Movie Trailers

Abby loves her big city life of espresso on every corner and free delivery of almost every type of food around. But when home comes calling, she's forced to leave the comfy confines of her urban lifestyle and return to the wheat fields of Kansas. Mom and Dad need help, but they find ways to … Continue reading Movie Trailers


The coffee was more bitter than usual. "Dark roast?" Tone asked, wincing through a sip. "Does it matter?" Cale drank the full eight ounces in one swig. "That was pretty gross," Tone stated. He turned back to his computer and entered another line of code. Cale did not acknowledge Tone's derision. "Follow me on this … Continue reading Coworkers

The Captain’s Report

The Fleet handed Captain Micos a fancy badge, a ship, and a mission to explore parts of space no human had ever traveled.  The captain was well versed in logistics planning, strategy planning, lunch planning, and plan planning.  Taking a crew of thousands through the depths of uncharted space was little more than a checkbox … Continue reading The Captain’s Report

Quotes from Famous Inanimate Objects

Quotes from famous inanimate objects: "Ah! It's dark in here!" - Mr. Rogers' Sweater "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!" The baseballs of Major League. "Would you change the station already?" - The t.v. from Poltergeist "I can't swim!" The Titanic necklace. "Push me. Come on. Do it." - Red Buttons everywhere. "Ugh. That's going to stain." - Labcoats from ER. "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Arrows, … Continue reading Quotes from Famous Inanimate Objects

All Over the Place

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> I started this evening planning on putting together a 'writing lessons from bad movies' post covering the 2005 Fantastic Four movie.  Could not get through it.  I watch some terrible movies and have come out unscathed.  Fantastic Four is my kryptonite. So instead of that particular outing, I'm doing boring ol' … Continue reading All Over the Place