Fate Character Generator

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Sometimes coming up with FATE Core character is a challenge.  We’ll have our character creation episode uploaded next week as we move to a new story arch and this episode will help elaborate on the challenge of making a character the player wants to play.

Getting started is the hard part.  That’s where this FATE Core character generator comes in handy!

Click here for the Fate Core Character Generator you didn’t know you needed:


Character types you may run into include:

My character has a high concept of Ravenous Appetite for Destruction
With aspects
Artist soul
Can never sing the right words.
I will soon know my fate.

Or maybe:

My character has a high concept of Wandering Hero
With aspects
Kraken battler
Bartenders Love Them.
I will soon know my fate.

Or even:

My character has a high concept of Intrepid Reporter
With aspects
Seeker of Justice
slow learner.
I will soon know my fate.

I adore javascript ‘Generator’ scripts (you might enjoy a Steampunk Airship Name Generator as well)

This generator is also super helpful in putting together NPCs!

Best part, this is a Thimble project so you can get in there and remix, update, change, correct spelling all you want to!  Everyone can play! Yippee!

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Cursed By Dice Episode 1

The first episode of the brand new Cursed By Dice podcast is available now!

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I’m super excited about this project.  Lots of characters, monsters, puzzles and fun to take part in.

Give it a listen to find out how we’re planning on making the whole thing as interactive as can be and please subscribe and review if you can.  These first few after launch are critical and I am in dire need of your help to get this out there and hopefully make a few people laugh.

Thanks for being awesome!

Cursed by Dice a new RPG Podcast

A brand spankin’ new podcast for the story telling, group game playing folks out there.  Cursed by Dice uses the Fate Core system to (poorly) help heroes solve puzzles, battle foes and try their best to start a VW bus.

It can be found on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cursed-by-dice/id1271099109

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I want to make the whole thing as interactive as a podcast can be, so I’m asking for listener help in suggesting items, names, places and all the 80s references you can provide and we’ll work them into the story.  Send a tweet, a comment, an email, choose your method of communication and we’re there.  Check out the cursedbydice.wordpress.com site for full details on contacting the show.

For those not using iTunes as their preferred podcast source, the hosted version can be found here: http://www.podcasts.com/cursed-by-dice-01b9cda3c or add it the RSS to your podcast player with this link: http://www.podcasts.com/rss_feed/d084bd366bc1fade9e2ac9a0b7f46f2e


I’m super excited for this one and hope you like it too. Putting together a fun story alongside some of my favorite people has been tremendous fun and they are so very entertaining.  If you do like the show, a review and/or sharing the show with your friends, family, neighbors, or even your enemies is greatly appreciated.


Thanks for reading and listening!

Steampunk Villain Generator

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.

What sort of nefarious foe walks the streets of your hero’s realm?  Is it the frightful Wizard Blackbeard, stepping away from their library with their mysterious briefcase surrounded by their lackeys?  Perhaps, after checking her skull faced pocket watch, Friar Tew and her acolytes have slipped out of their ritual circle in the woods and heading to town to cause trouble?

Use the generator here to create a nemesis, a fiend so devilish that only the mechanical arm of the law can bring them to a stop.

Bonus, all the ‘family names’ are taken from actual pirates.  Some were really terrible people and using their names for entertainment purposes felt weird, but they’re all 300 to 400 years dead. .  Some were just really good at stealing big boats and others created ship borne democracies and saved islands from oppression.  Research away!


Now that there’s a villain, click here to make your own steampunk persona set to foil their dastardly plots!

And you cannot forget to name your airship (or submersible, or giant crawling robot train, or boat with hydraulics? Steampunk is awesome).


Castles and Pawns

Watching the firstborn build worlds and weave stories using the figures and play sets that make up his toy collection is one of my happiest moments as a dad.  He gives each figure a different voice, assigns them archetypes of hero and villain and develops complete tales that incorporate the setting wonderfully.  And now he is sharing this story play with his younger brother.

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A Kid’s Imagination


“Daddy, you made an owl!” My son was quite proud of finding a neat shape in the eggs he was helping prepare.

If there’s one thing about the firstborn I will brag about it is his ability to weave a story and use his astonishing imagination at any and every moment. He sees a world I can’t, and his stories- often laced with Star Wars or Frozen plot points- are very fun.

We had a rough night last night that included a car crash. Everyone is fine and I will write about the nonsense of a car wreck as soon as I stop being really angry about the whole thing. We say for a very long time waiting for police and a tow truck to show up, but during the wait the firstborn entertained us with stories.

He was hungry, as we were on our way to get dinner for movie night, so the tales he have us were about sandwiches and cops and hammers big enough to fix Zim (the name we have our car). He drew pictures for us and wanted to make sure the row truck driver got a drawing of Zim so it could be put back together.

We sat for close to two hours and he never stepped talking and giving us fun stories. “We imagine while we wait,” he said at one point. He handled the night much better than I did. Every car and truck that went by got a story. His mom, holding the newborn at this point, asked “where are they going?” And no two cars were off to the same place.

A while back my wife and I were chatting and I jokingly said, “if I had his imagination I could write full time.”
“If you ever wrote something that creative I’d make you write full time,” she replied. I still don’t know how I feel about that reply. It was funny, but stung a bit.