Corrections Issued

It appears that in older posts I have made some factual errors.  I would like to correct those in one post now.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as these errors are corrected. Dolphins, both real and Miami, are not extinct sloths in hiding. Bigfoot prefers the Cold Cut Trio over the Spicy Italian … Continue reading Corrections Issued


The Totally Zoned

Three people sit at a corporate dinner.  None want to be there.  Where do they go? What thoughts pervade their minds as they devour their choice of fish or steak or a pile of beans because no one understands vegetarian options still.  As a lecturer drones on about spreadsheets and capital expenditures, a powerpoint, dry … Continue reading The Totally Zoned

Regulations State

"Thanks for coming to this safety training.  As leaders in your departments, I want this to be your first takeaway.  First, everybody look at your hands."  Darrell, OSHA certified safety instructor, started the class. Fifteen faces stared at thirty hands.  Darrell knew he had his audience. "Good.  Those hands are important.  Those hands can act … Continue reading Regulations State

Lyrics from My Upcoming Album

The first road trip of the summer has come to a close.   One thing that must happen on a road trip is sampling local radio stations.  Through one leg of our trip through very sparsely populated regions of the upper mid-west, we found 16 radio stations that came in without static.  Of those, nine … Continue reading Lyrics from My Upcoming Album

Wilbur Robs a Jewelry Store

Long, deep, loud breaths.  Wilbur could feel his heart race, pulse pounding in his ears.  All he could hear was rapidly pumping blood. "That heist went south, Man.  How did they get there so fast?" Wilbur's partner in crime asked. "I don't know. I just don't know.  We got the jewels. We got the money. … Continue reading Wilbur Robs a Jewelry Store

Behind the Menu

"What can I get ya' this fine morning, ma'am?" Shirley had asked the question a thousand times before and leading into the moment, there was nothing special about the woman sitting in the booth. She was not even meant to be covering section H that afternoon.  Barb called in sick at the last minute, again, and left … Continue reading Behind the Menu

People on the Highway

We all take on a number of roles in our daily lives.  Work, home, neighbor, family, friend, consumer, on and on; many hats sit atop our heads.  Sometimes though, people really focus on one role, becoming heightened versions of themselves like some sort of parody of their cultural subset.  I love when this happens.  I … Continue reading People on the Highway