Meet the Band

As the musicians played through the bridge, the lead singer took a moment to introduce the band. "On the bass, Skull Honors!"  Skull played a riff that he had been playing for thirteen years. He smiled. It was a great riff. "And on the drums, Gabbi Enders!"  Gabbi masterfully switched up time signatures while rolling … Continue reading Meet the Band

Clearing the Mine

"Fire in the hole!" Marcus shouted. He pressed the button marked "detonate" and closed his eyes. The sound from the resulting explosion was deafening. Dust plummed from the mineshaft, rolling onto the gathered miners. They cheered, knowing that a blocked tunnel was now open and with that, a new vein, new riches. "Wait! No!" A … Continue reading Clearing the Mine

From the Town Records of Shadow River

From the official records of the town of Shadow River Meeting: Budget Review Date:  June 3, 2020 Chair: Mayor Betty Victor Mayor Betty Victor calls the meeting to order: This budget committee will now begin discussion for the 2021 town budget. Councilmember Sardine has first rights for this meeting. Councilmember Abigail Sardine:  Thank you, Mayor. … Continue reading From the Town Records of Shadow River

At the Corner of Dover and Amherst

The wall at Dover and Amherst has the worst graffiti in town. Just the pits. For a neighborhood known for its art scene, this is an absolute disgrace. The residents have taken to cleaning up the street art at least once a week. However, the original bad spray paint additions to the neighborhood remain in … Continue reading At the Corner of Dover and Amherst

The Construction Site

The construction site was loud and busy. Screeches, scratches, squeaks, and slams echoed from the site that would one day soon host a high rise apartment complex in the heart of the city. The firm putting up the building was thrilled with the contract, but some of the neighboring towers were not excited about the … Continue reading The Construction Site

The First Project

"That's what we'll present to the client," civil-engineer and project leader Hanna Jenkins finished her presentation to the team. She nailed it. Everything was there. Her first project was going to be a big checkmark in the win column that had been filling up quite nicely throughout her career. She was hesitant to throw the … Continue reading The First Project

The Drive-Thru Window

"A number four please," Zapp asked the drive-thru attendant. A few questions followed and Zapp pulled forward. The wait was not too long. The gray sedan in front of him got a bag of tacos and a couple of drinks. Zapp thought that made for a good date night meal. Then he thought of Batt. … Continue reading The Drive-Thru Window