The Captain’s Report

The Fleet handed Captain Micos a fancy badge, a ship, and a mission to explore parts of space no human had ever traveled.  The captain was well versed in logistics planning, strategy planning, lunch planning, and plan planning.  Taking a crew of thousands through the depths of uncharted space was little more than a checkbox … Continue reading The Captain’s Report


Quotes from Famous Inanimate Objects

Quotes from famous inanimate objects: "Ah! It's dark in here!" - Mr. Rogers' Sweater "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!" The baseballs of Major League. "Would you change the station already?" - The t.v. from Poltergeist "I can't swim!" The Titanic necklace. "Push me. Come on. Do it." - Red Buttons everywhere. "Ugh. That's going to stain." - Labcoats from ER. "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Arrows, … Continue reading Quotes from Famous Inanimate Objects

All Over the Place

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> I started this evening planning on putting together a 'writing lessons from bad movies' post covering the 2005 Fantastic Four movie.  Could not get through it.  I watch some terrible movies and have come out unscathed.  Fantastic Four is my kryptonite. So instead of that particular outing, I'm doing boring ol' … Continue reading All Over the Place