A Recipe for the Best Quinoa Black Bean Burritos (of DOOM!)

Welcome back dear reader. What a summer it has been thus far. The kids are busy, the spouse is busy, even the dog is busy! So when we all finally get time to sit down together we have to make sure we aren't wasting our time with garbage food that will poison our bodies and … Continue reading A Recipe for the Best Quinoa Black Bean Burritos (of DOOM!)


Working Titles

My new piece is in need of a title. Here are some I'm throwing around. Cary Elwes needs to be Lex Luther. What does "spoiler alert" mean to a NASCAR driver? I'd stick with my day job but I'm bad at that too. Whipping Cream makes a mess. The Office was more fulfilling, but Parks … Continue reading Working Titles


"That evidence is inadmissible!" Attorney Harvard Smith shouted the objection. "We talked about it already, Josh, come on, man." Josh, the opposing attorney, waved his hands. "I do not believe there was a ruling on this piece." The judged slammed the gavel. "You're being an idiot, Josh. You know this sort of evidence is not … Continue reading Inadmissable

Six Words of (Mis)Adventure

Some six-word stories for the evening.   Disaster struck. The taco truck left. Birds above and we looked up. 20-year-old late fee collection!? The spider ran, disappeared, and laughed. From the dock, we saw everything. Never forgotten, the burrito was mourned. The elevator cable snapped moments later. The new wardrobe changed nothing anyway. A dog … Continue reading Six Words of (Mis)Adventure

Structure Fire

Structure fire on the corner of Basalt and Granite. Fifth fire this week. At this rate, the whole town would be gone by winter. Detective Juan Lundi needed to make sure that was not going to happen. He rolled up to the blaze as the firefighters were finalizing the containment. The building was lost, but … Continue reading Structure Fire

Captain Knox at the End

"This is it, folks," Captain Knox told his crew, "it was an honor to serve beside you." Knox and the five remaining members of his team watched a thick fog roll out of the forest and into the meadow that they hoped would be their savior. For all the training, all the schooling, all the … Continue reading Captain Knox at the End

A Calling, A Dream

Tyler walked downstairs yawning and rubbing his eyes. Sleep had not been a restful experience the night before and he knew it was going to be a double-espresso sort of morning.  He worried about how work might go for the day, but those fears died down as he entered the kitchen. “Hey, you’re running late. … Continue reading A Calling, A Dream