Structure Fire

Structure fire on the corner of Basalt and Granite. Fifth fire this week. At this rate, the whole town would be gone by winter. Detective Juan Lundi needed to make sure that was not going to happen. He rolled up to the blaze as the firefighters were finalizing the containment. The building was lost, but … Continue reading Structure Fire


Captain Knox at the End

"This is it, folks," Captain Knox told his crew, "it was an honor to serve beside you." Knox and the five remaining members of his team watched a thick fog roll out of the forest and into the meadow that they hoped would be their savior. For all the training, all the schooling, all the … Continue reading Captain Knox at the End

Lunch Hour Characters- Selfie

Whoa! That's not you. What's that photo doing on your phone? Let's find haiku form. Weird looking seagull? Does it own the photo now? Let's not speak of this. Server from Chili's? Why did we go to that place? What gross food they have. Phone dropped from the sky Found by a pedestrian With … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Selfie

A Road Side Attraction

"Is that a roadside circus attraction?" Yuri was very excited to spot something on this very long road trip through wheat fields and ranch land. "Pull over!" Jai demanded. Francis, helming the station wagon this time around, followed orders and the three marched to the carnival tent in the middle of nowhere. "Hey, what's the … Continue reading A Road Side Attraction

Deck and Amy and the Fight

Amy muttered something under her breath. Deck sighed in frustration.  They both glared at each other. They were in a fight, but neither would acknowledge it. "Can I get you anything?" Deck asked as he stood up from the couch.  He needed a moment away. Amy shook her head. Deck was no good at constructive … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the Fight

Captain Marra and the Lights

Captain Marra Winsom lived for the sea. She loved the unreachable horizon, the smell of the salt in the air, the way waves bobbed a boat like a cat playing with a mouse; on the water is where she felt truly most like herself. She commanded a freighter with a crew of twenty on board. … Continue reading Captain Marra and the Lights

Meet the Neighbors

The neighborhood summer kick-off party. A dreaded moment for me and many others. Mostly, my neighbors, it seems as the party is conveniently "forgotten" by many around here when that first weekend of May comes around. Here's a fun game I like to play (as opposed to, you know, getting to know the people who … Continue reading Meet the Neighbors