The Perfect Spot

"This is the spot!" Chatters was excited to say. "The development begins here." The business partners looked at each other for a signal on how to react. All of them were excited and knew this place, Chatters' vision, was going to make them rich beyond compare. "Uh, yeah, I mean, sure this place is," Fluffers started … Continue reading The Perfect Spot


Lunch Hour Characters – 21

21 took a turn down an old country road. Life was forever changed. How? Let's find out.., through haiku. 21 turned left. And right into a new job. Masked wrestler for life! School work long forgot. Set aside a life of code For a sparkly cape. Also on that road Bumpy and so desolate 21's … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – 21

50 Words About a Parrot

"Keep trying! You'll get it," Cass said encouragingly. "I've been at this for three weeks," Frank answered, "Frustration is mounting." "Have you tried a different phrase? Something shorter maybe?" Cass asked. "I want the parrot to say, 'Fire ant burritos for all' and nothing else!" Frank knew what he wanted. "Squak! Squak!" Tanner teased the … Continue reading 50 Words About a Parrot

Brought to You By

"You killed that man for love?  You brought hate into the world, for love? We found bits of the guy on that brand new GE cabinet mounted microwave with presets and a defrost function that is unparalleled in the market!"  The interrogator screamed at the suspect. "I didn't do this! Yeah, I hated Max. Loathed … Continue reading Brought to You By

The Cook Off

"Welcome back, faithful viewer. Our judges are very excited to taste the final meal. Three competitors entered the kitchen today, but only one will leave the Cook Off Champion. Who will it be? Let's go to the judges for this, the final taste," Gwen Cooke, beloved bubbly host of The Cook Off ushered in the … Continue reading The Cook Off

Interview with a Monster

"I'm 10 o'clock news anchor Javier Del Rio, and tonight my guest is Twister, the monster who just after finish picking up a mess and turn around, makes an even bigger mess resulting in you muttering obscenities under your breath," Javier introduced the segment. "Yes, and thank you so much for having me, Javier! I … Continue reading Interview with a Monster