The Career of Wynonna Downs

“Local Tycoon Pens Pontoon Cartoon” was the headline that made reporter Wynonna Downs a star. More people read the article than watched the oil magnate’s hand-drawn feature-length animated film about a rat who makes a pontoon plane and saves the earth from a world eater.  She went on to fame and fortune through human interest … Continue reading The Career of Wynonna Downs


The Focus Group for Tigo’s Night

“Thank you, everybody! That’s our show. Good night!” Dell Tigo, the host of Tigo’s Night, ended the show as the house band played them out and the credits rolled.  Dell moved out from behind his desk and waved to the audience as cameras panned back and the feed faded to black. “Truly, thank you all … Continue reading The Focus Group for Tigo’s Night

Brought to You By

This content is brought to you by: Snow always fell hardest as Spring drew nearer. It was as though the goddess of winter wanted to remind the mortals under her reign that she would return before they knew it. Those mortals made the most of it though. Snowball fights, snow forts, snowcones, snowpeople; the final … Continue reading Brought to You By

Other Duties as Assigned

It was three hours into my flight to Toronto that I realized something; I was working for the mob. What goes through one’s mind when this realization hits? Not much. The signs weren’t there in the lead up to the personal discovery. The Godfather this was not. I answered an ad on Indeed, went through … Continue reading Other Duties as Assigned

Overheard at the Art Museum

Conversations overheard by Caro Dalton, hors d'oeuvres provider at the local art museum ********** Tall person in a green overcoat to their buddy: “My argument here, is that finding a person with your face in a painting from 1832 does not mean you are time traveler with amnesia. Most paintings from 1832 are total garbage … Continue reading Overheard at the Art Museum

From Beneath the Surface, a Nightmare

"The streets are violently rumbling this morning on Oak Street. The pavement is cracking and the light of an incredibly hot fire is starting to shine from below the surface. Locals have long since fled the scene. Only emergency response staff and a handful of journalists remain." Action News On the Scene reporter Jessie DuPont … Continue reading From Beneath the Surface, a Nightmare

Liner Notes

For the Band “What does this mean?” the guitarist asked the lead singer. “It means that you should make your guitar go wingy wingy wingy right about here.” The lead singer answered. “What does that mean?” the guitarist was unsure what ‘wingy wingy wingy’ could be. “Try taking your guitar and winging out of the … Continue reading Liner Notes