The Robot Made Art

“Jenkins, come quick!” Old Man Wilson called.  “The R&D lab has finally done it! They’ve created an AI capable of art.  We no longer need an advertising department.”

Jenkins ran to his boss’ voice and hoped the claim was false.  Jenkins was the advertising department.

“Look at this series of haiku the little scamp put together,” Old Man Wilson handed Jenkins a print out of what the robot created.

Haiku is great for
Anyone who needs stories
To end with fire.

They are wonderful
For all time and occasion
When fire is good.

Fire will cleanse all
Fire will save the planet
Fire fire flame.

“Isn’t it funny?” Old Man Wilson asked, laughing.  “This thing will destroy us all the second we give it a body.”

“That project is coming along nicely, sir,” one of the R&D scientists said gleefully.

“Splendid!  Jenkins, start writing up an ad apologizing for the destruction of society at the hands of pyromaniac robots will you?” With a slap to Jenkins’ shoulder, Old Man Wilson walked away and the robot began printing more haiku.


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“Vampire hunting werewolf who, uh, moon lights, as a detective with the Chicago PD.”

“A lion who is cursed to only tell the truth!”

“An offshore author bothers store bores with sore lore.”

The voices filled the room, running over one another.  The pitch meeting was not going well.

“We need an ad campaign that will make people want to eat organic lettuce.  I don’t see how mascots like a werewolf, the wrong type of lion or bizarre tongue twisters are going to get folks to eat what our client is selling,” Perry said, trying to take command and focus his marketing team of three newbies.

“This is lettuce, people.  It should sell itself,” Perry continued. Continue reading