A Backyard Portal

The portal appeared suddenly, brightly, in the backyard. Annabelle had to investigate the glowing disc of pure energy. There was nothing to watch on Netflix anyway. She hurried to the backyard and stared at the pulsing green and yellow lights hovering before her. "If video games have taught me anything..." she said as she stepped … Continue reading A Backyard Portal

Sunspot’s Laziest

Ranching and drinking were the selling points for Sunspot.¬† Surrounded by mountain peaks, impossible grasslands and more evergreens than an eye could count, the town was a popular stay over for anyone heading west to California, Oregon, their ruin; whatever suited the traveler.¬† Sunspot was built of timbers and masonry as covered wagons passed on … Continue reading Sunspot’s Laziest

Board the Windows

Stereo charged into the house, barreling through the open front door and slamming it behind him. "Don't slam doors!" Stereo's dad shouted. "Also, what's going on?" "No time. Board up the windows. It's after me." Stereo answered. Stereo's dad grabbed a pile of boards, a hammer, and a bucket of nails from behind the couch. … Continue reading Board the Windows

15,000 Feet Down

"We are fifteen thousand feet underwater right now. We can hear the ship creaking under the pressure. Things are absolutely terrifying. There's no light aside from that originating from the ship. I swear I saw a tentacle the size of my house just moments ago. Fish with sharp teeth and translucent skin keep zipping by … Continue reading 15,000 Feet Down

The Book Club

The book club had morphed from reading classics to reading¬†Goosebumps and drinking wine in less than a month. "I hate that mask," Tyler said. He was four mimosas in and breakfast had not yet been served. "I think it really symbolizes the masks we all wear, you know? Like, here I'm Book Club Michael. At … Continue reading The Book Club

The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Narrator: The world once again calls upon Captain Skye Dyvur to save the day! Our favorite parachuting adventurer is high above a building that holds the fate of all that is good in the world in its hands. Will our dear Captain once again secure the safety of the world? Will the Captain find a … Continue reading The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Structure Fire

Structure fire on the corner of Basalt and Granite. Fifth fire this week. At this rate, the whole town would be gone by winter. Detective Juan Lundi needed to make sure that was not going to happen. He rolled up to the blaze as the firefighters were finalizing the containment. The building was lost, but … Continue reading Structure Fire