The Lottery Line

There's a line at the gas station's cashier stand. Weird. The pump takes payment for gas, but this line is something else. The lottery is promising a reward of 235,020,004 dollars to this week's winner.  People, even the non-gamblers, have come out to get a ticket. Each and every person in line has already decided … Continue reading The Lottery Line


Conversations from Lunch Rush at the Rockland Diner

"What's in the Colorado Burrito?" Asked the patron at table 2. "A mix of beans and buffalo chorizo with rice and queso," the waiter replied. The patron winced. "We serve that with Tums on the side." The patron smiled. "Oh goodie. I'll take that." ************************ "We are here to do a job and we're going … Continue reading Conversations from Lunch Rush at the Rockland Diner

Social Circles Limited

Hi everybody.  Ech here with some interesting facts. First, did you know that your friends have friends? It is true! There are people in the lives of the people you love whom you will never meet. Work. School. Other. We all have a rich tapestry of connections that make us all unique and special. Second, … Continue reading Social Circles Limited

The Day Job Journal

Happy anniversary, Journal! We've been chronicalling the adventures of the now not so new job for one whole year. The company commemorated the date by gifting me a coffee mug. I would normally just say that this was a nice gesture and toss the branded mug into a donation bin (if anyone asks, this is … Continue reading The Day Job Journal

Time Pigeons

Louis watched the corner cafe with great interest. In ten minutes, three people would meet here, share a plate of fries, order sandwiches, and call it a day. This would be the first meeting of a trio that would go on to found a company that would change the world of cost accounting. The details … Continue reading Time Pigeons

The Amnesiac Caterpillar

Across every ocean, the ship called Amnesiac Caterpillar was feared.  More than feared; it was a boogieman. Pirate children were told to be good or else the Caterpillar would come for them! "Good" was rather subjective for a pirate child though, so mostly the Caterpillar was invoked when pirate parents just needed a little bit … Continue reading The Amnesiac Caterpillar

The Retreat

The corporate retreat was a mere three hours from home office. The leadership and upper management crammed onto a chartered bus and drove for what felt like forever. The radio played classic rock, but when Jenkins from Quality requested Creed the radio was turned off. Everyone was fine with the decision. When the bus made … Continue reading The Retreat