaj

The clans of Demmaj had battled for longer than history cared to record.  They warred for the same reasons every sentient species warred; resources, greed, power, ego.  There was no peace. There was no reprieve.  There was the battle. Territory disputes started over islands. Continents followed shortly thereafter. Planets after that.  Solar systems, then galaxies were … Continue reading The Gates of Demmaj

Movie Trailers

"We're opening a zoo in Budapest!" "What are going to feed the animals?" This summer, see Hungry Hungary Hippos "This smell is terrible!" "But it could change science forever." Coming this autumn, Eureka! You wreaka' Pizza delivery to the space station had never been done...until now. Coming in September; Pie in the Sky   First they came … Continue reading Movie Trailers