The Stories of Shadow River Park

On October 4, 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to leave earth and enter space. This feat of human potential inspired and terrified the world.  In the tiny town of Shadow River, it sparked something inside the mind of young Guy Whetstone that would never be extinguished.  He saw that little … Continue reading The Stories of Shadow River Park


Low Hopper and the Best By Date

When most of us encounter expired food, it goes into the garbage.  Low Hopper understood that food waste is a terrible problem and refused to throw anything out.  This behavior was a habit for decades until the events of the song below changed the songwriter forever. Old Toaster Pastry by Low Hopper Didn't know they … Continue reading Low Hopper and the Best By Date

Low Hopper and the Diner Experience

Who hasn't walked into a diner at midnight and come face to face with doomsday cultists and vampires? This experiment in meter from Low Hopper details a chance encounter in a diner situated in an undisclosed location somewhere in the American west.  Baseball, umpires, vampires, cultists and a group of nuns make this a real American … Continue reading Low Hopper and the Diner Experience

From the Town Records of Shadow River

From the public records of the town of Shadow River. Emergency Town Meeting Township of Shadow River Date: September 23, 2018 Mayor Rodney Blueburn presiding Mayor Blueburn: Ladies and gentlemen, let's settle down and get this meeting moving.  You all know why we're here. You know what those scumbags in Shadow Mountain have done.  You … Continue reading From the Town Records of Shadow River

The Day Job Journal

Week 14 Dear Journal, I went on a business trip. I don't know where we went though. I couldn't find a map with the name of the country we visited on it. I couldn't Google it. I was laughed at when I handed over my passport for that fancy stamp.  I think we did business … Continue reading The Day Job Journal

The Day Job Journal

Week 6. Journal, I think I'm settling in.  It generally takes 90 days for an employee to get a groove (and eight months to be effective, so I'll coast until month nine when people start expecting me to know what I'm doing). Here I am in half that time knocking it out of the park! … Continue reading The Day Job Journal

Low Hopper Can’t Escape

It was a mystery to historians why and how Low Hopper became a hitchhiking bar musician.  This recently uncovered lyrics and track helped solve some of the mystery. Titled, "They saw me in the sky" Low recorded this later in his career. Drank myself a bottle of Heintz I was too sleepy to see. Such … Continue reading Low Hopper Can’t Escape