Facts about Pig (six words at a time)

Pig spoiled Lord of the Flies. Pig knows he's delicious, but unconcerned. Pig escapes pens all the time. Pig considers truffle hunting his passion. Pig enjoys staring down human children. Pig hides well. So very well. Pig is always plotting your demise. Pig thinks of happier times alone. Pig fusses over his unimpressive 401k. Pig … Continue reading Facts about Pig (six words at a time)


We’ll Call it Good At Six Words

Maybe not so much 'stories', but here are some six word 'thoughts'.  Or "general observations of the world done briefly'.  Or 'end of the week, have to scream" Aisle blocked! Look at other stuff. Monday arrived like a bear attack. Spreadsheets starting to look all alike. Unknown caller goes to voice mail. Door knock better … Continue reading We’ll Call it Good At Six Words

Six Word Tales -The Parenting Edition

Six Word Stories with a theme! Tonight's tales have lot to offer.  You'll laugh, cry, ponder and...read.  Enjoy the text that is ahead.  Thanks for stopping by and reading.  Six word sentence intro is tough.   Yesterday's beloved food? No longer liked. Parent: Kleenex to trashcan intermediary unit. Every week the same tiny laundry. The … Continue reading Six Word Tales -The Parenting Edition

Six Words at a Time

Six word story for the sixth day of the month!  In the year 20SIXteen? Coincidence? Probably just Sudafed induced ramblings actually.  Let's get to it! Jumping over the moon? Unlikely, Cow. The door was locked; key missing. Ice cream stained couch cushions. Party! Officer, the bank robbed itself...run! He saw her, she saw puppies. Eyes … Continue reading Six Words at a Time

This Post is Just Six Words Long

The joy of six words at a time. Mini stories here we come! Fast food wrapper, so fast forgotten. The chimpanzee gave pretty fair warning. Clock watchers watching clocks clock watches. Web surfing through the night; classic. Justifiably, the parents hid the remote. Overdue library book; guilt for eternity. The egg-salad gave pretty fair warning. … Continue reading This Post is Just Six Words Long

Short Stories Again

A long time ago (February) I wrote a bunch of six word stories and have long meant to get back to the idea.  It is quite fun working within such a limit.  But I procrastinate; all the time.  <- There's one! Does that count? I'm counting it. Let's try some more: Gas station hot dogs … Continue reading Short Stories Again