The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Narrator: The good captain finds herself in quite the pickle! After dropping into a city center with its suits and briefcases and fast casual dining experiences, the captain is in hot pursuit of a ne'er do well the likes of which she's never faced before! Has Dyvur finally met her match in the big city? … Continue reading The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur


The Lava Group

To the staff of The Lava Group, Upon entry to your facility, I made some terrible assumptions.  While it does not excuse my actions, "The Lava Group" is essentially a Bond villain organization's name.  I don't feel my initial interpretation of the company based solely on the name was off base. I was there as … Continue reading The Lava Group

Dear Future Past Me

Dear Future Past Me, I found it. I finally found it; the one thing that smells worse than time travel.  I find ourself in the middle of the Industrial Revolution on the banks of the Thames.  I was expecting something like that totally awesome and woefully underrated Fable 3 game, even tried to kick a chicken … Continue reading Dear Future Past Me