Captain Knox at the End

"This is it, folks," Captain Knox told his crew, "it was an honor to serve beside you." Knox and the five remaining members of his team watched a thick fog roll out of the forest and into the meadow that they hoped would be their savior. For all the training, all the schooling, all the … Continue reading Captain Knox at the End


A Calling, A Dream

Tyler walked downstairs yawning and rubbing his eyes. Sleep had not been a restful experience the night before and he knew it was going to be a double-espresso sort of morning.  He worried about how work might go for the day, but those fears died down as he entered the kitchen. “Hey, you’re running late. … Continue reading A Calling, A Dream

A Bedtime Mantra

On rare occasions, the oldest child of Ben and Kat Yado would dream so vividly, so powerfully that the world outside the child's slumber was immediately affected. That is how the family dog, a bundle of energy and fur called Rover joined the family some five months ago. Ben and Kat worried that perhaps a … Continue reading A Bedtime Mantra

Flight Path

"Good afternoon folks, this is your captain Cleo Luna. We are looking forward to a ten-hour flight today. We'll be over the plains, the mountains, the dark portal where goblins come to the surface, and even Lake Tahoe," the captain said. Flight attendants squirmed. Passengers frowned. Murmuring filled the cabin. Cleo laughed. "Sorry, folks, I … Continue reading Flight Path

By the High River

The river was high for the time of year. The muddy banks were dotted with footprints of a beast that had to be found before it struck again. That beast and its crime was the reason Agents Inthorpe and Medija were by the river. Seasoned veterans of a task force designed to solve and keep … Continue reading By the High River

The Career of Wynonna Downs

“Local Tycoon Pens Pontoon Cartoon” was the headline that made reporter Wynonna Downs a star. More people read the article than watched the oil magnate’s hand-drawn feature-length animated film about a rat who makes a pontoon plane and saves the earth from a world eater.  She went on to fame and fortune through human interest … Continue reading The Career of Wynonna Downs

The Focus Group for Tigo’s Night

“Thank you, everybody! That’s our show. Good night!” Dell Tigo, the host of Tigo’s Night, ended the show as the house band played them out and the credits rolled.  Dell moved out from behind his desk and waved to the audience as cameras panned back and the feed faded to black. “Truly, thank you all … Continue reading The Focus Group for Tigo’s Night