Wilbur Robs a Jewelry Store

Long, deep, loud breaths.  Wilbur could feel his heart race, pulse pounding in his ears.  All he could hear was rapidly pumping blood.

“That heist went south, Man.  How did they get there so fast?” Wilbur’s partner in crime asked.

“I don’t know. I just don’t know.  We got the jewels. We got the money. We’re going to be alright,” Wilbur explained.  He was hardly convinced his own words were true.  His spine pressed into a cold wall of red brick.  He didn’t know what street he and his partner had found refuge on, but he knew the buildings here were not going to hide them for long.

Sirens grew loud and soft again as squad cars moved down a nearby street.

“We have to move,” Wilbur told his partner. Continue reading

Behind the Menu

“What can I get ya’ this fine morning, ma’am?” Shirley had asked the question a thousand times before and leading into the moment, there was nothing special about the woman sitting in the booth.

She was not even meant to be covering section H that afternoon.  Barb called in sick at the last minute, again, and left the manager scrambling to find coverage.  Shirley wished she had actually stopped by the library before work to pick up her reserved book on putting ones self first, but she had not.  Before her manager had even asked, she volunteered to cover the section that night.  She wondered, long after this night, if she had picked up the book and read even a few chapters, if she would have avoided what was in store. Continue reading

People on the Highway

We all take on a number of roles in our daily lives.  Work, home, neighbor, family, friend, consumer, on and on; many hats sit atop our heads.  Sometimes though, people really focus on one role, becoming heightened versions of themselves like some sort of parody of their cultural subset.  I love when this happens.  I think most people when they see me instantly judge me as a “dad.”  Cargo shorts, slip on shoes, button up shirts with some sort of stain on the shoulder, heavy purple bags under my eyes, the whole mess.  Of course, whenever people see me I am generally holding a baby too and the connection is pretty easy to make from there.

Today at a traffic light I was part of a four car group of over-the-top representations.

This tale is called: Reality TV Continue reading

10 Ways Life is Different as a Writer

1) You have an opinion on keyboard brands. And using a keyboard not your own feels icky.

2) You’ve requested a ever friend spend a day with a voice recorder. That clever friend has written more than one line in your work. They’ve been thanked with beer.

2) Numbers are hard.

4) Picking between more time to read and more time to write is the most difficult “would you rather” out there.

5) “It’s not procrastination, it’s networking” – you justifying so much time on Twitter.

6) “This is market research” – you wandering a bookstore. In an aisle well outside your genre. For the fifth time this week.

7) When meeting a new person, the writer instinctively judges the person’s name and figures out what genre that name is best suited for.

8) There’s no bad time to write, but coffee intake has a disproportionate say on wether or not the writing is good.

9) there’s one word that no matter what, no matter how many times it is typed or looked at the writer will always misspell the first time. When it is corrected, the word looks weird.

10) Making parody lists is entertaining.

Barry Regent Interviews: Captain Malice

barryregent“Captain Malice, thank you for being here tonight”


alienface“Really my pleasure, Barry, long time fan of the show.”

barryregent“Wonderful, wonderful. Captain, may I call you Captain?”

alienface“You can call me anything you want, but don’t call me late for dinner!”

barryregent“Yes, delightful. So, Captain, walk us through the events of last Thursday.”

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Barry Regent Interviews: Laird Doombringer

barryregent “Our guest tonight, you all know him very him very well and trust me we’ll talk about those recent newspaper headlines, please welcome Dark Lord of the Night, the Devourer of Happiness and Destroyer of Love and Trust, Laird Doombringer”

“Thank you so much for having me tonight, Mr. Regent, real honor to be here.”liftarn_Masked_man

barryregent“Laird Doombringer, you are known for your longstanding feud with beloved hero Supreme Lad.  You’ve leveled cities in your wake, sworn to take over the world countless times, founded a network television station exclusively dedicated to reality television, you own three mortgage companies…”

“Yes, yes, thank you. I’m quite proud to say the operation is soon heading to Europe as well, so look out Copenhagen!”liftarn_Masked_man

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