Protecting Monarch

“Monarch is in the building. All points provide status,” Agent Markus spoke into his headset. Five voices replied in rapid order with “we’re fine, Mark.” “Come on guys, this is serious. Be professional,” Mark responded. “I’m going to check the cafeteria for nefarious pizza. Anyone want to interrogate the witness with me?” Tyler said. “That’s … Continue reading Protecting Monarch


Low Hopper and the Best By Date

When most of us encounter expired food, it goes into the garbage.  Low Hopper understood that food waste is a terrible problem and refused to throw anything out.  This behavior was a habit for decades until the events of the song below changed the songwriter forever. Old Toaster Pastry by Low Hopper Didn't know they … Continue reading Low Hopper and the Best By Date

An Apology For The Social Bingo Experiment on the 1200 Block of Harrison Blvd

Good people, citizens and visitors alike, of the 1200 block of Harrison Boulevard, I owe you an apology. For the sake of a long-running game of Social Bingo I made a mockery of you, of the historic block and of the institutions that make power junction boxes so important to the day to day routine of … Continue reading An Apology For The Social Bingo Experiment on the 1200 Block of Harrison Blvd

When the Family’s Away

My family hit the road this morning for a trip to eastern Kansas. I have to stay behind for work related tasks while my wife spends time with her parents and two small children for a 9 hour car ride.  Through Kansas.  With my in-laws. The fun of a car trip cannot be duplicated.  After a … Continue reading When the Family’s Away