Low Hopper Finally RSVPs

Low Hopper, beloved electro folk song writer, penned and recorded a cutesy little ballad apologizing for a missed rsvp. We don't know who the song was written to, but Low was often overheard lamenting the social stumble and mentioning a Genie. Low said a lot of stuff though. Below and above, the song "Finally sending … Continue reading Low Hopper Finally RSVPs


Remy Saw a Ghost

Remy went from sleeping to absolutely not in a heartbeat. Breathing heavily, quickly, he searched the room to try to see what he knew was watching his slumber. At the edge of the bed, he found his observer. "Get out of here!" Remy shouted. "Don't trust the dog," the observer whispered in response. Remy threw … Continue reading Remy Saw a Ghost

Protecting Monarch

“Monarch is in the building. All points provide status,” Agent Markus spoke into his headset. Five voices replied in rapid order with “we’re fine, Mark.” “Come on guys, this is serious. Be professional,” Mark responded. “I’m going to check the cafeteria for nefarious pizza. Anyone want to interrogate the witness with me?” Tyler said. “That’s … Continue reading Protecting Monarch

Laugh Tracks

Narrator: To The Last Drop is filmed before a live studio audience. Rick Drop, entering the family home: Hi, honey! I'm home! Audience laughter as Rick stumbles inside.   Benny Drop, the first child of Rick and Deb: Dad! Mom made dinner. *whispers* please tell me you brought pizza? Audience laughter. Rick, smirking and messing up … Continue reading Laugh Tracks

Currently Thinking

The bachelor party of one Rupert Garfield is currently in full swing.  It has been in full swing for six hours.  Every single participant has to be awake at 5:00 am tomorrow morning to make it to the wedding venue on time.  What are they all currently thinking?   Name: Rupert Garfield Role: Groom Current … Continue reading Currently Thinking

Party Like It’s…

Pow! The champagne bottle opened. The cork flew. The bubbles fizzled.  The New Year had arrived. "Welcome to 1999 everybody!" The host shouted. "Resolutions! Resolutions!" A particular festive (and drunk) party-goer screamed from the background. "I'm getting my dot-com off the ground this year!" Shouted Jenkins. "I'm going to Jazzercise until 2099!" Shrieked Tomas from … Continue reading Party Like It’s…