The Day Job Journal

Hello Day Job Journal, Today started with a small bird flying into my windshield. A bad omen to start a new job it turns out.  Worse way to start a day for the bird, I suppose.  Don't worry though. It was fine.  It caught up to me and finished the windshield.  Things only got stranger … Continue reading The Day Job Journal


Case of the Mondays: A Cure

Mondays. Rough.  Especially after a weekend full of well behaved children who listened well and ate meals.  But here we are now.How does a case of the Mondays change from symptoms like the above to more like this: I think I have an answer.  Work these phrases into your day.  If I had coworkers I … Continue reading Case of the Mondays: A Cure

Modleck’s Cursed Objects and Other Enchanted Maladies

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no," Charles said, crawling on hands and knees around his shop.  Lost product is rarely a good thing, but lost product at Modleck's Cursed Objects and Other Enchanted Maladies usually meant something would explode or the stock boy would be have to be returned to human form when found in … Continue reading Modleck’s Cursed Objects and Other Enchanted Maladies