Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! Here are some thoughts for my tombstone’s epitaph.

Pox came down and smashed this clown

His final word rhymed with orange

He tried. He died. Lesson learned. Continue reading


We Don’t “Do” Valentine’s Day

This will be the 11th Valentine’s Day for my wife and I.  Once, long ago, when we were two broke kids living in dorm rooms we tried the whole date night thing.  Our first Valentine’s Day together we ordered take-out from Pita Pit, at the time it was the fanciest place we could afford and not having a car, it had to come to us.  I think we rented a movie from a Hollywood Video (like a poor-man’s version of Blockbuster -yes, that sentence now exists), the movie is lost to time now.  We passed out in the living room space of my dorm.

The next Valentine’s Day was just as forgettable.  Our third attempt was in 2006.  I was going through chemo, she was going through her teacher program stuff and we were both a bit stressed and needed a calm night.  We did not get that.

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