Board Games!

New project!  Because I drink too much coffee.

I like to call this project “Cheap and Artless Board Games”

New page on the blog will provide completely free and hopefully fun board games for two or more people.  My wife and I enjoy games, but with being broke and needing to dedicate funds to “diapers” and “feeding our son” we look for cheap entertainment when possible.  So here is my contribution to keeping bored and broke people everywhere financially solvent (that is of course, if you aren’t reading JukePop novels all the time).

Yes, we still spend far too much money on published games with shiny colors and good mechanics.  However, there is something charming about home brew style games.  I really enjoy fleshing out these games from scratching down ideas of themes and mechanics to actually putting them into a computer.  The great joy is getting a game together, printing it out and seeing how my vision differs from how my wife or friends see the game.  Working the kinks out and getting something like a real game hashed out by the end of the process is really a good time.

The games will be posted to the Board Games page and available for download through a Drop Box link.  All of them are in an excel file type as I have no artistic talent and spend most of my time in spreadsheets anyway.

Here is what I promise to provide: free games, the original files so you can change whatever you want to with them and none of that copyright garbage to worry about.  I have taken so much free stuff from the internet it is the least I can do to throw some sort something back at it.

If you play them, I hope you have some fun.  I would love to hear what changes you make to the games to make them your own.


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