Prepare and Protect

Seven years ago Hans stared at the newborn in his arms and held back tears. His son rested with his eyes closed and wore a hand knitted miniature cap to keep his bald head warm.  It was the most wonderful moment of Hans' life. "I am going to protect you from and prepare you for … Continue reading Prepare and Protect


Emelia Looks to the Horizon

Waiting. Waiting was the hardest part. Tapping her foot became tiresome. The only song she could sing was Tubthumper and no one wanted to hear that, at least not in a crowded dog park from a person who wasn't even holding or caring for a dog. It would be weird to start singing the best … Continue reading Emelia Looks to the Horizon

Speeding Ticket Avoidance

"Ah, pickles," said Day. Blue and red flashing lights filled the rear view mirror.  "Keep it cool." As the officer stepped from the car, Day's mind moved to what to say next. Scenario 1: "License and registration," the officer would say. "Officer, listen I'm racing my brother home. If he wins, I have to clean … Continue reading Speeding Ticket Avoidance

Lunch Hour Characters- Eggie

Eggie is breakfast. Eggie does not live. Eggie does not think.  Eggie is eggs which have encountered a cooking conundrum.  The food now has a face. What's the egg fryer to do? Let's learn haiku form. The mind plays a trick. It sees a face in breakfast. So not hungry now. These look familiar. … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Eggie

Saturday Morning Speech

Keo sat before the public speaking group shaking with nervousness. It was his day to present.  It had been years since any sort of presentation was required of him, but with a new job came new responsibilities and one of those was to inform large groups of people.  The judgement free zone that popped up … Continue reading Saturday Morning Speech